Fine Print Sacrifice

Julian wanted to buy a jockstrap. He searched online, found one that he liked, and put it into his cart. As he went to check out, one of those annoying pop-up ads appeared. “If you want to save 25% on this purchase and 5% on all additional purchases, sign up now!” Julian should have just clicked out of it, but the jockstrap was pretty nice, and he could see himself buying from this site again. He could always unsubscribe from the emails they would be sending him anyways.

He vaguely noticed the insane amount of fine print below the entry box. He just thought it was normal run-of-the-mill stuff. They had cover all their bases, all that shit. He pressed enter, and the jockstrap was automatically discounted in his cart! He paid for it, having it shipped to him directly, making sure his somewhat complicated address was correct. In just two days’ time, he was wearing a nice and snug jockstrap. He even took a couple pictures of him wearing it to post on Twitter!

Julian didn’t think anything about the ad or the fact that he had signed up for emails. In fact, the company hadn’t sent him any! It was a couple nights after he received the jockstrap that everything changed. He was woken up in the middle of the night by his door being broken down. He lived by himself in a small apartment by himself, so he knew they were coming for him or his valuables. He hopped out of bed and ready to put up a fight against the invaders. However, he was not expecting them to be so muscular, and shirtless too!

One of them was easily able to hold Julian in both hands and lift him off the ground as the other one took out a rag and poured chloroform all over it. It was pressed over Julian’s mouth, and within just a couple seconds, he was unconscious. When he finally awoke sometime later, he was not in his apartment still.

“Where the fuck am I? What the fuck is going on here!?” he screamed. The guard to his right, much less muscular than the one that had broken into his house, remained silent.

“He has awaken!” said a male voice. Julian didn’t know where it was coming from, but heard a curtain or something being pushed to the side. Someone swiveled him around, and he came face-to-face to someone wearing priestly clothes. However, they weren’t like any priestly garments Julian had seen before. In addition, the garments all had the same picture of what looked to be a unicorn of some kind on it, the same picture as the tattoos on the men who kidnapped him. The curtains were then pulled to the side, and Julian looked out into the crowd.

There were a number of men dressed in nothing but a strap around their chests. All of them bore the same tattoo mark on their right pec. Before Julian could say anything else, the guard put a ball gag in his mouth, and then returned to his position. The leader of this cult, or whatever the fuck it was, then began speaking again. “It is time, Men of Andrologia, to sacrifice an unwilling male to our god!”

“All hail Andrologia! All hail Andrologia!” chanted the men in the crowd. Julian looked around and noticed a statue of the god. Andrologia wasn’t really a unicorn. It was a literal dick with feet! And he certainly didn’t want to be fucking sacrificed!

“For those of you who have recently joined and have started following Andrologia, the sacrificial process is simple. I will strip the sacrifice of his garments. Then, all Men of Andrologia will have a turn with the sacrifice. Once all of his seed is milked from his balls, then the sacrifice will continue. It will be a great spectacle, let me assure you of that!”

“I’m not fuckin’ gay!” Julian screamed through the ball gag, but it was no use. No one could understand him, and slowly but surely, all of his clothes were taken off of him, whether cut off or directly pulled off. He was able to glance at his underwear. He would have never noticed it before, but the underwear brand was Andrologia, and the logo was a more stylized depiction of Andrologia himself. Once he was stark naked in front of a room of presumably gay men, the leader spoke again.

“As always, we will start with the Elders of the Men of Andrologia. Then we will go down in caste order until the sacrifice has been milked of its seed.” Before the blowjobs actually began, Julian was strapped down even more. His legs were spread out and his arms put in binders. He was now all but practically immobile, ready and unwilling to get sucked off. The first man made his way to the stage. He was quite the silver fox, very much in shape for a man his age and with a sizable cock too.

Julian knew that it wasn’t good that the tattoo of Andrologia fuckin’ glowed when the man was sucking him off. The blowjob itself was also pretty short, Julian cumming in the man’s mouth when he was first ready to cum. He had never been sucked off by a dude before, and certainly never came in another one’s mouth before! Under any other circumstance, this might have been hot, but right now, it was totally fucked up. The next man, presumably another Elder, walked up to the stage.

Julian wasn’t exactly sure why, as his refractory period definitely didn’t pass yet. However, he found himself getting rock hard immediately again. Andrologia must have had something to do with it, and Julian once again was forced to blow his load down another man’s throat. The blowjobs continued for quite some time, as a number of different men sucked him. All of them were over 18 and muscular, and pretty much all of them would be considered very attractive.

Eventually, when one of the Men who had to be 18 or 19 had swallowed Julian’s load, the tattoo of Andologia didn’t glow red like it usually did. Instead, it glowed green. The man turned around and smiled as he walked back to his seat. “Perseus had the honor of milking our sacrifice completely dry. Now it is time for the ceremonial chant. But first, please bring in the previous vessel.” Julian was smart enough to realize what was actually going to happen to him now as an old man was helped into the room by two beefy guards.

His penis was comically over-sized, and inhumane looking. He also looked like a cock from this distance, his arms all but stumps on his chest. The leader then began the chant. “Inuiolaide zuamisoceu quhaloceiduvo!” Julian was certain that wasn’t English, and probably not even Latin! He just knew he wanted it to stop! However, the whole room reverberated with the sounds of all of the Men of Andrologia chanting the phrase. The tattoos all glowed a bright orange, and the previous vessel himself was glowing the same color. The chants got louder and more frenzied until finally, the prior vessel ejaculated!

However, this was no normal ejaculation. Andologia, Julian presumed, shot out from the vessel’s cock and made his way across the room, entering Julian’s own cock through his piss slit. “FUUUCK!” he screamed, clearly saying that even though his ball gag. That would the last thing Julian would ever say as Andrologia adapted to his new and improved vessel. He flexed, and all of the bonds broke and flew around the room. Thankfully, no one was injured. When Julian spoke again, it was no longer his voice. It was the deep, raspy, and godly voice of Andrologia.

“You Men have served me well, like always. As a reward, we will have an orgy in the main hall in less than a minute. My priest needs to do something first.” The priest of Andrologia made sure the vessel transference worked perfectly, and then both men joined the massive gay orgy that had just started. After it was done, more than a day of hot and sensual godly fucking, some of the Men got to work getting rid of all traces of Julian from the world.

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