Archie the Jocksniffer

(Artwork done by the magnificent @bludwingart)

“FUUUCK!” Archie moaned, as he inhaled the scent of Chuck Clayton’s musky jockstrap deeply. He had snuck out from wrestling practice and made his way back to the locker room, still dressed in his singlet. He had the pick of jockstraps to choose from, even Coach Lodge’s! However, there was just something about Chuck’s jock that appealed to Archie. Maybe it was his particular scent, or the thought of his big black cock leaking pre-cum and piss droplets into it.

Whatever the reasoning was, Archie found himself in the corner of the locker room, sniffing Chuck’s jockstrap. He wasn’t stroking, not yet, but his cock had already made a sizable bulge in the singlet. By now, the team had noticed Archie was missing, and Coach Lodge had sent Chuck into the locker room to see if Archie was there. It didn’t take long for his fellow wrestler to find him, Archie by Chuck’s open locker and still sniffing his jockstrap.

“I didn’t know you were a fag,” Chuck said, as he bent down and pulled his jockstrap out of Archie’s hands.

“So what?” Archie replied, standing up. His bulge was now clearly on display.

“Know what, Andrews? If you’re so keen on sniffing my rank jockstrap, why don’t you have a taste of the real thing? Fags always give better blowjobs than stupid chicks.” Chuck just smiled as Archie dropped to his knees. Chuck peeled off his own sweaty singlet, revealing his muscular body and eventually his enormous big black cock. Archie took it in his hands and began stroking it. It was so fuckin’ big, he needed two hands to cover the whole shaft. Right before Archie was about to put his mouth on Chuck’s cock, Coach Lodge’s voice rang throughout the locker room.

“Clayton, you find him?”

“Yeah, coach, but I need to teach this bitch a lesson!” Archie heard the door close, and then began sucking. Hiram still wasn’t comfortable with Archie dating Veronica, and whatever Chuck was doing to Archie in there would mean there would be a very interesting conversation with Veronica later. Back in the locker room, Archie attacked Chuck’s cock. He made sure it was always rock hard, and Archie was surprisingly able to take the whole thing. Even some of the biggest female sluts at Riverdale couldn’t take all of his cock, but Chuck watched as Archie went all the way to the base and held his mouth there for a couple seconds.

The blowjob continued for quite some time. While Chuck didn’t talk down to Archie or anything, he did eventually grab Archie by his flaming red hair and control his thrusts. He loved watching his fellow jock choke on his massive big black cock, Archie sputtering for air. It actually turned Archie on too, a wet spot forming at the front of his singlet and only getting larger by the minute. Eventually, by the time practice was almost over, Chuck wanted to fuck Archie.

“Over the bench, fag. It’s time for me to fuck that faggy ass of yours.” Archie did as he ordered, as he loved being a submissive little slut. He pulled his singlet down as well and exposed his tight hole to Chuck. Chuck had to laugh as he realized Archie’s hole wasn’t virginal. He had taken something up the ass, probably another man’s cock. Maybe Kevin’s, but Chuck didn’t want to dwell on that for too long. He just spit on his big black cock a few times, making sure the makeshift lube covered the entirety of his shaft.

Once he did, he pushed his cock into Archie’s tight hole. “FUCK!” Archie moaned, but softly, as Chuck’s cock slid inside his asshole. It did take a bit of effort for Chuck to go all the way to the base, but eventually, all of his cock was inside of Archie Andrews. Once it was, he began fucking Archie senseless. Archie held onto the pole securing the bench to the ground as Chuck fucked him with ferocious intensity. He rammed his big black cock into Archie’s hole repeatedly, wanting to make the bitch scream. Archie did scream and moan, practically the entire time he was getting fucked.

In the middle of his fucking, Archie heard some footsteps getting louder. The practice had finished, and the team was slowly making their way to the locker room. Archie kept quiet, but unfortunately Chuck announced, “Come towards the back and watch me fuck Andrews’ brains out!” Archie was a bit scared, but also weirdly turned on by the entire thing. He actually found it pretty hot that a group of guys had gathered and were watching him, Coach Lodge included. A few of the other wrestlers, definitely including Kevin, were even brazen enough to stroke their cocks through their own singlets.

The fucking lasted a few more minutes. Once again, Archie was grabbed by his red hair and forced to look at the crowd of men fucking him. When Chuck was ready to cum, he didn’t pull out. In fact, he didn’t even announce it. However, most of the men in the room knew the exact face Chuck was making, and hooted and hollered as he pumped his thick and creamy load into Archie’s ass. Archie realized what was happening a couple seconds later, but that didn’t detract from how good it felt. He moaned loudly as Chuck’s seed was deposited in his ass.

Chuck then pulled out, his cum leaking from Archie’s hole. “That serves you right, Andrews, for being a fuckin’ faggot jock-sniffer!” The crowd of men then mostly dispersed, leaving just Hiram Lodge standing in front of Archie.

“Well, well, well, Archie, what do we have here? I don’t think Veronica would care to know about this. Of course, I won’t tell her, and you also did miss most of practice today so that you could engage in this depravity. You know what that means, Archie. I’ll see you on the mats bright and early Saturday morning. Oh, and I’ll probably be bringing some friends with cocks bigger than Mr. Clayton’s.” Archie just had a goofy grin on his face as he imagined what Saturday morning would be like.

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