The Water Boy’s Job

In today’s day and age, the job of a water boy was all but non-existent. Football players could easily pour the water or Gatorade themselves, even if they had been playing for half the game. However, it always shocked the fans who traveled to away games when their team was facing Brackton College to see a water boy on the sidelines. He didn’t actually do anything with the massive water jug beside of him, but some astute fans might have noticed that he walked into the locker room with one of the players every so often.

This year, the job of the water boy went to Tyler. The water boy wasn’t a job one could sign up for; the players on the team picked him. The captain, Matthew, wanted to choose the gay kid that had been in most of his classes the past few semesters. “He’ll be perfect,” Matthew told his teammates. They took his word for it, and Matthew got the honor of converting Tyler into being the team’s water boy.

To do that, he had to drink some water himself. However, this was special water. A few years back, when they still got water from the river, that year’s coach found that the locker room usually devolved into a gay orgy, especially after a game. None of the men on the team were actually gay, so after sipping from the water supply himself, that coach learned that the water had something special in it. It gave a man’s pits an alluring quality, one that even the straightest of men would fall victim to and turn him gay.

Whenever Brackton got a new football coach, he was informed of the water and its qualities. Eventually, the water supply was rerouted, but one of the earlier coaches had thought to create a back-up supply, in case something like this ever happened. Matthew drank from that water, and then waited in the locker room for Tyler to show up. Tyler was a bit scared. The coach had asked him to come to the locker room. Apparently, there was a problem with his PE course he had taken his freshman year.

Tyler hoped he didn’t have to retake the class; he wasn’t the most athletic person around. To his surprise, the coach wasn’t in the locker room, just Matthew. “Um, hi, Matthew! I’m looking for Coach Stevens?”

“Oh, Coach isn’t here, man. We just needed to find a way to get you here.”

“Why?” Tyler asked, but Matthew’s alluring pits had already started to take effect.

“You’ll know why later, Tyler. Just come closer and sniff my pits up close. I know you want it.”

“Yes, I do,” Tyler said. He had had a pit fetish before stepping into the locker room, but there was just something different about Matthew’s pits, something better about them. Finally, he was standing right next to Matthew, breathing in the air around him deeply. Matthew lifted up his left arm, exposing his pit as best as he could. Weirdly, he still had his pads on.

Tyler started licking Matthew’s pit, getting the scent directly from its source. Technically, it didn’t actually work like that, but neither of the men minded. Both of them were getting what they wanted. Matthew made sure that Tyler got both pits, inhaling quite a bit of the football player’s scent. When Matthew finally pushed Tyler away, he got on his knees and literally begged Matthew for more. “Please, Matthew! Please let me sniff your pits!”

“You can, Tyler, but not right now. You’re going to have earn it first. You will be our team’s water boy this season. You won’t actually be serving us any water or Gatorade, though. Instead, you’ll actually be the team’s bitch. Whenever they need a hole to fuck or someone to take out their frustration on, you will be that person. Do you want that, Tyler?”

“Oh, fuck yes!” Tyler did have a crush on many of the hunky football players at Brackton, but the mind-fucking scent of Matthew’s pits meant he would have agreed to it regardless.

“Good boy. If my teammates think you do a good job, then you get to service my pits and sniff this directly from the source again. I know you want that, Tyler. So do a good job, and you’ll get rewarded!”

“Yes, sir! Of course, sir!” Even though Tyler was constantly horny for football players now, and especially Matthew’s pit stench, he still did well in school. At the games and at practice, Tyler could be seen waiting on the sidelines, right by the jugs of water. He occasionally filled some cups, if the player was exhausted or injured. However, most of the time, he just stood there looking pretty. Every practice and game, without fail, at least one player brought him in the locker room and fucked him.

Tyler also gave blowjobs if the man felt comfortable with that, and he had even been double penetrated a few times! Some days, Tyler practically remained in the locker room the whole time, different men coming and using him as they pleased. Other times, Tyler got to enjoy the game or practice in front of him without too much interruption. He was always excited when it was over, though, and the team made their way back to the locker room. He patiently waited outside the locker room door for Matthew to call him in.

The whole team had left by then, not wanting to get exposed to Matthew’s alluring pits that would probably turn them gay. Tyler couldn’t wait to get up close and personal with them again, and Matthew also got something else out of it, forcing Tyler to jerk him off or even fucking Tyler while he still sniffed on Matthew’s fantastic pit stench. The water boy didn’t notice anything was strange until the end of the season.

Brackton had unfortunately lost before the finals and had been kicked out of contention for the trophy. With the season all over, Tyler needed to be returned back to normal. As the coaches and players long before Tyler and Matthew learned, it just had to be cold turkey. As every day passed without Tyler sniffing Matthew’s pits, he forgot more and more of what he had done the past semester. By the time the spring semester had rolled around, he had no memory of ever sniffing Matthew’s pits or being the football players’ bitch for the entire season. That meant he couldn’t warn the gay juniors that he was friends with that they might fall victim to the same fate he endured for the fall semester next year.

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