Play Ball!

(Credit goes to the original artist)

Ryugi Chau didn’t get his hopes up. He knew that becoming a professional athlete in Japan was pretty slim. He should focus more on his schoolwork and other essential skills needed in the workforce. However, all of his hard work and training paid off when he received a letter in the mail from the Japanese baseball league! Ryugi was accepted into this year’s draft! There were admittedly a small number of teams that could choose him, but it was better than nothing.

One thing he did find odd, though, was that after the draft, he needed to stay in the facility a bit longer. “Length of stay is indeterminate,” the letter even noted. Ryugi would hate to miss his family and friends for even longer, but he knew he had to suck it up and deal with it. He was going to be a professional baseball player! The draft was only a few weeks from now, so after getting all of his affairs in order, he traveled to Tokyo, where it was being held. He explored the city for a couple days before walking into an enormous conference room, filled to the brim with tables.

Ryugi found his seat, and a few hours later, the draft officially started. Ryugi had to sit through the opening remarks, and then the selection of some other top players. Finally, his name was called sixth.

“Ryugi Chau has been chosen to play for the RAWBKN!” Some of Ryugi’s past and his accolades were talked about as he went up on stage and accepted his uniform shirt and his cap. He then went back to his seat as the draft continued. Because of the small number of men joining and the short pauses in-between picks, they were done just after midnight. As the families, friends, and other VIPs left, the players were rounded up and sent through the back doors. Ryugi had a small fear that something really bad would happen to him, but he instead was escorted to a comfy room with a widescreen TV and all the channels he could ever want!

Nobody noticed that the top pick in the draft, an American named Parker, didn’t even get a room. The men took him somewhere else. Ryugi was just about to fall asleep a couple hours later, just before sunrise. However, a man walked into his room. “Mr. Chau, please come with us. And grab your uniform, please.”

“Uh, okay.” Ryugi didn’t know exactly what was going on. If he needed to take promotional pictures and all that shit, why couldn’t they do it in the morning or some time later in the day? He was actually forced to change into his uniform, pants included, before following the man to the very back of the facility. As they walked through the double doors, Ryugi realized something was wrong, very wrong. It was a clear and sterilized environment, almost like he was in a doctor’s office. There was something that seemed to be an operating table in the middle of the room, but it was one that Ryugi had never seen before.

“Men, if you would,” said one of the scientists or doctors in the room. Ryugi was practically frozen in place as two muscle-bound men approached him. Compared to some of his fellow draftees, Ryugi could have taken them, and he did come to his senses enough to punch one of them in the face. However, that didn’t do him any good. He was lifted up into the air and plopped down onto the operating table, on his back. His arms were strapped down, as well as straps above his waist and on his thighs. He could move a little bit, but there was no escaping.

“Now that you’re stuck,” started the same person as before, “we can explain what’s going to happen to you. You see, we want you to put all of your effort in playing baseball. After all, you won’t be contributing to society the same way that your peers do. We have found that many men are distracted by their cock during the season. Whether this is having sex with various women, or men, or jerking off incessantly, we have decided that it is in your best interest to get your dick milked.”

The “scientist” did continue, but while he did, some men started to take off Ryugi’s clothes. They didn’t take them off completely, just making sure his cock and balls were exposed. Ryugi was definitely ashamed. Nobody had seen him naked before. He hadn’t even dated before! Still, he shaved his pubic bush and kept it nice and tidy. The men had a genuine smile on their face when they saw that.

“If you don’t know what dick milking is, it’s just another name for masturbation. Only, you won’t be the one touching your dick. There won’t even be a person touching your dick. You will be hooked out of one of our patent-pending milking machines. These machines will milk you dry. In other words, you will have absolutely no cum in your balls by the time you are done. We don’t want you to give up the ability to have children, so your balls still produce sperm. However, that means every three days, you will be milked once again. If the milking process fails on that third day, then we will have known that you jerked off or had sex in those three days, and you will get penalized.”

The men then grabbed something from the back of the room. Ryugi couldn’t see it until it was in front of him. It was a penis pump, something he had seen in porn a couple times before. However, this pump had a literal pumping mechanism inside of it, and it was hooked up to a machine that would collect his cum. The container was pretty massive. Ryugi wondered how much of it would get filled with him. “After your milking, you’re ready to play ball!” the scientist said with a creepy grin on his face, as the machine was turned on.

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