You in Danger, Girl!

Liam was having the time of his life vacationing in Singapore. He loved the mix of fancy clothing stores on one street and luscious green fields on the next street. He could also walk around shirtless and not get arrested or laughed at. As he explored the local area, close to his hotel, he passed by one of the many gyms in the city. Normally, he put off going to the gym while he was on vacation. He could afford to take a break, but something just appealed to him. Maybe it was the idea of seeing hot and sweaty Asian guys working out? He thought he could see some working out through the windows.

As he stepped into the gym, he found exactly what he was looking for. Everywhere he looked were hot and sweaty Asian men working out. Liam definitely stuck out like a sore thumb, though. He had on a rainbow hairband and some flowery pants. The men working out, though, all had the same underwear on, with the same slogan above the pouch: “Protect Your Wang”. “Huh, I wonder what that’s about,” Liam thought to himself.

Before he could turn around and leave, the receptionist noticed him. She was the only female in the gym right now. “You! Where do you think you’re going?”

“Uh, back to my hotel room?”

“No you’re not,” said a male voice this time. Liam turned around and watched as six men walked towards him. He found himself frozen in place for some odd reason. All of them looked different, but had on the same creepy underwear.

“What the fuck do you mean!?” Liam asked. Part of his mind was screaming to him, “you in danger, girl!” while the other half was intrigued by what the almost-naked Asian men would do to him.

“You see, we don’t like many foreigners stumbling into our gym,” said the same man, who appeared to be the leader. Liam noted that he looked like he had some Latino mixed in as well. “I guess you missed the signs on the windows in the front.”

“We bet you stumbled in here because you’re gay, and you’re attracted to us,” said another one of the Asian studs.

“That’s a problem, because none of us are gay,” explained a third.

“So, I guess that means you’ll have to become one of us. Guys!” the leader said, and all of them grabbed Liam and hoisted him up into the air. The receptionist and the other gym goers didn’t bat an eye as Liam was carried over to another part of the gym, towards the back, not visible from the street. His hairband was pulled down and turned into a makeshift gag. The men then put bonds around his ankles and wrists, and made a noose out of the chains they had lying around. Liam wouldn’t be killed by the noose, unless he ran, of course.

“Smile for the before pic!” said one of the men. He was the only one smiling as the picture was snapped.

“And now, the process can begin!” said the leader. Liam’s pants were pulled down, exposing his cock to the entire gym. While it certainly wasn’t tiny, it wasn’t that big either. It was perfectly average. He still didn’t know what was going to happen to him. He watched in horror as the leader pulled down his underwear. Liam finally realized what “protect your wang” meant.

An absolutely monster cock flopped out of the underwear. Liam sincerely hoped it wasn’t flaccid, because if it was, then the erect length would be enormous! He unfortunately watched as the leader stroked his cock and got it fully erect. The damn thing was about as long as his forearm! Liam’s own cock was stroked and got rock hard as well. It definitely paled in comparison to the leader’s. It took the leader a couple more minutes to get ready to cum.

When he did, he ejaculated all over Liam’s cock. He was expecting it to make a mess, but he was even more shocked by what he saw. The man’s cum was somehow being absorbed directly into his dick! Liam watched as the massive cumshot all but disappeared into his dick. He could tell that his dick was getting bigger. What he couldn’t see was that some of his features were starting to change. He looked a bit more Asian, to use that description loosely.

Then came the next man. He too had an absolutely monster cock, maybe just a tiny bit smaller than the leader’s. He too jerked off to completion and covered Liam’s cock in his cum, which was quickly absorbed. The other four men did the same thing, as Liam watched his cock both absorb the cum and get bigger and bigger. By the fourth cumshot, Liam’s brain was slowly starting to change. Most of the physical transformation had been completed.

By the time the final cumshot had been absorbed in his cock, Liam no longer existed. Satoshi T’sein was the newest member of the gym, PYW. While most of them stayed in the gym, and Singapore itself, Alexander Wang selected some of the men for his own “Protect Your Wang” campaign, with Trojan. Here’s Satoshi in NYC, living up his best life as a hunky underwear model with a fan.

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