Straight Boy Slavery

Henry never suspected a thing. He had lived his entire life in the suburban cul-de-sac. There were never any problems in the neighborhood, at least none that spilled into the street. He had never seen an ambulance or fire truck drive down his street in his life. Henry was friends with most of his neighbors, both younger and older than him. He was actually living by himself in the house now. His parents were both in nursing homes, as they needed a level of care the single child Henry just couldn’t keep up with.

One of the few neighbors Henry wasn’t friends with was #65. All Henry knew about the house was that a man lived there, an older man. Henry had never seen him out in public before; heck, he had never even seen a car in the man’s driveway! He had tried to take the initiative a couple times and knock on the man’s door, but he never seemed to come to it. Henry had given up by now on trying to be friends with the man, or even meet him.

The man from #65, Calvin Austin, was an older man, in his fifties. If he had even ventured out into public, people might call him a “daddy” or even a silver fox. Calvin kept to himself most days. He was able to work from home, and never actually left his house. He got his food and all other essentials shipped to him. He waited until the dead of night to pick up his packages and bring them inside. The reason Calvin never let anybody inside his house was because they would be freaked out.

Over the course of the last few years, Calvin had turned his house into a BDSM dungeon, of sorts. Except his dungeon wasn’t just in his basement. All three floors of the house were filled to the brim with BDSM gear and other accoutrements. He had a fantasy of having a live-in slave, one that he could use and abuse whenever he wanted. And Calvin didn’t want it to be any old guy. No, he wanted a straight man, that over time, would eventually turn gay and become his willing slave. He had the perfect man in mind for that: Henry.

First off, he knew Henry kept in very good shape, having seen him run shirtless most days during the summer. Especially on those days when the humidity was high, and Henry’s pants stuck to his legs and cock, Calvin knew he was the right choice, with a sizable cock he would probably never use again. He also knew Henry was straight. That required a lot more surveillance and staying up until all hours of the night. But he was absolutely certain Henry was straight, and knew he had fucked quite a few girls before.

With that knowledge in mind, all that was left was getting Henry over here. Calvin decided to take a very roundabout method, but one that he hoped would work. He wrote Henry a letter and mailed it. The post office did wonder why Calvin just didn’t walk down the street to give his neighbor the letter, but they mailed it anyways, and Henry opened it the next day. All it read was, “Come over to my house. I need your help.” Henry had wondered what had taken #65 so long! And thanks to the envelope, he learned the man’s name was Calvin Austin.

He walked over to his neighbor’s house, with a shirt on, of course, and knocked on his front door. “Hello, Mr. Austin? You said you needed help. Can I come in?”

“Yes, the door’s open,” Calvin replied, in his husky tone of voice. Henry opened up the door, wondering what he would see inside. He was definitely not expecting Calvin to be standing there, buck naked. He was so shocked, he didn’t notice that Calvin was holding onto a rope. He pulled it down, and the rope that Henry had stepped into it was raised up, hoisting him in the air. Calvin quickly ran to the door and closed it before Henry could start screaming and swearing. Thankfully, no one saw what had just transpired.

“What the fuck is going on here!? What are you planning on doing to me, you fuckin’ pervert?”

“Oh, Henry, you’re now my slave. Soon enough, you’ll want to serve me, both in and out of the bedroom.”

“You’ll never fuckin’ get away with this! As soon as I’m let down, I’m fuckin’ leaving and calling the cops!”

“Oh, that won’t be possible,” Calvin said, with a chilling smile on his face. He opened one of the many drawers in his house and took out a metal collar. Henry tried his hardest to swipe it away from the older man, or even punch him and knock him to the ground, but it was no use. The collar was placed around his neck and locked. “That collar is a shock collar. If you leave the house, you will get shocked. Every inch you get away from the house, the joules it sends out will increase by 100. I suggest sprinting out of the house if you do plan to escape, but you won’t get far regardless.

“I also have a separate device that can shock you whenever I want and how hard I want. If you don’t become a good little slave, then you’ll be forced to wear this forever and forever.”

“What the actual fuck is wrong with you, man!? And the neighbors will hear my screams eventually!”

“These leather walls are actually soundproof. Nobody will ever know you’re even in here, Henry, until the day I show you to the world as my slave.”

“That shit will never happen! Get me the fuck out of here!”

“Your wish is my command,” Calvin replied, snarkily. He let go of the rope, and Henry fell to the ground. It was a short drop, so he quickly got to his feet and ran to the door. Unfortunately, some intense shocks brought him to his knees before he could do anything. “And that’s what the shocks feel like. I suggest you comply if you don’t want to feel them anymore.” They definitely fuckin’ hurt, so Henry only grimaced at Calvin as he walked over to him and took off his clothes. It was utterly humiliating being stripped naked in front of a total stranger, and a totally perverted one at that!

Henry was smaller by Calvin, but not by much. However, Calvin definitely had him beat in the cock department, even while both of them were flaccid. Calvin grabbed another toy from the drawer. He walked over to Henry with a metal cage shaped like a cock. “What the fuck is that thing!?” Henry asked.

“That, my slave, is a cock cage. Good slaves like you don’t touch their cocks. When Master milks you, he’ll do so by prostate milking. You won’t be touching your cock ever again. Or maybe when it’s just a nub that will never get erect again.”

“Fuck, you can’t do this to me!” whined Henry. A low but constant shock from his collar forced him to the ground and allowed Calvin to lock up his cage tightly. He watched as the key was placed in another drawer, with about four other locked drawers that needed to be opened just to access the one with the key. He would be stuck with this thing on his dick for quite some time.

“Now, slave, it’s time for you to explore the house!” Henry stood his ground, but a number of repeated shocks forced him to follow Calvin around the house. Everywhere Henry looked there, there was BDSM gear. Some of it was more subtle, like straps on the walls, while other rooms had it much more brazenly, like the whipping post and stocks in the fuckin’ living room! Not even places like the kitchen, dining room, or even bathroom were safe from Calvin’s perverted BDSM fantasy, although their base functions still remained. Henry wasn’t allowed to use a human bathroom though; according to Calvin, “slaves don’t deserve that right”.

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