Auction Day

My old and beat-up truck trundled into the convention center’s parking lot. I would have paid for repairs, or even a new truck, but I needed to save up my money for today’s purchase. Luckily, I was able to find a spot close to the front door. I’m not overweight or anything, but when the parking lot is bigger than 10 fuckin’ football fields, you want to get as close as you get! I made my way inside and looked at all of the people walking around.

Men definitely outnumbered women here, but most of those women had a domineering air around them. I stood in line to get checked in. I chatted with some of my fellow men in line about the auction later today. I just had one particular purchase in mind, while the men were hoping to buy one or more. I would have enjoyed doing that too, if I had the money. Finally, I got to the front of the line.

“Name?” said the young stud, sitting in front of a laptop.

“Dick Canterby.”

“Hmm, let’s see here,” the stud said, as he typed my name into the computer. “Ah, yes, here you are! Here is your badge, and wait just a second while I print out your name sticker.” A couple seconds later, I was in the middle of the convention center, mingling with the other men and women there. It was a couple hours before the auction started, but I went into the expansive auditorium early on.

I wasn’t able to get a front-row seat, and the next closest seat to the stage was about twelve rows back! I sat down there and turned on the tablet that was in front of every single seat there. I showed my badge to the camera, and then I got access to today’s potential purchases. I just had one particular stud in mine: my son, Jerome. I guess I should provide you guys with some additional background information.

I’m at a slave auction right now. This happens every year around this time. Most of the slaves that will be sold are twenty-five-year olds, like my son, who don’t contribute much to society. Their servitude helps to bring a strong cash influx into the economy every year. Other men are also sold at the auction, those who had to foreclosure on their mortgages for example, or sometimes it was some kinky perverted bastard who truly wanted to be owned by another man! Jerome was pretty much smack dab in the middle of the auction line-up.

There were quite a lot of men that interested me, but I only had enough money for Jerome. I hoped I didn’t have to spend it all, but I probably wouldn’t have enough after I buy him to buy any more slaves. I entertained myself for the rest of the time before the auction started by scrolling through Twitter and Instagram. Eventually, the auditorium was filled with people and the lights dimmed. The MC’s voice boomed from the many speakers.

“Welcome gents, and some ladies, to 2020′s Slave Auction. We’ll get right to it with this year’s prime stud, Reno Gold!” I watched as one of the newest gay porn stars was paraded onstage. He reached a pretty high amount, I think in the eight digits! I sure as fuck hoped Jerome wasn’t that expensive. I didn’t have the funds to pay that much for my son! I sat through the first half of the auction. I sometimes bid, but always very early on and when I knew someone would outbid me. Finally, Jerome’s name was called.

“Jerome Canterby, 25,” the MC brusquely said. The rest of his information was on our tablets anyway. The bidding began, and for the first time, I was trying to outbid other people! I watched as the numbers steadily kept rising. They were still in my price range, but he was definitely getting up there fast. Thankfully, it eventually cooled down, and it was just down between me and a woman, surprisingly! We kept outbidding each other by $100, until she eventually had enough.

I purchased my son for $99,000, just $1,000 under my limit. Even the ugliest and worst slaves were sold for over $1,000 surprisingly, so I pressed some buttons on the tablet and left to pick up my purchase. Of course, Jerome didn’t know who had bought him, but his face lit up when I walked towards him. Well, as much as he could smile with a ball in his mouth. Not a ball gag, but an actual fuckin’ ball. The auction was a bit stingy on using actual BDSM gear.

“And here’s your owner,” said one of the staff members. “Dick Canterby. Oh, are you two related?”

“Yes, we are,” I responded with a smirk. I gestured for Jerome to follow me. His hands were tied behind his back, but he knew he couldn’t kick or attack me. The convention center was under quite a bit of a surveillance, and he was a slave now, a sub-human. I snapped a picture of me and my new son slave in the truck before we went back home. Surprisingly, Jerome didn’t grimace at me.

As we drove home, I explained to Jerome what would happen to him now. “Jerome, just so you know, you’re no longer my son. Of course, biologically that’s still true, but legally, you’re my slave now. I expect you to do everything a slave should do, the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, all of that. I also expect you to service me like a slave should. I know you are straight, but I don’t care about that. I will mold you into a perfect cocksucker and gape your tight asshole, son. And remember, you can’t fight back, because you’re a slave now. You should really be lucky that I bought you, boy.” And there was the grimace from my son!

It did take some time for my son to become a good slave. But when I reintroduced spanking to Jerome’s life, that shut him up quickly. By the time next year’s slave auction rolled around, Jerome was an obedient slave to his father. He gave me the best blowjobs, and I could easily fit my fist in his hole without using any lube! I am saving up to buy another slave, but it will be a few years, at least. For right now, I’m content with my son slave.

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