A Walk Through the Park

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“Those young scallywags!” Reginald said to no one in particular, shaking his fist at the jocks on the other side of the street. Reginald had to walk over to the other side of the street to avoid them, and he shouldn’t have had to do that. He was Reginald P. Querillion, one of the richest men around. Unfortunately, with the jocks causing him to take a different route, Reginald had to cut through a park. He enjoyed nature, especially because he technically owned this property. He leased it to the city, and they paid him every year so that it could remain a park and not some apartment complex.

As always, it was pristine and clean like Reginald expected it to be. However, as he reached the middle of the park, he noticed a shirt on the ground. There were visible sweat stains on it, and it was quite odiferous still. “These dumb youth! Thinking they own the place, with their tickity-toks and their tweeters!” Reginald picked it up, obsequiously to throw it into the nearest trash bin. But as he really breathed in the musk and sweat emanating from the sweatshirt, it felt good. Reginald wanted to sniff it more.

He knew it was wrong, and any onlooker could see it in his eyes. Reginald’s eyes bugged out as he brought the shirt closer and closer to his nose, until it was right under it. He then took a big whiff of the shirt, inhaling only the sweat and musk for the first time. As he took some more deep breaths of the shirt, he could feel his body changing in some way. He instinctively dropped the shirt and looked down.

While he had been in good shape for a man of his age before, he was now in fantastic shape for any age! Reginald had visible muscles again, with washboard abs, lean pecs, and chiseled biceps. While Reginald couldn’t see some other changes, he also looked physically younger as well, his wrinkles and other signs of aging all but gone. He looked almost exactly like a person who would be wearing a shirt like that. However, it was clear at this time that Reginald was still an adult, and he still acted like an elderly man mentally.

However, he found himself picking up the shirt again and taking a few deep whiffs of it again. As he did, something incredible happened. His clothes began to change. His stuffy suit and tie that he had been wearing all but disappeared. It didn’t even merge into his body or skin or anything like that; it just up and disappeared from the face of the earth! His pants changed, getting shorter in length and the material changing rapidly. It now looked like Reginald was wearing basketball shorts.

Surprisingly, despite sniffing the shirt intently, he noticed the change in his clothing and dropped the shirt back to the ground.

He felt up his new muscles, never having been this fit in his life! His cock was also bigger than he remembered, and it got hard with just a glance of his finger across the shaft. However, what turned him on even more right now was the shirt, and Reginald picked it up yet again and took some deep breaths, inhaling the musk and sweat once more.

This time, the only physical change was lowering his height, so he looked like one of those jocks from just a few minutes before. The biggest changes came mentally. Reginald was no longer Reginald. He referred to himself as Reggie now. In addition to the name change, with every whiff of the aromatic shirt, Reggie remembered something about his life. Whether it was getting the game-winning point for his team or bagging one of the hottest girls in school, with every whiff, Reggie devolved deeper and deeper into the dumb jock stereotype that he hated so much.

No one had walked through the park that night, so around midnight, Reggie tossed the rank shirt over his shoulder and walked back to his house, shirtless and cockily. His house had changed as well, with a downgrade from the mansion it was before. However, a bunch of his other dumb jock bros lived there with him, and with Reggie’s family funds, they could have anything they ever wanted, from women to drugs. If anybody was getting in their way, Reggie just took out the shirt from the park that never seemed to make it into the wash. In just a few hours or so, the person bothering them would be a dumb jock just like them, ready and willing to party and fuck someone’s brains out.
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