Chasing Tail

“Fuck,” Brody said, as the sirens started wailing behind him. He went through a mental checklist in his head. Was he high, was he drunk? No. Speeding, erratic driving? No. He wondered what it could be as he pulled over to the side of the road and waited for the cop to appear by his window.

“License and registration,” said the cop. As Brody looked to his left, he saw a body just waiting to escape from that uniform. It was bulging at the seams, and as he looked up, the face looked angelic too. He flashed a smile at the officer as he grabbed the papers and went to run them. He would be jacking off to fantasies of him tonight.

The cop was back relatively quickly, much sooner than Brody expected. “All clear, son. Just wanted to inform you that one of your tail lights is out. You’ll need to get it fixed immediately. There’s a shop just down the road from here.”

“Shit! Oh, sorry, officer, it’s just that I don’t have any money on me right now. All of my cash is at home, and my stupid fucking card is overdrawn.”

“No worries, son, I’ll pay for the fix. But I need you to do something for me first.” Brody’s mind began wondering if tonight’s fantasy was actually going to become a reality. “Get out of the car.” Brody had pulled over just past some bushes that blocked the line of sight from the road. “Take off your pants and underwear,” the officer commanded, the first thing he said that was out of the ordinary. Of course, Brody complied, and showed the officer his toned legs and his good-sized cock. However, even the cocky stud couldn’t compare to the cop’s massive cock, which he snaked out of his uniform pants.

“Suck,” he said, but Brody was going to do that anyways. The cock was absolutely massive, and his jaw hurt from opening that wide. However, he also knew that this getting him out of a ticket or some shit, so he sucked it up and swallowed even more of it. He wasn’t able to swallow all of it in one gulp, but he swallowed quite a bit, which the cop noticed.

“I didn’t peg you for a fag, so this is even better!” Brody was a bit turned on by men talking down to him, and his dick fluttered as well. He focused most of his effort on the cop’s humongous dong, however, using his tongue to play with his piss slit and mushroom head. He also pressed on the cop’s perineum and fondled his balls, as the officer slowly and sensually pulled his pants down. His own dick was getting harder and harder, and by now, the cop began to notice it. As he began to face-fuck Brody, he also verbally taunted the driver.

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Patreon Updates

Hi everyone!

I have updated my Patreon, and the return of hot and kinky (and unfortunately Patreon-only) stories is here! This is done by connecting Patreon to Discord, a trick I learned by visiting a fellow Tumblr user’s Patreon. Everything is pretty much the same as before, only the way to access posts is different.

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Coming Home Present

I was excited as my Uber pulled up in front of my house. This would be the first time I would see my Dad in over a year! I had volunteered at Habitat for Humanity the summer before college, and then I went and lived at college in California for the whole year. We’re not that poor, but Dad couldn’t pay for two round-trip tickets, so I spent Christmas in a new state with a bunch of people I didn’t know. It was interesting, but I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of the summer with my Dad.

My key still worked, and I stepped inside. I then heard a scream from the living room, and my dad rushed into the hallway by the front door, about to grab the vase we had there. We were both surprised, Dad by seeing his only son again, and me seeing my father naked and rock hard.

“Um, it’s great to see you, Theo. Just let me get changed.”

“Okay,” I said, covering my eyes. I was straight, and really didn’t want to see what Dad looked like naked. He was quite fit for a man of his age, and it was clear that his cock was still working. I turned off the porn video he was watching in the living room. This one surprisingly had a chick in it, albeit towards the end and shocked that one dude came inside another dude.

I was fine with my dad being gay. I think I was born because Dad really wanted a biological son, but mom died when I was so young, and I never really got up the courage to ask. Dad hadn’t come down for a few minutes, so I decided to lug my bags upstairs when I was shocked, yet again, by the sight of my nude father.

“Shit, Dad! I thought you were putting some clothes on! And is your erection that hard?”

“Theo, I’ve been waiting to do this for quite some time.” Dad bounded down the stairs and kissed me on the lips. Now, this wouldn’t really be awkward, but Dad kissed me in the way I did girls I picked up at the club on Friday.

“Fuck, Dad! I’m not fucking gay! And you’re my fucking biological dad!”

“I don’t care,” Dad growled, and I saw a side of him I’ve never seen before. He grabbed me by the shirt, and I dropped my bags. He dragged me to the living room, as I fought to escape. It was no use, as even though I had some muscles on me, Dad was much stronger than me.

“Get on your fucking knees,” Dad said, finally letting go of me.

“I ain’t no fucking faggot,” I said, which was really the wrong thing to say. Dad slapped me across the face so hard I began to cry.

“Do as I fucking say, Theo, and this will be over with.”

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Streaming Woes

Hey it would be fuckin hot if you wrote a story about GassyMexican (Max Gonazales) a Twitch/Youtuber. I’d love if it were about one of his perverted fans hypnotizing/blackmailing him into stripping and doing humiliating things on his Twitch stream in front of his viewers as they cheered him on and called him slutty names.

Max pressed the on button, and he began streaming today’s first round of Fortnite. The first feed was the private feed of the day, where only GassyMexican’s select fans could watch him, for a sizable sum. As he mowed down other people, the usual banter showed up in the chat box, asking for specs and various phobic behaviors. However, one message caught Max’s eye as it scrolled through the feed. The handle attached to the message was LuciSkyXXX, one of Max’s favorite porn stars. He was able to like the message before it scrolled away.

Later in the day, after losing a fucking round to a fucking stream sniper, Max decided to blow off some stream by watching the video the porn star had sent him. He expected juicy tits and a throbbing wet pussy to pop up on screen, but it was actually just a bright rainbow spiral. A melodic sounding female voice was in the background, but not Luci’s. Despite all that, Max was unable to look away, and he quickly fell under the trap, being throughly hypnotized by the spiral.

At the end of the spiral, the voice gave him a command: “Later today, you will perform a strip show, on stream, and do anything your fans want you to, within reason.”

“Yes, master,” Max said, before the video ended. Based on what the voice had told him previously, the only things off-limits were illegal activities, of course, and anything straight. A few minutes later, GassyMexican’s stream turned on again, but with a new 18/21+ filter. Quite a few fans were upset, but others were intrigued. Those fans able to watch saw Max and his whole body for what was probably the first time.

As “sexy” music played in the background, Max began to strip. He did it slowly and sensually, teasing his “abs” for a solid minute, and then his pecs, before finally taking his shirt off. Next came his socks, and foot fetishists got some good content as he waved his dirty and sweaty feet in front of the camera for some time. Then came a big shock to his fans as he started to pull his jeans down, revealing the boxers underneath. They quickly realized why this was such a special stream, and some of them tuned out.

However, those that remained wanted to see what GassyMexican was packing, and eventually, he did not disappoint those fans. His cock was just a little above average, but many of those fans who remained had wanted to see this streamer naked for some time, and had fantasized about him at night. Once the strip show was done, Max spoke for the first time on stream, in his normal voice.

“Hey everybody! If you’re still here, tell me what to do in the ask box! I’ll get through as many as I can today!” Across the world, keyboards furiously clacked as GassyMexican’s fans wanted to see just how far he would go. One of the first asks was to drink his own piss. He announced it to the stream, and left the room, presumably to go to the bathroom and grab a glass. He did just that, and over 1,000 fans watched as the streamer chugged a whole glass of his dark yellow piss on camera.

“Slut. Whore. Fag. Sissy. Perverted.” Those monikers and quite a few others starting filling up the chat box, but Max didn’t seem to mind. In fact, those comments were actually turning him on a bit. The next one was to stick his middle finger up his ass as far as it would go. Max did just that, using one hand to spread his cheek as the other hand’s middle finger went pretty deep into the hole. He did some more things with the finger once it came out, that really cemented his status as a “bitch-ass fairy whoring himself out on camera for a couple clicks and a few fucking cents in ad money”.

The next commands weren’t as severe, consisting of stuff like spanking himself or squeezing his nipples until he cried. However, word had gotten out about the Twitch stream of the century, and GassyMexican received his biggest numbers yet, both in watchers and money donated. Those people who donated money to him got their requests pushed to the top, so Max used various objects around the house as dildos, both in his ass and down his throat, as well as hitting his balls until he was in pain.

The stream went on a few more hours, especially since an astute fan noticed many BDSM and sex props were on Amazon’s two hour delivery list, and so Max ended his stream by locking himself in a metal chastity cage that would scrunch his dick up to the size of his fingernail. As the stream flickered out, “Luci” smiled. The fake porn star was actually one of GassyMexican’s fans who was angry at him for a homophobic comment he made on stream. He was well versed in hypnotism, and this Twitch streamer was easy bait. And a few minutes later, GassyMexican’s sizable donation fund was transferred into his bank account. Now, what to do with him tomorrow?
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Dum-Dum Teacher

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“And today we have a pop quiz on the chapters you’re supposed to read this week! I told you to read ahead,” Prof. Lawson added as the class groaned. Lawson was one of the toughest professors on campus, and one of the most hated. Most students had to have him, as he taught a required course at the college that could not be skipped at all. Among other things, he was a grammar nazi, and didn’t allow any student to go to the bathroom, even females on their period. “I only have you for two hours a day. You can hold your fucking bladders ‘til then,” he said, whenever anybody asked. Most of his students put up with as much as they could, as they needed to pass the course. However, Rodney found his breaking point when Lawson expressed pretty overt homophobia. “You know, most gays are in porn or work in strip clubs because they always have sex on their minds.” He stifled his anger for the rest of the class, but exploded when he got back to his dorm room.

He shared it with his boyfriend, Jacques, better known as Jac. “He fucking said we think about sex more than we do school! I think that should be a fireable offense!”

“Honey, it’s probably not, but it shows, at the very least, that he’s homophobic as fuck. But what are we to do about it? We’re just two gays who think about sex all the time!” Jac added, with a laugh. However, Rodney did not find that funny, and was furiously searching the internet for ways to get back at his professor. Jac calmed him down enough, but when he came back from his 8 AM the next day, Rod was standing by their computer, on a website on Tor, or the dark web.

“Read this,” Rodney said, hoping his boyfriend would be okay with it. He had suffered at the hands of Lawson too, and had only just passed the course.

“Are you sick and tired of a person being mean to you? Is that person a man? Then do we have the product for you! Himbo Powder Industries has partnered with some drugmakers and combined their formulas together to create a new pill: Retrupid! A combination of retro and stupid, this pill has all the effects of himbo powder, plus the added effect of making your victim younger!”

“Are you sure you want to go along with this? It seems a bit unethical,” asked Jac.

“Isn’t this the professor who once singled you out in front of the entire class and tried to exposed you as gay because you had a caked-on milk moustache he thought was dried cum?”

“How much is this fucking thing?” Thankfully, Jac and Rod came from rich enough families that they were able to afford it. Now the problem was, how to get Lawson to ingest the pills? They hadn’t really thought this through, until something clicked in Rodney’s mind.

“You know that somewhat hot barista at the campus Starbucks that wants to get in your pants? Well, he’s going to.”

“Rod, I thought we were going to ring shopping soon.”

“Just listen to me, honey. You fuck him, but only if he does something for you. He drops the pills into Lawson’s coffee every day, and we get results.”

“I guess, but I really want a fancy ring when all of this is over. You’re the one who finds him hot.”

“Do you want me to have to repeat this year because of that stuck-up little turd?”

“Of course not!” The plan was put into motion a couple days later. Jac slept with the barista, who willingly went along with the plan. As it turned out, everyone had their own Lawson story, but the barista wasn’t so bad in bed. If him and Rod broke up, maybe he could date the hot barista! However, the couple was more focused on Lawson, and how he was changing. The website said the pills took some time to function, especially if they all were NOT eaten at once.

While only Rodney could check in on how he was doing in the classroom, that was only one part of his life that had started going through changes. Lawson noticed that somehow he was getting more fit and his hair was starting to grow back. Nothing had really changed, so he was super stoked about that! However, that bodily change weirdly came with some mental changes too. He began to be a little more forgetful, and found that it was much more difficult for him to answer students’ complex questions now. He just passed it off as old age, although his body looked like it was going in reverse.

Rod noticed changes in the classroom a couple weeks after the pills started going down his throat every morning. He looked physically younger, with a full head of blonde hair, and he was much more fit than he was at the beginning of the year. The mental changes were starting to become much more noticable. His answers to questions became increasingly less complex, and he could no longer come up with quips or witty responses. An astute student noticed he was now going off his syllabus, even though most years, he strayed from it so far some students never even bothered to sign it. One thing Rod couldn’t notice, or even know, was that his teacher’s sexuality had changed as well.

Lawson had never admitted it to himself, but he was probably asexual. However, over the past couple of weeks, he found himself checking out guys in a sexual way. He ogled some of the teachers in the lounge, and watched from his office window as the jocks played football on the quad. Just last night, he had jerked off to gay porn, with some twink named Johnny Rapid pushing him over the edge. And Lawson was really beginning to notice his physical changes too. He was much more fit than last month, and even though he had started going to the gym, results could not have come that quickly. His hair had completely grown back, and grown in blonde. At first, it looked a little odd, but now all of his hair was blonde and just the right length; not too long, but not too short, either.

As the weeks passed, Rod noticed his teacher’s intelligence decreasing even more. He increasingly had his students just copy notes and read from the books, and he barely spoke in class. When he did, it was carefully calculated and used very few words longer than two or three syllables. His body had undergone a dramatic change, looking physically younger by about twenty years or so. It was a little outside of Rod’s age range, but if he were that old, he would totally fuck him. Lawson, at home, came to the realization that he was gay, and had even fucked a guy for the first time. However, the guy, a vers, asked Lawson if he would be willing to bottom. Lawson acquiesced, and found that he loved having a cock up his ass much more than sticking it up some other dude’s ass. He focused more of his workout at the gym on his ass, and it showed, with Rod nearly drooling seeing Lawson’s ass almost pop out of his khakis.

A few more weeks passed, and Lawson was getting a bit scared. He could barely understand one syllable words now, and he drove like an elderly person, even though he was somehow now in the prime of his life. After nearly crashing because he had mistaken his right for his left, he parked his car on the side of the road, somewhat safely, and exited to cry on the curb. As it just so happened, Jac and Rod were driving by, having picked up some groceries. They parked, legally, and walked over to the teacher.

“What’s wrong, Prof. Lawson?” Rod asked.

“Oh, don’t call me that! I was driving to school to quit, but I messed up my right and left!”

“That’s dangerous, Lawson,” Jac added, with a wink towards his boyfriend. “Why don’t we take you back to our place and figure out what to do next.”

“Okay.” Rod drove Lawson’s car to the college and parked in the teacher’s lot, while Jac and Lawson went to Jac’s dorm room. Since Lawson now looked like a college student, only a few students looked at Jac as he met up with Rod in their living room area.

“Well, Lawson, since you can’t teach, or really do much of anything, what about being a stripper?” Rod asked.

“One of those guys on a pole!?”

“Well, not too many guys use the pole, but yes, same concept,” Jac explained.

“Yes!” Lawson announced. He would love to be surrounded by hot guys, and being paid to have sex? The best! The couple brought their third to a local gay strip club, where Lawson was hired on the spot. Jac and Rod patted themselves on the back for helping out Lawson and getting another source of income. The hard part would be getting Lawson’s business squared away, including how he changed physically and mentally.

“Maybe a stunt double?” Jac joked as they watched Lawson practice on stage, him smiling for the first time in ages.
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The Sports Shop

Ugh, this is why I decided to go to a small, private college! My name’s Connor Winthrop-Bradforshire, and despite the pretentious sounding last name, I’m actually a really nice guy. I’m upset right now because my college, Deere State, just sent a email stating that the college would be closing soon if they didn’t get more revenue streams. Of course, they planned to introduce athletics, pretty much the only reason why I picked Deere in the first place. Their only athletic team of any sort was cross-country, and we all know that doesn’t bring in the big bucks at all.

And I knew I would be asked to try out for the football team. You see, I’m very fit, built like a linebacker, people say. But football never interested me, English did. I guess I have a really easy ability to build muscle, as even though I do workout, it’s not to the levels of those lug nuts I see in the gym sometimes. And not to mention that I’m ace. Both girls and guys fawn over me, but I’m content to just jacking off to thinking about Shakespeare and how in many of his plays… . I’m actually boring myself now, so let’s move on, shall we?

As I expected, I got an email from the head of athletics requesting that I try out for football. I told him that I would, as we were a no-name school in the middle of nowhere who would be sharing a field with a local high school. That all meant the college would find out athletics wasn’t really the best approach. The director seemed happy, and told me that they had partnered with a local sporting goods store, and we could get equipment for more than half-off there. I was a bit excited, as I knew equipment for pretty much every sport besides running cost a pretty penny, and even some running shoes were a bit expensive.

So, I went and drove down to the shop one day in July to get my gear. I knew I wouldn’t be entering a store like Dick’s, but I almost passed it walking down Main Street. I entered and looked around. The store catered to nearly every sport, but only had one copy of everything. They must have a lot in the back, I thought, as I approached the desk. To my surprise, a young man around my age was working there. I thought it would be some older guy, honestly.

“Hi, I’m Grant. What can I help you with today?”

“I’m looking to buy a full football outfit. I’m from Deere State.”

“You mean uniform. And yes, your coach has a list of names already sent over. I just need yours.” Grant stifled a laugh as I told him my long and stuffy British name, and went in the back to grab the gear. When he returned, I saw the number was 69 on my shirt, or jersey, as Grant called it. How crass, but I bet during rehearsal I can change it out for something less obscene. The cost was much lower than I expected, and I was able to pay in cash. I did have one question, though.

“How’d you know what size I wear? I never told you.”

“Oh, I just know,” Grant replied, with a wink. I hoped he wasn’t flirting with me, as I was never able to figure out when people were doing that. I lugged everything back to my car and put it in the trunk. Once I arrived home, I decided to try it on just to make sure that everything fit. That Grant dude was still a bit shady, but to my surprise, everything fit perfectly. I kept my out-uniform on as I researched the basics of football. Before I knew it, I had gone down what I call a “wiki hole”, and it was eleven o’clock at night and I had an article about Deflategate open. I changed and went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up in just a jock. Normally, I didn’t like my butt touching my blankets, but at least my cock was covered. After I got through everything I needed to get done today, I researched football some more, and what players I should look up to. I once again caught myself surfing the web until late at night, on some obscure website about Tom Brady. I continued my research on football for the next couple weeks before practices started up. However, that was just one of the many things that changed in my life.

Number one, and most shocking, was that I was starting to find women attractive. I had drilled into so many people being ace was not just a phase, and here I was, masturbating to some porn star I had stumbled across on the internet. My therapist said it was actually pretty natural for ace people to pick a sex to masturbate about, but even he was stumped on why I now wanted to fuck some of them. The second change was my wardrobe. Normally a button down and khakis guy, I found myself increasingly wearing t-shirts and shorts, those baggy basketball type ones. Not to mention replacing all of my sensible boxers with tight-fitting jockstraps as well. Not that there was anything wrong with that, but that attracted a crowd I really didn’t like to mingle with.

A crowd I do like to mingle with noticed something different about me too. I was using more and more slang, and not in a sarcastic way. I used “bro” and “like” much too often for the academic, and somewhat preppy, crowd, and unfortunately, we agreed to part paths when school started back up. That was fine with me, as I knew football would presumably take up a lot of my time. And there was one final change I was a bit worried about. I had taken to wearing my football uniform whenever I was at home. Everything, including the pads, went on, and afterwards, I felt so good. My therapist was a bit puzzled at the brain physiology behind this, but I told him not to worry. I feel fucking awesome!

I arrived at the first day of practice bright and early, clad in my uniform. I was the first one there, it seemed.

“You’re Connor British-stuff,” Coach said to me. Normally, I would have found it condescending, but my last name was long and barely fit on the jersey at it was. “Start by running laps and set a good example for your teammates.”

“Yes, Coach!” I put my running background to good use, and by the end of warm-ups, I had ran more laps than the star freshman player Deere recruited. The rest of practice was tough, but I loved it. The locker room situation was a lot different, though. A bunch of guys paraded around stark naked and talked about women they were banging or the faggots watching from under the bleacher. I joined in when I could, but I had little to add, for now.

That weekend, I had sex for the first time ever with a girl I knew the football guys would love. Khrissi had long blonde hair and some of the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen. Her pussy got so wet so fast, and she took it up the ass! She also loved the fact I didn’t change out of my jockstrap, and she even sniffed it and moaned! The guys got a hoot over it, and I became fully accepted as one of the bros.

Once school started up, I wore my uniform to class and in public. I wasn’t worried about wearing it anymore, and I caught quite a few eyes staring at me, a couple professors included. But some other professors have told me they see a decline in my work, and that I’ve become a total jock. Like, bro, who gives a shit about grades when not studying allows you more time on the field. Bro, I’ve been seeing a new girl every weekend, sometimes two a day, and I just had, like, my first fucking threesome, bro! Nobody gives a shit that I wear my uniform everywhere, man! I fucking love it and I fucking love my new life as a football bro!

(A recent picture of Connor Winthrop-Bradforshire, provided by Deere State for use in any media related to the NFL Draft)
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Coffee Control

Patrick Reyes had just received excellent news from his family’s hedge fund manager. His parents, the idiots that they were, didn’t put a freeze or lock on his money once he turned 21, like most families did who amassed enormous amounts of wealth. So, overnight, Patrick Reyes became a tabloid sensation, buying drinks for everyone at the bar the entire night, and buying two very expensive cars, not to mention the whole fucking bar itself.

The only problem in Patrick’s life now was that none of his friends could participate in the same stuff he did. Their parents only allowed them to spend millions a month, while Patrick just paid Post Malone almost a billion dollars to have a residency at the bar he just bought. This was illustrated in a picture Patrick was in with a couple of his friends from primary school.

That’s Patrick on the right, Larry with the compass tattoo, and Brendan on the left. Brendan and Patrick used to be best friends, but now, Patrick had to sneak into the candid, which Brendan was super pissed about. Not to mention Lee, behind the camera, who he promptly unfriended on all social media and iced him out. But it was Patrick who needed to change. Just last night, he decided to buy an escort company and told each of his friends that they could have their own girl for the night. All of them were disgusted by Patrick’s flagrant flashing of his wealth, but Brendan got even more angry.

You see, while Brendan was in the rich crowd, his family only stumbled upon their wealth. His dad had made a very, very good stock investment when he was young, and that afforded the family to be able to live the rich lifestyle, albeit with some differences, like only having two maids per person. But Patrick was a whole ‘nother story, and Brendan wanted it to stop. He knew just the way to do it, too.

Every morning, without fail, Patrick had coffee. It didn’t matter if he drank until his kidneys burst last night, he had to have a cup of coffee in the morning. So, when Patrick finally deigned himself to visiting Brendan’s humble abode (even though each bedroom had their own private bathroom), a simple order to the chef to put the pill he had ordered from the dark web into Patrick’s coffee was easily completed.

Patrick posted this pic to social not long afterwards, giving a back-handed compliment to Brendan, who couldn’t wait for the pill to take effect. This pill messed with a person’s mind and made them almost robotic in a sense. Thankfully, much of these changes happened while the person was asleep, so while Patrick took a nap in the middle of the day, Brendan had one of his guards stand by the locked door in case something went wrong.

Nothing did, and a couple hours later, Brendan walked back into the bedroom to find Patrick sitting up, bent at 90 degree angles.

“How may I serve you, today?” he asked in a robotic tone of voice, with unnatural pauses between the words and syllables.

“Come with me. We have a lot to do.” Brendan led his new robot to the living room, where a lawyer and a ton of paperwork was spread out on the table. Patrick spent the rest of the afternoon and evening signing documents about selling back things he bought, such as the bar, the cars, and even Post Malone. Not all the money would be recovered, but a ridiculous amount would. And no one needed to know this, not even his parents, but all of that money would be going into Brendan’s family fund, which he could only touch when his parents died.

After some planning on Brendan’s part, Patrick made a speech to the world that he was now Brendan’s live-in boyfriend, and was subservient to him, both sexually and around the house. That caused quite a scandal in the upper echelons of society, and as Brendan expected, the Reyes cut him out of the family fortune entirely. They did have to, legally, give Patrick some money, which Brendan soon had transferred to his family fund. He would be richer than any family living in all of Asia right now, and probably more than that fucking Jeff Bezos guy from Amazon.

And Patrick? Well, he’s been a good robot, dutifully following any commands given to him. He still makes appearances in public, like at the gym.

Patrick didn’t lie when he said he was subservient in the bedroom, and Brendan liked all the men he fucked to look attractive. After all, paying for all those men discretely and smuggling them out after took a toll of his mental health, and wallet, so having a good fuck around the house, free of charge, was great. Having a beard was costly too, but Brendan could afford it all. After all, he had the power to control people.

Story requested by @uglybackstabber
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