Home Alone?

“Dad, are you home?” yelled out Steven. He had been out partying last night, and stayed over a friend’s house. His dad normally parked his car in the garage, but he knew it was in the shop this weekend. No one responded. He checked the living room, to make sure Dad wasn’t watching porn too loudly. Steven had caught him doing that one too many times. He wasn’t downstairs, and his father, Greg, liked to be downstairs during the day. “Unless you need to, you get more things done,” was the message Greg had driven into Steven.

That meant that Steven could use his dad’s deluxe shower. He had been drinking last night, even though he was only 19, and someone had spilled their beer onto his clothes. The cotton fabric meant it reached his skin quickly, and the dude he had slept with last night, non-sexually, of course, complained of the smell, even though he was stark nude. He made his way to the bathroom to see what his dad had in there when he was in for quite a surprise.

“Oh, sorry, Dad! Didn’t know you were in there!” said Greg, out loud. Internally, he was freaking out. He reeked of alcohol, and he saw his dad nude for the first time.

“No prob, Stevie. My bathroom is the best in the house! What can I do for you?” As he talked, Greg continued to dry himself off, and didn’t cover up his dick.

“Um, um, can I use your shower?” Steven finally blurted out.

“It’s 10:00 in the morning, son. You know I take showers whenever I have the time ‘cause of my crazy schedule, but you always take it in the evening. Come over here.”

“Fuck,” though Steven, as he slowly made his way over to his father. He didn’t get far before his father exploded.

“Is that fucking alcohol I smell on you?! You’re fucking nineteen, Steven! You know better!”

“I’m sorry, Dad! It won’t happen again!”

“You’re damn right it won’t! Get on my bed!”

“Excuse me?”

“Did I not make myself clear? Get on my fucking goddamned bed or your underage drinking will be the least of the problems!”

“Yes, Daddy!”

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From Recipient to Redneck

Garrett was an aspiring college sophomore. He graduated at the top of his class in high school, which wasn’t very hard. After him and the salutatorian, the next highest GPA was 1.9. As a result, many schools gave him scholarships to offset the cost of college. He chose a fairly local college that had provided him a full-boat scholarship. After he accepted it, an article ran in the local paper with his senior class pic.

That angered one of Garrett’s classmates, Claudius. Claudius had that 1.9 GPA, but he only received it because he had to work on his farm in both the spring and fall. He was a very smart individual, but no schools would accept him because of his poor GPA and shoddy attendance records. He wanted to make Garrett pay, but it would take some time. Luckily, the local community college only cared about making money, so they accepted Claudius, where he took psych and computer programming courses.

During Garrett’s winter break in his sophomore year, he received an email about an app trial. He was a member of a ton of survey sites to supplement his income, so he thought that this was just a site sending him something. There was nothing stating what he would get and how long he would have to download, but most of them just required you install it for a month. He did so, and opened it up to see what it was.

A bright purple spiral enveloped the screen. He tried to close the app, but nothing he could do worked. A smooth and lilting voice then emanated from the phone’s speakers. “Garrett, you will listen to my voice every day. You want to obey my voice. You will desire my voice. You will crave my voice.” Suddenly, the app closed itself, and Garrett was brought back to reality. He didn’t remember being hypnotized, but day after day, he listened to the app, as it slowly changed the scholarship recipient into a twisted version of himself.

Garrett’s closest friends were a bit worried after he posted this picture:

He was never one for graphic tees and faded jeans. He always had that preppy look, although not a pretentious one. His teachers were also noticing a difference too. Garrett was always in the top third of the class, but his grades and even attendance were slowly starting to slip. His normally cultured writing was becoming more southern, and he was starting to be seen at barn parties and engaged in underage drinking. Garrett continued to watch and listen to the spiral and the voice every day.

Of course, the app was Claudius’ brain child. He wanted Garrett to become a redneck, much like how most people characterized him. His rudimentary knowledge in both fields allowed him to create an app that was starting to slowly morph Garrett in the man Claudius wanted him to be. By the end of the spring semester, Garrett had fully become a redneck, wearing radically different clothing and not showing up to any finals, failing out of college. He posted this picture with the hashtags #rednecklife and #Imfree.

A few days later, he heard a knock on his door. He thought it was going to be one of his bitch-ass college friends, but to his surprise, it was Claudius.

“My, my, my, have you changed a lot since I last saw you.”

“I know. It’s like I finally feel free to be who I am.”

“Aeroplane,” Claudius said. Garrett looked at him funny before becoming vacant-eyed.

“Yes, Master?”

“Let’s see how well you perform in the bedroom.”

“Yes, Master.” The two rising college juniors made their way to Garrett’s bedroom, where they both stripped. Neither of them had large cocks, but both were a quite modest six inches.

“Suck me off,” Claudius commanded. Garrett went down and started to suck him off, doing it very well. As part of Garrett’s long induction process into becoming a redneck, Claudius had interspersed gay sex tips so that he would know what to do when the time came. He enjoyed seeing the one-time valedictorian of his high school suck off a man with such bravado, playing with his balls and fingering his hole as well.

“Now hop on the bed and show me your ass, you motherfucker.”

“Yes, Master.” Garrett did so as Claudius grabbed some lube and a condom. Garrett spread his ass cheeks wide open as Claudius inserted his cock into the virgin asshole. Despite feeling searing pain, Garrett said nothing, thanks to his conditioning, and so Claudius enjoyed a very pleasurable experience fucking the newly-minted redneck. He was quite vocal, however, swearing up a storm and moaning as his cock was slowly expanding Garrett’s hole.

After a few minutes of deflowering Garrett’s ass, Claudius was ready to come. “Turn over,” he barked, and positioned himself over Garrett’s mouth. He came, and quite a bit of his milky cum landed in Garrett’s mouth, who ate it all up like a dog lapping water. Once he was done cumming, Claudius once again said, “Aeroplane.”

Garrett was brought back to reality, only now he had the taste of cum in his mouth and his asshole was in intense pain. “Fuck, Claudius! What’d you fucking do to me?” he said as went to grab some water while checking on his asshole as well.

“I just turned you into the man you were always meant to be,” he replied, with a smirk.
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Blondes Have More Fun

Garrett was a pretentious college graduate. He had a degree in business, but didn’t have to work thanks to being the son of a Rockefeller. His enormous bank account wouldn’t last him his whole life, but he was looking to marry a rich woman as well and siphon off her money.

That fact was well known to his many Instagram followers, who gobbled up his sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and anti-Semitic rhetoric, just to name four. Instagram repeatedly banned him, but thanks to an email-making program, he was back up and running the next day after a ban.

Garrett posted this picture, saying this was what he would do to f***, only the middle finger he was holding up would be a knife. Once again, Instagram swooped in with a ban, but not before Andrew Faraday got Garrett’s geolocation. He had a notification set up whenever Garrett’s many accounts posted, as a self-respecting gay man like himself would never follow this ass turd. Andrew found out he wasn’t that far away, and lugged out the machine he was working on to the car.

The next day, Andrew arrived across the street from Garrett’s mansion, with a white van. Inside the van was a machine Andrew was working on. It was able to send out binaural beats and other hypnotic noise for a good mile or so in the direction the machine was facing. As soon as Garrett posted another new pic, this one quite misogynistic, Andrew turned on his device, knowing it would take effect.

Garrett had moved to one of his couches when all of his devices started to blast the same noise Andrew’s machine was giving off. The beams were able to hack into electronics, a fact Andrew was quite proud of. The science behind it was quite complex, but Andrew knew it was safe to go into the house an hour later, after shutting off his machine and letting it cool down a bit.

Inside, he found Garrett on the couch, with a vacant stare in his eye. There was a puddle of drool at his feet, and his cock was straining to get out of his skinny jeans.

“Garrett, can you hear me?”

“Yes, I can hear you, Sir.”

“Good. I will input an address into your phone. I want you to go there. Once you get in the car, you will revert back to yourself, but once you enter the property, you will revert back to this state.”

“Yes, sir!”

Andrew then left as he alerted the person who Garrett was going to meet in a little bit. He drove to his stakeout point across the street as Garrett got ready. A few minutes later, this was posted:

“So, this bitch-ass gay porn star, Colby fucking Jansen, said he wanted a piece of me. I told him, I don’t fuck, literally, with f*****s like you, but I sure as fuck will fight you! You can stream it on my Twitch account.”

Andrew, who had also hacked into Garrett’s Twitch account, saw many viewers waiting for the account to go live, with many homophobic messages there as well. As Garrett pulled into Colby’s driveway, he felt a change come over him. He no longer wanted to fight the man; instead, he wanted to feel his cock inside of his ass.

He knocked on the door.

“Oh, you must be Garrett. Please, come on in.” Colby didn’t wait for Garrett to walk in. He grabbed him by his flannel and dragged him inside to his bedroom. Thanks to some computer work on Andrew’s end, Colby pressed a button, and Garrett’s Twitch account went live. “Hi, everybody. I’m Colby Jansen, and Garrett and I are going to fuck.”

The two men then started to passionately make out. Streams of homophobic content came rushing through the comments section, but that didn’t stop the two. They quickly undressed completely, showing that despite his macho attitude, Garrett was not at all a beast in the cock department. In fact, he had a micropenis.

“Suck me,” Colby commanded. Garrett got down on his knees and started to suck off the porn star. By this time, word had spread that Garrett was filming a gay sex encounter was having, and so the stream was split between homophobes and people who actually wanted to see this. Garrett proved to be a very good cocksucker, thanks to Andrew’s hypnotic messages. He knew exactly how to play around with Colby’s thick cockhead and full balls, churning with sperm that would eventually land all over his body.

Colby moaned and groaned as the man explored his cock. He began leaking pre-cum early on, and Garrett got a taste of cum for the first time. After some time, Colby pushed Garrett’s head off of his cock. “Time for you to lick my ass,” he said, as he hopped up on his bed. Garrett then stood up and bent over just enough so that his mouth was level with Colby’s ass. He stuck his tongue inside, which the camera got thanks to the angle the two men were at.

Many of the original viewers were shocked that Garrett would do such a thing, but the other fans were eating it all up, in response to Garrett eating ass. Once again, he was a first-time pro at it, engaging in breath play and using his tongue all over Colby’s wide open and hairy hole. As a bit of a punishment, Colby did not clean his hole. Therefore, it reeked and tasted like actual shit as Garrett licked it all up. The viewers didn’t know this, but Andrew and himself did.

After a few minutes of that, the two men changed positions. Colby then gave Garrett a rimjob, a much more pleasant experience. As part of his prep, Garrett cleaned his ass, and shaved it, so Colby was content. However, he didn’t waste as much time before he decided to fuck Garrett. He grabbed a condom, and then rammed his cock in Garrett’s completely virgin ass.

“FUCK!” the homophobe screamed, as his ass was violated for the first time. Colby enjoyed opening up the man’s hole, from a small pinprick to a hole big enough to fit a golf ball inside. By this time, the room reeked of sex, which Colby very much enjoyed. He was a larger man, and so his sweat and other odors quickly became a turn-on for himself, especially once he went into porn. Garrett, on the other hand, was swearing and moaning throughout, not because of the experience, but because of the pain.

This had turned Colby on immensely, so he couldn’t hold back his cum for long. He positioned himself over Garrett’s head after ripping his condom off, and lathered his face in a helping of his rich and creamy cum. Some of it even went in his mouth. Garrett swallowed that, and licked up as much cum as he could. He then went over to the computer and clicked it off. Colby helped him get dressed, and then he left, much to the pleasure of Andrew. By the time the broadcast had ended, only the most virulent homophobes had remained, those with the deep-seated gay tendencies they tried to repress.

Once Garrett got in his car and was driving home, he was himself again. However, he quickly learned that he took part in consensual gay sex, and that he actually liked it. He posted this pic on the way back home, but the damage was already done.

He pulled into his driveway and exited his car, only to see Andrew, and hear a snap that brought him back under yet again.
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Dakota the Garbage Man

“SNAP!” went the camera’s lens. Dakota’s face wasn’t visible, but the girl he was sending it to, Lynsey, knew it was him thanks to his toned body. However, as he opened the text, her controlling father, Pete, stood over her.

“Who’s that fucking boy sending my virgin daughter sexts?” Pete knew his daughter was a virgin, as she never left the house without him accompanying her. This included school, as he was the principal at the high school Dakota and her went to.

“Oh, it’s nobody, Dad. Just some random guy who got my number.”

“The name Dakota has those valentine heart emojis next to it. Tell me, Lynsey, or you will get punished.” Lynsey, cracking under the pressure, told her father everything he needed to know.

The next day, Dakota snapped a car selfie on the way to school. He sent it to Lynsey, which her dad received as well, thanks to him linking up their text messages. It was nothing racy, just a “sup”, and Dakota was in the passenger seat. Still, Pete was angry at the boy for possibly messing around with his daughter.

Later that day, Pete got all the evidence he needed. During school hours, a text from Dakota came through. It was him in one of the boy’s bathrooms, with a backpack covering his junk. He send the photo along with some text stating, “I heard you like bad boys, Lynsey.” Pete was furious. This was evidence that Dakota reciprocated the feelings Lynsey had towards him, and also gave him evidence to punish the boy.

A couple minutes later, when he was sure Dakota was back in class, the intercom turned on in Dakota’s classroom.

“Dakota Green to the principal’s office, Dakota Green to the principal’s office.”

The class of seniors oohed as Dakota walked to the principal’s office, not knowing what he did wrong. He had just taken a picture during school hours, but how would Principal Burkhead know that?

He arrived at the principal’s office. He was let it immediately, and saw his girl’s father sitting there, with a phone in his hand.

“Can you explain this?” he said, showing Dakota the pic with a time stamp, very clearly noting it was taken during school hours.

“Umm, sir, I-”

“I’ll let you off easy, Mr. Green. Don’t text my daughter any more, and report for Saturday detention this weekend.”

“Yes, sir.” Dakota was still puzzled as to how Principal Burkhead got that message, but his punishment was not as severe as he thought it was going to be, so he kept his mouth shut.

On Saturday, he arrived at the front door of the high school, only to find he was the only one there this Saturday. Principal Burkhead was waiting to unlock the door.

“Go to the AV room, son. The video you have to watch is on a timer, so make sure you’re in the room when it starts, or this won’t be your last punishment.”

“Yes, sir.” Dakota made his way to the AV room. He assumed the video would start at 10 o’clock sharp, so he snapped a selfie as he waited for it to start.

The TV turned on, but it was just a bright rainbow spiral. Dakota thought this was some weird interference thing, but he felt as though he should just sit down and listen to it. He did, as the spiral slowly turned to Pete’s face, who told Dakota was his new purpose in life was going to be. Turning Lynsey’s possible boyfriends into hypnotized mindless slaves was one of Pete’s favorite pastimes.

Dakota arrived at work Monday morning. His parents were shocked by his career change, to a garbage man. While he wasn’t the best academically, D3 schools were scouting him for baseball, so they were saddened that he threw it all away. Principal Burkhead assured the Greens that their son had chosen this path out of his own volition. He snapped a selfie, as he usually did, to celebrate the first day of work.

Soon after that, he changed into his work clothes. What he neglected to tell his parents, and what Pete had actually wanted him to do, was that he was the “garbage man” for the conglomeration of gay strip clubs Pete owned as well. The garbage man collected the trash, as well as all the used jocks and condoms that were strewn about the building. After signing some paperwork, he went shirtless and snapped another selfie, replacing his lucky pen with his AirPods.

Not long after he snapped the second photo did he snap yet another one, this time with his overalls on, and sans AirPods. He kept those in his chest pocket until he learned what the job entailed.

The job itself was quite simple. Actual trash went into a large container he lugged around, but anything sexual, including some “trash” items, such as condoms, were placed in another container, where Pete and the staff would evaluate them and then sell them on the black market to make even more cash. Dakota had been hypnotized to be asexual when it came to the smell and tastes that the trash could give him. He was now gay, thanks to the video, so Pete did not want to take any chances.

A few weeks after he started his new job, he told his parents that he had found a new place to stay and a roommate as well. The Greens were fine with that, as they did not want to stifle their son’s independence. However, he was going to be living at the Burkheads, as Pete’s live-in slave. Lynsey had been thoroughly hypnotized to forget her one-time lover, and Dakota’s gay conditioning that the detention video had implanted in him finally activated. He lived out the rest of Pete’s life as his sugar baby, wearing shirts that Pete bought him, like this one:

(It helped to break down the unconscious barrier that even Pete’s strong hypnosis couldn’t get through.)
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Tyler and the Phone Case

“Fuck!” Tyler screamed. He had taken off his favorite red case as his phone was overheating, and he was starting to smell rubber. He ran to the trash, but saw it was emptied. He glanced out his window to see the garbage truck dropping the trash bag into the back of the truck. At least he still had some selfies with it on his phone, which had cooled down enough for him to use.

He then had to go buy another case, which meant his allowance for the week would be spent. He wanted to make it count, and so he stumbled upon this really cool solar powered charger/case. It stretched his budget a bit, but he would more than make for it in his electricity costs. The site was a little shady, in broken English, but it was an Amazon link, so it had to be legit.

The case arrived the next day, thanks to Amazon Prime, and he got it all set up. Tyler was a bit shocked by the app that came along with it, though. It didn’t have anything to do with electricity, it seemed, and it was written in Cyrillic. A buddy of his with the Pixel couldn’t translate it, but still, it wasn’t a red flag for him. The next day, he snapped his first selfie with his new case.

It was a bathroom selfie, of course, but after the Live Photo box went away, it immediately went to the solar app, where the picture was used as the profile pic for an account.

“What the actual fuck is this shit!” said Tyler. He tried to delete the app, but his phone actually shocked him. He returned to the app to see if he could find any way to report this, when the screen suddenly changed. It turned into a rainbow spiral, which Tyler was forced to stare at. He went slack-jawed and started drooling as the weird Russian app overrode his brain chemistry, and turned him into a mindless pawn. Once it had gone on for an hour, the spiral went away, and Tyler snapped back to reality.

The app was still open, but it was English now. It looked the same as before, but now Tyler could tell it was an app akin to Grindr or Tinder. He went to his profile and filled in the rest of the info, still not sure what it was for. A couple days later, he got a message from the app: “Phineas has sent you a message!” He swiped to open it and was meet with a chat screen, with only a voice message from this Phineas person: “Liaison.” Suddenly, something clicked in Tyler’s mind. He went on autopilot, and attached another selfie to the post he was about to sent: “Hello, Master”.

“Hello, Tyler. You are quite the stud. I can’t believe I get to be your Master!” Tyler then told Phineas all the information he wanted, such as his address and even his Social Security Number. “I’ll see you in a bit” was the final message Tyler’s new master sent before the little green dot turned grey. As per his new master’s commands, he stripped completely nude and waited by his front door for him to arrive.

Phineas arrived about half an hour later, with a suitcase in hand. “Wait here, slave, while I pack your clothes for your new home.”

“Yes, Master.” Phineas went to Tyler’s bedroom, where he raided the poor boy’s underwear drawer and took all of the jocks and briefs and stuffed them into the suitcase. He also grabbed some workout gear, in case Tyler ever needed to be fully clothed. He then made his way back downstairs, where Tyler stood at attention, just like he left him.

“Good boy. Put this on.” Phineas passed him a jock. Tyler’s home was in a quiet cal-de-sac, so only the smallest amount of decency was required. And it wasn’t like they were walking that far. The two then drove to Tyler’s new home, Phineas’ one-level cape across town. Tyler’s room was in the basement, in sort of a mini sex dungeon. Phineas did allow him an actual bed, but various BDSM gear was strewn throughout the room, and it reeked of sex.

The next day, Tyler was lifted out of the hypnosis just enough so that he was still under Phineas’ control, but maintained normal function. Whenever Phineas said “liaison” to him, he would slip back under his control completely. This led to some interesting situations, such as when he went fully under at the gym after taking a piss.

The twunk was then forced to workout just in his jock, and let the other gym patrons work him out as well. Tyler was none the wiser, and never realized that such a simple purchase, like his phone case, could change his life forever.
from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2BwH9Gg


Wesley cautiously waited for the new app to download. It was one of those get rich quick apps, like Sweatcoin. However, the many reviews were verified as mostly human, and most websites he checked said it was legit. The button finally turned to a green open, and clicked on it. The animation was quite fluid while it loaded, and then a message popped up on the screen: “Please take selfie for verification”. Wesley didn’t think anything of it, and took one right then and there.

The app then accepted it, and then it moved on to the main screen. He pressed merge, and his playlist was merged with the app’s playlist, which had ads that he had to listen so he could get money. They were pretty long ads, but most of the reviewers noted the bass and other background music in the ads were fucking awesome, so they didn’t mind.

Once it finished, he then synced the new playlist to his AirPods and went to the gym to work out. He listened to the playlist the whole time, with about five or so ads dispersed throughout. He thought that was quite reasonable. Once he arrived home, he had a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. He never used the gym’s bathroom, even since a shit incident, so it didn’t seem weird for go immediately after getting home. However, snapping a pic before he pissed was something new.

He then had a prompt from the app he had downloaded earlier that day. “Allow Playlist Monetizer to access photos?” Normally, that would have been a red flag for Wesley, but he just clicked it, and then snaked his cock out to piss. He went about the rest of his day, just lounging around and shit. He had a week-day job, so his weekends were very much free. At around eight, PM send him another notification.

“Have your playlist running all night for 10x the money! Tonight only!” Wesley was fucking psyched! He had already made $5 in his workout today, so God knows how much he would make overnight. When he went to bed, he got it set up to make some serious dough. The volume had to be pretty high, but the lullabies were quite soothing, and he lived alone.

The next morning, he woke up nude. He normally slept in pjs or underwear, depending on the weather, but never nude. It also looked like he ejaculated over night, with a wet spot speckled with dried cum. He thought that was pretty weird, but all those thoughts went out of his head after he checked his app and saw that he made $1,000 overnight.

“Fuck yeah!” he screamed. He then received a DM from PM, something he didn’t realize the app could do. He opened it, and a voice message awaited him.

“Sleep,” it said. Wesley fell into a deep trance. His phone then rang, and he monotonously answered it.

“Hello, Master.”

“Wesley, good to finally hear your voice. You are to go to the gym locker room and take a clothed selfie. Then you will undress entirely and be a cum dump for the football team, who have been in chastity for quite some time.”

“Yes, Master.” His master then hung up. Wesley got dressed in some clothes so he could walk across campus to the gym. Once he was in the gym bathroom, he snapped a pic.

It was uploaded to PM, and then his master, Leroy, forwarded the pic and the attached message to the football team members who he had ensnared. He too went to the gym bathroom, but only to watch as Wesley was fucked by a team of muscle head lunks. They held nothing back as they tore open Wesley’s virgin ass hole and got rid of his gag reflex after deepthroating one of the player’s donkey dick. His pinkish skin was turned white from all the cum that was deposited on him, especially from the testosterone rich players. Leroy snapped a pic once the orgy was over, to use as blackmail.

PM used binaural beats to slowly hypnotize the men into becoming obedient slaves. Usually, the overnight method did the trick, but all ads were laced with it in case something happened. People like Leroy used a sister app that had the geolocation of all hypnotized men in the area. Wesley wasn’t usually his type, but the head football coach was starting to get suspicious why his men’s balls were getting so big.
from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2Bwylk1

Daddy’s Girl

“Dad, I’d like you to meet Xavier. He’s the one,” Carly said, flashing the ring on her finger.

“I see you didn’t ask for my hand in marriage,” said Bob, to which Xavier responded with a deer in headlights look. “Oh, don’t be scared, boy! I can see you’re wearing a button-down and have a pin that they give only to Harvard graduates.”

“Thank you, sir. I know it’s a bit sudden.” Carly, Xavier, and Bob then had lunch together, but Carly had to leave not long afterwards for a dress fitting. Carly’s mom died a few years back, but she had a solid group of girlfriends who would accompany her dress-shopping, so neither Bob nor Xavier had to literally sit through it.

The two sat down on the couch and watched the 1:00 football game, until half-time. Then, Bob turned off the T.V and turned to Xavier. “You know, son, Carly is my fourth daughter I’ve married off.”

“She’s told me that she only has sisters. Did you ever want a boy, Mr. Pearce?”

“Please, call me Bob. And no. I wanted a man who would be able suck my dick one day.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me right, son. I’m gay, but my idiot homophobic father forced me into marriage with a woman, and he made sure I sex with her and had at least one biological child to further the family tree.”

“Oh my god, that’s so awful, sir.”

“But you know what else is weird? Repressing gay thoughts can lead to emotional outbursts later in life”

“I have heard of that stati-” Xavier never got to finish as Bob got up and grabbed him by his shirt.

“I have a little fucking tradition here in this household,” seethed Bob, holding Xavier tightly. “If one of my girl’s man can’t suck me off well, then he’s not fit to marry her.”

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