Dr. Chris was quite excited, as they had another high profile football client, Odell Beckham, Jr. It was a bit easy for Brady to convince the pro football stud to see them. He was one of the most popular football stars of this era, and he would want to ride that for as long as possible. Dr. Chris patiently awaited him in their office.

“Hello, Odell! It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

“You as well, doc. Brady says you are revolutionary!”

“Ah, thank you. So, please, have a seat. What brings you in today?”

“I have a problem with my erections.”

“You do know I’m a hypnotherapist, right?”

“Yes, but you can help. You see, I’m bisexual, so both my fucking hot teammates and our fucking hot cheerleaders turn me on. Do you know why I usually do one-handed catches? It’s because I jazzed in the other hand earlier today.”

“I see. And you came to see me to help corral that desire of yours?”

“Yes, but not completely. I found some drive really helps my game, but it’s a bit too much right now.”

“Of course. I want you to lie down and relax. Close your eyes, and listen to my voice. You are getting sleepy. You enjoy the sound of my voice. You want to listen to my voice. You want to obey my voice. Odell, I will now count backwards from 5. When I reach 1, you will be completely under my control, and open your eyes.
“5, you are starting to go under.
"4, you’re getting deeper.
"3, I control you now.
"2, no one else matters but me.
"1, I am your master.”

Odell’s eyes fluttered open, and there was the bright orange Chris knew and loved.

“Odell, you will no longer have such strong desires for both males and females. The attraction will remain, but be at a manageable and productive level to your ability.”

“I will be less attracted to individuals, which will make me better at my game, Master.”

“Correct. Now take off your shirts and pants for me.”

“Yes, Master.” Despite not having a shirtless cover photo, Chris knew exactly what Odell looked like shirtless. They were a bit surprised by Odell’s choice of underwear, however. It was a pair of Versace briefs that was straining to keep his ample-sized cock inside. His balls were peeking out the side of the pouch as well. 

“Now take them off for me and jerk yourself off to completion.”

“Yes, Master.” Chris then got a look at the monster cock. It quickly reached 11″, an impressive amount for most people. Chris most definitely had the cameras rolling for themselves, but didn’t want to add another sexual problem to Odell’s slate. They enjoyed seeing Odell use two hands to rub one out, and he was one of the very few who naturally played with his balls while he jerked off. The resulting cumshot was spectacular as well, with Odell coating his chest in his thick and viscous cum. Chris helped to clean him up, and then went in for the ending script.

“When I say ‘wake up’, you will do so, and not have any conscious memory of this session. Your subconscious will remember everything. And you will be fine being nude around me, but only in my office. I lock this in with the phrase, ‘Burnt baby powder’. Wake up.”

Odell did so, and a few seconds later, he snapped back into reality. “Wow, it really fucking worked, Dr. Chris! I’m still attracted to you, but less so than before.”

“Great. Don’t forget to get dressed before you leave, and put in a good word for me if I ever come up.”

“Of fucking course, doc!” said Odell, as he finished getting dressed. Chris now was back on the grind, slowly but surely going through their master list.

Roscoe’s next victim was Kyle Sari, a fitness nut. The best place to capture him was the gym, so Roscoe couldn’t really spice it up too much. He did get someone from a bigger gym this time, Gold’s Gym, and no one batted an eye.

Kyle was underneath Sam’s sink, fixing the faucet. Most people didn’t think a man of his size loved this kind of work, but he was into it. He had naturally gone shirtless, though, as part of the problem involved the faucet dripping water from its pipes. Sam walked into the kitchen to see Kyle looking like that. He had gone out for a bit, and was expecting it to be done by the time he got back. 

Kyle did pop out from under the sink, all wet. “I’ve fixed the problem, to the best of my ability. It seems a high spray shoots straight down into the pipes and causes it to leak. A less intense flow should work, and I’ll order those parts straight away, Mr. Cushing.”

“I fucking paid you to fucking fix my sink,” said Sam, walking closer to the bodybuilder plumber. “So why isn’t it fucking fixed?”

“It’s outside of my control, Mr. Cushing. I’ll rush ship the parts.”

“I don’t fucking care,” Sam replied, face to face with his plumber. “If you can’t fix this pipe, you better fix another of mine.” 

“What do you mean?” Kyle’s question was answered when Sam unzipped his jeans and fished out his cock. He pushed his plumber’s head down onto his cock.

“Suck,” he ordered. Kyle had never sucked a dick before, but he was deathly afraid of what would happen if he didn’t. He had got a blowjob before, so he tried to remember the tips he had told that prostitute. He did make sure not to scrape his teeth, and went down as far as he could before he started gagging.

“Fuck, Kyle, you feel so fucking good on my cock. Oh, yeah, suck it, you dirty little bastard!” Kyle learned that Sam was quite the verbal top for a himbo twunk, and the degrading continued throughout his ordeal. “You’re such a dirty little pig, aren’t you, Kyle? Sucking off a young stud like me? You thought you’d never see the day! How does my cock taste? Can you taste the mixture of cotton and sweat? I wore my tighty-whities out just for you.”

Kyle could only nod in agreement, as if he tried to answer or speak, Sam pushed his head back down. He was very quickly learning how to breath out of his nose. “Fuck, Kyle, I’m gonna fucking cum at that roided-up pimply face of yours! FUCK!” screamed Sam as he did just that. Thankfully, he shut up while he was racked with convulsions from his cumming. However, the torture didn’t stop there. Sam grabbed some duct tape from Kyle’s tool box and covered his mouth with it, as well as tying both hands together, tightly.

“I’m going to fuck you like the dirty bitch you are, and this will be my fucking payment. And if you fucking sue me, I’ll show this video to your wife of how you loved sucking a man off and taking it up your ass!” Denim was a bit harder to rip than other pants, so Sam had to awkwardly take Kyle’s pants off without his help. However, he ripped his boxers off and then immediately stuck his cock up Kyle’s virginal ass, with no lube.

“FUCK!” Kyle screamed, which was actually audible through the duct tape, albeit very muffled. 

“Shut the fuck up, you fucking worthless piece of meat! I’m the fucking Alpha here, and only I get to fucking talk!” Sam punctuated each word with another thrust inside of Kyle. It was a miracle he wasn’t bleeding yet, but that didn’t stop Sam’s vicious assault. “How does it feel to have a man’s cock up your ass? Does it make you feel less of a man, you bitch? I know you fucking like it, and you’ll be begging that ugly-ass wife of yours to get you a strap-on, you sissy!”

Kyle’s ears weren’t blocked, so he was hearing everything Sam was verbally abusing him with. He knew he couldn’t fight back, lest the consequences Sam explained to him. And his work was already quite homophobic, so he didn’t need his work buddies finding out about this either. “You’re such a worthless little piece of shit, Kyle. My dog eats its own shit, and she would probably spit you right back out! That’s how fucking gross you are!” Sam was having so much fun verbally abusing his plumber, he didn’t realize he was cumming.

“Oh FUCK!” he screamed as he let loose another torrent of his cum, this time into Kyle’s virgin asshole. “Fuck, man, your hole’s going to be so fucking wet now! And what are you going to tell your wife when you’re the one getting pregnant?” laughed Sam as he pulled his cock out. Kyle got dressed as Sam continued to talk down to him. “Yeah, I’m not letting clean yourself up. What’s your boss going to say about that? And your wife? She’ll think you’re a fucking sissy, man! And those pipes that are under rush shipping? You’re fucking paying for them.” Sam said the last part as Kyle walked out the door.

It was true. He reeked of cum, which would not end up well at home or at work. And he was going to go to the gym later today, but their shower was broken. And to add even more insult to injury, he had to either wait to pick up his kid, or face the laughter from the guys at the gym seeing him commando and with caked-on cum on his face.

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Dr. Chris was getting another sports star today, but from an entirely different field. Ben Simmons from the NBA was coming to see him today. This was partly due to a documentary Tom Brady had recently put out, attributing Chris with allowing his mind to function like he was in his prime, and slowly adjusting his body to it as well. Ben arrived at the office later that day.

“You must be Dr. Chris. Brady said you were the shit, man!”

“He is one of my most successful clients. So, why are you here today. Ben?”

“I need help concentrating, doc. To save money, they’ve got the cheerleaders practicing on the sidelines, and they’re so hot and sweaty by the time they’re done, I can see their fucking nipples.”

“And this makes you lose concentration?”

“It sure fucking does.”

“I see. I want you to lie down and relax. Close your eyes, and listen to my voice. You are getting sleepy. You enjoy the sound of my voice. You want to listen to my voice. You want to obey my voice. Ben, I will now count backwards from 5. When I reach 1, you will be completely under my control, and open your eyes.
“5, you are starting to go under.
"4, you’re getting deeper.
"3, I control you now.
"2, no one else matters but me.
"1, I am your master.”

Ben’s eyes fluttered open, and there was the bright orange, the same as a basketball.

“Ben, women who are not romantically involved with will not turn you on anymore.”

“I will be chaste unless a woman makes the first move.”

“Correct. Now take off your shirt for me.” Ben had a skinny body, but it was clear he worked out, given his supple pecs and six-pack of abs, very toned. Chris really didn’t need to see him flex, so they asked him to take his pants off as well. Ben did that as well, to reveal a jockstrap, as was expected. What Chris did not expect was the flaming orange of it, akin to a basketball or his eyes presently. 

“Ben, take those off for me and then jerk off for me.”

“Yes, Master.” Ben snaked the jockstrap off, and revealed a modestly-sized cock. In a bit of a shock, Ben was a shower, expanding quite a bit in girth but not that much in height. Chris thought the old adage that black is bigger still rang true, just in different circumstances with Ben. They watched the basketball star jerk off for a bit longer, and then they decided to do the ending script. 

“When I say ‘wake up’, you will do so, and not have any conscious memory of this session. Your subconscious will remember everything. And you will be fine being nude around me, but only in my office. I lock this in with the phrase, ‘Burnt baby powder’. Wake up.”

Ben did so, and a couple seconds later, asked Chris, “Did it actually work?”

“It did. I made you semi-chaste, and since you’re not gay, that wouldn’t have an effect yet. You call me after your next joint practice and see how that turned out for you.”

“Will do, doc! Thank you so much.”

“No problem. And don’t forget to get dressed before you leave!”

“Of course!” responded Ben, as he changed back into his street clothes. Chris on the other hand was getting prepared for a very high profile football star to arrive tomorrow, thanks to Brady, as always.

Roscoe was in for a special treat today. He would be able to hypnotize two men for his twisted fantasy at the same time. Mason and Logan Rudolph were both visiting home at the same time, a very rare occurrence for the pro football players. That meant they had to share a room, which worked well into Roscoe’s master plan. He hypnotized his way into their house and waited in their bedroom.

He heard them arrive home and eat and speak with their family. Then, they both went upstairs to change into more casual clothes. Roscoe was ready for them with his rainbow eyes.

“Come with me.”

“Yes, Master.” The brothers followed Roscoe to his car, walking past their clueless parents as well. Once they were all safely in the car, he issued some more commands.

“I am your Master,” he said, firmly implanting the idea in their minds.

“You are our Master.”

“You will do whatever I say.”

“We will do whatever you say, Master.” Roscoe was content with that and drove the three of them to the warehouse complex, where the Rudolphs were processed and the newest scene set up.


Roberto was standing with his hands on his hips, clad in a singlet. “Come on in, boys!” Both Mason and Logan Rudolph entered into the gym, clad in their own wrestling singlets as well. They stood in front of Coach Portales. “As you know, we can only have one member from a family on the team. Therefore, we will have a two-step competition to see who gets the spot.”

“Yes, Coach!”

“Okay. Step one is a wrestling match. Winner gets one point. And go!” The two brothers immediately got into their wrestling stance, and waited to make the first move. Logan did it, and then the action really heated up. The young adults’ bodies flailed all over the place as neither was coming out the real winner. Eventually, after a somewhat sneaky move by Logan, he was able to pin his brother, and got the point.

“Good job, Logan. Now take your singlets off, boys. It’s time for part two.” The Rudolphs did so, and Coach took his singlet off as well. “Part two is a threesome. Whoever I feel has the best sexual experience will get a point. If Mason is to win this round, I have a tiebreaker handy. Let’s start by seeing who can suck my dick off better.” Both Mason and Logan dropped to their knees and began to suck off their coach. Naturally, they took turns, but Coach’s cock was so fucking big, they both could lick it at the same time. 

Roberto was thinking there was a clear winner in mind once Logan had his first solo turn on his cock. He knew exactly how to turn him on, licking under the cockhead and fondling the balls in just the right places. He could also deepthroat his whole cock, and he was able to hold his breath for quite a long time. Mason wasn’t half-bad, but certainly not up to the caliber of his brother. He did make up for it in spit, however. Whenever he had to lube up the cock again, a big fat loogie always came out, which became impressive after the fourth or fifth time doing it. 

“Now I’m going to fuck both of your tight pink holes, and then I’ll decide who fucking wins round two.” Roberto grabbed a condom from practically thin-air and rolled it on. He started with Logan first, to see if he would win. All signs pointed to yes, once his cock slid right into the college student’s hole. It was tight, but loose enough that it was comfortable for the coach. He was able to go in and out easily, and he loved the moans he was hearing from this brother as he got a cock up his ass. Switching over to Mason was not much different. It was clear these two had done some ass stuff before, as Mason’s hole acted exactly the same way. Mason was actually on the way to winning this part, with his erotic moans and hip action, something Logan had neglected to do. 

“I’m gonna fucking cum on whoever makes the team!” Coach Portales yelled. After swinging it back and forth a bit to build suspense, it was Logan Roberto’s cum splattered on. 

“Good job, bro,” replied Mason, hugging his brother and kissing him as well, getting some of Coach’s cum in his mouth as well. He then left as Logan stood up, ready to get his team singlet. He was a bit shocked when the bottom was non-existent.

“What the fuck, Coach? I thought I won!”

“You did, but my team’s already full. The competition was to figure out which Rudolph was a bigger cumdump, and you won!”

Logan smiled. Even though he was understandably pissed at not actually making the team, being their cumdump was going to be fucking hotter!

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Dr. Chris received another call from Brady, this time recruiting Chandler Cox. 

“He’s so fucking beefy, Chris, you would not believe it. And a bit dumb too. But I know that’s how you like ‘em!” 

Chris couldn’t wait for Chandler to arrive. They had two requested clients after him, but once again, with no Celebwolrd prospect. Still, they knew today’s at least was going to be fucking great. Chandler arrived a few moments later.

“You must be Dr. Chris. Mr. Brady was telling me so much about you.”

“He is one of my best clients. So, Chandler, why are you here today?”

“I heard you do hypnotherapy. Is there a way I can make myself smarter and less stupider?”

“I’ll see what I can do. This mindset is a bit tougher from going to jock from nerd, but I can try.”

“Thank you, doc.” 

“I want you to lie down and relax. Close your eyes, and listen to my voice. You are getting sleepy. You enjoy the sound of my voice. You want to listen to my voice. You want to obey my voice. Chandler, I will now count backwards from 5. When I reach 1, you will be completely under my control, and open your eyes.
"5, you are starting to go under.
"4, you’re getting deeper.
"3, I control you now.
"2, no one else matters but me.
"1, I am your master.”

Chandler’s eyes fluttered open, and there was orange.

“Chandler, you will now have a positive self-image. You will use good study tactics and do normal amounts of stupid activities.”

“I will become smarter, to an extent.” 

“It seems to be working already,” though Dr. Chris as tey continued, “Now take your shirt and pants off for me.”

“Yes, Master.” Chris already knew what to expect from his upper body, so, as always, they cut to the chase. In a rare occurrence, Chandler was actually going commando, and so Chris got a look at his dick much sooner than anticipated. It was a bit below average actually, hinting that these muscles could be because of steroids.

“Now jerk off for me.” 

“Yes, Master.” It was revealed quickly enough Chandler was a grower, having a perfectly normal erect length, just above the average. His fist was laughably the same size as his erect cock, so it looked like he was pretending to jerk off, when he actually was. Chris didn’t have the cameras rolling for the public eye, as a sex tape would severely hamper his new “smarter” image. Chris would enjoy seeing the meaty stud jerk off countless times, however. After telling him to stop after they had enough, they spoke the ending script.

“When I say ‘wake up’, you will do so, and not have any conscious memory of this session. Your subconscious will remember everything. And you will be fine being nude around me, but only in my office. I lock this in with the phrase, ‘Burnt baby powder’. Wake up.”

Chandler did so, and the small but quite dramatic shift meant he took quite a while to snap back to reality. “Wow, Dr. Chris, I acknowledge my intellect vociferously.”

“Thank you. I would recommend toning down the language a wee bit, and don’t forget to get dressed.”

“Of course. One can not break any of society’s ordinances lest they face prison.” Chris was just excited to get the newly-minted scholar out of their office. He was the real world’s problem now. 

Roscoe had his next man in his sights: Quin Bruce. While he did work out a lot, Quin actually competed in bodybuilding competitions. Roscoe decided to capture him there, just to spice it up a bit. Using some of his natural eye charm, he was able to become an oil rubber for the men, specifically Quin.

He was the first to enter. “Hello.” Quin then laid on his stomach to get oiled up. It was absorbed by the skin quickly, so Roscoe didn’t need to wait too long to put his plan into action. He rubbed the bodybuilding oil around Quin’s back, while getting his eyes ready. When he was ready to flip, he was met with the colourful eyes of Roscoe.

“I am your Master.”

“You are my Master.”

“You will compete, but afterwards, make your way to my car without changing first.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good,” thought Roscoe, as he left and tagged the real employee in. The command was a bit long, and he wasn’t sure if it would actually work. It did, as he watched Quin compete in the Men’s Physique category this competition. After the judging, he slipped out the back and read the results posted on the wall. Quin had won, and a few minutes later, he walked over to Roscoe’s car, still bronzed up and in his poser. The two made their way to the warehouse complex to get processed.

“That was a fucking good practice, Quin!”

“You too, Joe! Our team finally has a damn good pitcher.”

“You’re too kind,” he replied, as the two men made their way to the locker room close by. They began to strip out of their uniforms. Quin caught Joe sneaking cursory glances at his body, and his jock, which was filled quite nicely.

“Like what you see, man?”

“Oh, no. It’s just that you keep yourself in really good shape for someone your age.”

“Do you know what my secret is? It’s a lot of gay sex.”

“How the fuck does that help?”

“Endurance, and it’s like a mini workout.”

“And your cock’s pretty fucking big too.”

“Want to taste it? It’s just the two of us here. Nothing to worry about.”

“And this shit stays between us?”

“Of course.” Joe then adjusted his body as Quin towered over him, cock dangling in anticipation. He tentatively put his mouth around the cock. He hadn’t done this since college, but it was surprisingly all coming back to him. Joe made sure not to scrape Quin’s dick as he picked up speed and intensity. Quin was a bit shocked by it too, but was very much enjoying it. He hadn’t got his dick sucked in a while, but for him, that was about a week. 

“Do you know what else helps me to get so fit? When someone eats out my ass.”

“That literally makes no fucking sense.”

“Heightened sensations mean more euphoria and more ability to push through the workout,” Quin explained.

“If you say so,” responded Joe as Quin got into position to get his ass licked. He had never licked a dude’s ass before, but had eaten out a lot of pussy, so he assumed it was the same thing. It was, and actually much more simple. There was only one hole he needed to worry about. He lubed up Quin’s hole quite a bit, coating it in his spit, mixed with the sweat from the practice. He also stuck his tongue up Quin’s hole, causing the euphoria Quin had mentioned. After a few minutes of that, Quin pulled away. 

“And now for the final part: fucking.”

“So who’s topping?”

“I am. Bottoms get a pretty intense workout in as well.”

“Nothing’s ever been stuck up my hole before.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” Quin lubed up his cock with his spit and procured a condom from his bag. He slipped it on as Joe got up on the bench and got ready to be fucked. The initial penetration was the worst.

“FUCK! What’s going on down there!?”

“Shit, man. You weren’t lying when you said nothing’s ever been up there. Let’s take it easy.” That was hard for Quin, who was used to fucking assholes dripping in other men’s cum, or so loose from all the cocks he had taken prior to Quin. But he always enjoyed a challenge. He most definitely kept his cock inside Joe’s ass, as he wasn’t sure he could get it back in without Joe screaming bloody murder. And he had to go much slower, as the inside of the ass was entirely virgin to foreign objects. It would take a while to cum, but it was worth it. 

Joe tried his best to give Quin a great sexual experience as well. He couldn’t do much, but found that by slowly moving his ass up and down, it provided Quin a greater range of motion, to an extent. Joe didn’t particularly hate a cock up his ass, although the insertion was going to be painful for quite a while. The additional thrusting helped to speed up Quin’s production of sperm ever so slightly, so a few minutes later, Quin came in Joe’s ass, in fear pulling out too quickly might rupture something. The condom broke from the intense stream that shot out of Quin’s dick. Luckily, he was free of STIs, as that was included in the team’s weekly drug panel.

“It fucking broke inside of me!? There’s condom in my ass?”

“It’s okay. You’ll shit it out later. But that wasn’t half-bad, right?”

“Right, and I can see how you classify it as a workout. I’m sweating more than I did in practice!”

“Same time next week, man?”

“Sure!” replied Joe. “And I’ll work on loosening my asshole too!” Quin winked at him, and the two then cleaned up and got ready to go back home to their wives and careers. Both couldn’t wait for next week’s game.

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Dr. Chris had their final requested patient today, which had coincided with the final Celebworld request. That meant they were back to just going down the list and employing Roscoe, but it was all good. Today’s celeb was Mario Lopez, who was actually one of the easiest celebs to get there. Chris patiently waited in their office for him to arrive. 

“Hello, you must be Dr. Chris! Pleasure to meet you!”

“You as well, Mario. So, what brings you in today?”

“I’m pretty busy these days, filming news shows daily and spending time with my family.”

“Neither of those sounds bad, Mario. What do you want to work on?”

“I would rather be a porn star instead, for a company like Men.com.” Chris thankfully did not do a spit-take, but his mouth did drop in shock. 

“Oh, okay. So what can I do to help?” 

“You’re a hypnotherapist, right? I want you to mold me into that mind set, okay?”

“Okay.” Chris was quite shocked at the request, but Mario was paying big bucks to see him. "I want you to lie down and relax. Close your eyes, and listen to my voice. You are getting sleepy. You enjoy the sound of my voice. You want to listen to my voice. You want to obey my voice. Mario, I will now count backwards from 5. When I reach 1, you will be completely under my control, and open your eyes.
“5, you are starting to go under.
"4, you’re getting deeper.
"3, I control you now.
"2, no one else matters but me.
"1, I am your master.”

Mario’s eyes opened, and his stunning eyes were replaced with orange spirals.

“Mario, you will now think of yourself as a porn star. You will whore yourself out to high profile companies and degrade your image. However, you will still have a loving family to go back to.”

“I will be a porn star, Master.”

“Good. Now strip completely as I make a call.” Chris got on the phone with his Men.com contact, the same one he used with Roscoe. “Hey, it’s Chris.”

“Who do you have this time?”

“Mario fucking Lopez, man.”

“Oh my fucking god, I hope you’re not shitting me, Chris.” 

“I’m not.” Chris switched to FaceTime and showed his contact the nude Mario, waiting for his next command.

“Make a promo right now and send it to me. This is fucking gold, Chris!” They hung up and explained to Mario what he needed to say.

“Hi everyone! I’m Mario Lopez, and I’m proud to announce that in the next month, I will have my first scene with Men.com. That’s right, I’m moving into gay porn! I hope seeing a celeb like me there will normalize porn and make it more mainstream. And now’s here a little preview of what’s to cum.” He sat down on Chris’ couch and jerked off for a bit. Mario had a pretty impressive cock, topping out at eight inches. He stroked it for a bit before Chris stopped filming and sent the rough cut to his contact. 

“When I say ‘wake up’, you will do so, and not have any conscious memory of this session. Your subconscious will remember everything. And you will be fine being nude around me, but only in my office. I lock this in with the phrase, ‘Burnt baby powder’. Wake up.”

Mario woke up, and since he underwent a dramatic change, it took a few seconds to snap back to reality. “I feel better already. What did I do while I was under?”

“Just wait and see,” replied Chris, as they opened the door. “And don’t forget to get dressed!”

“Of course. Thanks again, Dr. Chris.” Chris just smiled as Mario left their offices. His was the best session yet.