Sniff the Gay Away

Manuel dropped to his knees, crestfallen. He had just received news that both of his parents had died in a horrible car crash. After the funeral, his living arrangements were settled. Manuel was to live with his tío, Pedro. Manuel was 22 years old, but he needed someone to help pay for his tuition for the last year of college. Pedro was his best option, but he certainly wasn’t Manuel’s first. That was because his uncle was extremely homophobic.

He had gone to jail for a couple years for beating up some gay men in the past. Manuel was gay, but he had kept it a secret from everyone, even his parents. They still hadn’t known before they died. Manuel had an active sex life, but he could unfortunately never host, especially not now at Pedro’s home. Whenever he went to meet another dude, Pedro usually called out to him from the living room, “Fuck her good for me, boy!”

Manuel usually had a very hard limit on not being able to host, but when he matched with Darius, he learned that the hunky stud couldn’t host either. His meaty pecs and massive bicep peaks lured Manuel in, and he caved. He was going to host Darius, but he couldn’t do it that night. Thankfully, he understood, and could wait a couple days until Manuel came up with a plan. It didn’t take long at all for Manuel to set up a guys’ night with Pedro and some of his friends.

Right before the two of them were set to leave, Manuel feigned a weak excuse for why he couldn’t go. Pedro bought it, and Manuel watched as his uncle walked away. Once he was out of sight, he called up Darius and told him to come over. The black stud didn’t waste any time, and minutes later, the two of them were fucking like animals in Manuel’s room. They were both vocal fuckers, which meant that they didn’t hear Pedro come back home.

Pedro and the guys were having fun together, but they decided to play cards early on, using real money, of course. Since the friend’s house was in walking distance from his own, Pedro didn’t think to grab his wallet. As he stepped back into his house, he could hear the sounds of sex. He distinctly heard two male voices going at it. He was a bit excited that his nephew was having a threesome. He had always wanted to see one in action, so he peeked in there, after grabbing his wallet, wondering why the chick was so fuckin’ silent. Pedro was in for quite the surprise.

“What the fuck is going on here!?”

“Pedro, I can, um, explain!”

“I know what the fuck you’re doing in here! You, get the fuck out of my house! And you, well, I’ll deal with you later.” Pedro turned around and left his own home in a huff. Darius quickly got changed and left. While he could have beaten Pedro in a fight, he could see the rage in the man’s eyes and knew he wasn’t to be messed with this at this time. Manuel sulked in his room as Pedro returned to his friend’s house and told the guys about what just happened. Towards the end of the next round, Pedro spoke up.

“Hey, Jésus, do you still have that spell book laying around somewhere?”

“Yeah, I probably do. Don’t deal me in next round, guys, okay?” Jésus got up after that round and was back before the next round was even halfway over. He plopped down a large and dusty book in front of Pedro. The pages were yellowed, and Pedro knew that it was the real deal. He had seen Jésus’ grandmother read from it as she fixed his broken bone when he was younger, so that his parents wouldn’t have to pay for any hospital bills.

Pedro came back home in the middle of the night, after having a fun night with the guys. Manuel expected him to barge into his room, but instead, Pedro locked himself in his own bedroom. He began looking through the book, trying to find a spell that would do what he wanted. The spells were in no particular order, so it took him until just before sunrise to find one that would do what he wanted. And what was especially great about this spell was that it didn’t need any fancy ingredients and could be done at any time!

Manuel was on the couch that morning, waiting to feel his tío’s wrath. Instead, Pedro asked, “Need anything from the bodega?”

“Uh, no.” Manuel didn’t know what was going on, and Pedro still didn’t berate him once he came back, only stopping in the kitchen to grab a bowl before locking himself in the bedroom again. He mixed up the ingredients in the bowl until they created a paste of some kind. Then he repeated a Latin incantation as he sprinkled the final ingredient in. He had looked it up before saying it, and it was Latin for what the spell would to do to Manuel. After the paste glowed, he took off his shirt and applied a copious amount to his pits, and then barged into his nephew’s room.

“You’re coming with me,” he growled, pulling Manuel by his hair. Manuel was in no position to fight back, and was dragged outside by his uncle through the back door. The two of them walked through the expansive field behind Pedro’s house until they were far enough away from civilization. Pedro then tore off most of his nephew’s clothes. Manuel’s shirt and pants came off, but he was allowed to keep his jockstrap on. “Sniff my pits, boy!” Pedro then said, forcing his nephew’s face into one of his pits. Manuel definitely tried to resist that. He didn’t have a pit fetish; in fact, he hated men smelling gross!

However, as he was forced to breathe in more and more of his uncle’s pit stench, he found that some things were changing in him. First off, he now enjoyed sniffing a man’s pits, even if the man was his uncle! And Manuel also noticed another change. With every deep breath he took, he found himself thinking more and more straight thoughts. He knew that that was wrong and fucked up, but the allure of his uncle’s pits was just too strong.

Of course, Pedro had no way of knowing what his nephew was thinking, so he shoved Manuel’s face in his right armpit even deeper, bringing Manuel even closer to the source. As he continued to take in deep breathes of his uncle’s pit stench, his mind slowly continued to change. Instead of thinking about the assholes he wanted to fuck, he was thinking about what pussies to play with now.

After a couple more minutes of pit sniffing, Pedro had to move Manuel over to his other pit. The spell would only work if Manuel breathed in deeply from both pits. He slapped his nephew as he forced him over to the other pit, trying to get the gay out of him. Manuel, on the other hand, wanted to go back to sniffing his uncle’s pit. The allure of it wouldn’t go away until the sexuality transformation was complete, so Manuel actually bent down a bit and got ready to put his face into Pedro’s pit before his uncle shoved him back in there.

The pit sniffing on the left side lasted for about the same amount of time. However, since they were nearing the end, Pedro needed to make sure Manuel got every last drop. He didn’t need to force his nephew to do it; Manuel had started licking his uncle’s pits, getting every last drop of the paste out while still breathing in its incredibly alluring aroma. Pedro just watched as his nephew attacked his pit and licked it clean.

Finally, Pedro made sure that Manuel was done by shoving his nephew’s face into his pit yet again. He heard Manuel breathe in deeply a few times, and then try to fight back. “Ew, Pedro! What the fuck is wrong with you!? I didn’t think you were one of those faggots!”

“And you’re not a faggot either, right, Manuel?”

“Really, tío Pedro, where the fuck is you coming up with this shit?”

“Don’t worry about it, Manuel, let’s just go back inside.” Manuel followed his uncle back to the house, and after a couple weeks had passed, he had all but forgotten about his gay conversation therapy through sniffing his uncle’s pits. Pedro still hadn’t seen the homoerotic nature in his actions, but he was just pleased that his nephew was a straight and faggot-hating man, just like he should be.

(Author’s note: This was the story that crashed my computer 4 times, and honestly, almost a fifth! I hope you enjoy it.)
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Luke was sick and tired of his body. Even though he hit the gym every day, sometimes even twice a day, there seemed to be nothing he could do to build muscle mass. He ate everything right, and had even tried holistic and other alternative methods. Nothing worked. He had plateaued at a very low level, with his abs just barely visible and his bicep peaks just slightly noticeable. One thing Luke liked to do in the absence of building muscle was play around with apps on his phone that made it look like he had his ideal body.

He dowloaded practically every app from the App Store that said it could do something like that. Every single one had a flaw in them. Some were egregious, like not matching skin tone at all, while others locked him out after so many attempts to play around in the app. Luke never gave up on the apps, though, and downloaded another one today, iMorph.

Like most of the apps before this one, Luke had send a shirtless picture to their servers. He was fine with shirtless photos, but instantly deleted any apps that wanted nude photos. That was going a bit too far. After the picture was uploaded, Luke was greeted with a screen of his avatar that the app had created. Compared to some of the other apps Luke had used, this one was scarily good. It had even captured his moles!

He played around the many different sliders in the app. While of course his muscles could get bigger, Luke could also play around with how they broke down protein and even how far it could bend! The app was actually really fucking cool, especially compared to all of the other apps Luke had tried. Luke played around with it for quite some time, creating his dream body. He even got to mess around with his cock! He did have to click through some stuff to confirm he was over 18 and all of that, but it was worth it to make his cock into a monster!

He saved the morph to the app. However, Luke was a bit puzzled by all of the hoops he had to jump through. “SAVING A MORPH MEANS THAT IT WILL BECOME PERMANENT. MORPHING WILL OCCUR OVERNIGHT. ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO SAVE THIS MORPH?” Luke clicked through all of that, and saved it to the app. He didn’t think anything of it until the next morning. He groggily made his way to the gym. In fact, he was going on auto-pilot. Lifting weights normally would have woken him right up, but some dude had to shake him awake today.

“Hey, man, I’m not tryin’ to judge or anything, but those weights are pretty fuckin’ small, even for training.”

“Uh, thanks,” Luke replied. He looked at the weights he was holding in his hand. They were the same he had been lifting the past few months, the max he could do without straining his muscles. He was intrigued by the man’s remarks, though. Why would he assume he could go bigger? Luke walked into the locker room and went to the mirror wall towards the back. As he got a look at himself clearly for the first time, he was flabbergasted.

He was fuckin’ ripped! His muscles was just about to burst out of his shirt, and his pants had a serious bulge in them as well. Luke snapped a picture to make sure this wasn’t all in his head.

“Oh my fuckin’ god, it’s actually real!” Luke said out loud, as he looked at the photo on his phone. After dropping his shirt back down, he went to the iMorph app. A new message appeared on the screen, in all caps again. “BEWARE: MORPHING AT THIS STAGE WILL ADD TO THE PREVIOUS SAVED MORPH. PLEASE PROCEED IF YOU UNDERSTAND.” While Luke did understand, he closed the app. He knew those apps were just for fun and games, but did this one actually work?

Luke stuck his phone in his pocket and went back to the weights. He tentatively lifted a much heavier weight than he was used. While it was still difficult to pick up, Luke was actually able to pick it up this time instead of falling over comically! As he went around the gym, he shattered all of his old PRs in his new and very much improved body. As he updated all of his socials and everything with some new pictures of his new body, he remembered one final change that hadn’t been accounted for yet.

He went into the bathroom at his house and locked the door, even though it was just him there. Luke watched as his cock flopped out from his pants. His cock was never able to flop before! It took both hands to jerk off, and it was only seconds before Luke shot an absolutely massive load. He may have needed to go back into the app and change the amount of cum his balls produced, as globs of cum were trickling down his bathroom walls.

He did go back into the app, and adjusted some small settings, like cum production and how long his muscles would last for. The only part Luke hadn’t explored before was the head. There really wasn’t anything to fix there, except maybe a removal of the gag reflex. But when he clicked on the brain, though, there were a number of different options. For the first time in the app, it offered choices that Luke might like.

He was intrigued by the alpha bro jock stereotype, but not the sexuality: gay part of it. He clicked on it, just to see what it would do. Unfortunately for Luke, that part of the app didn’t come with any disclaimers. He held his head as his brain reprogrammed itself. A few seconds later, Luke looked at the app. “Like, what the fuck is this shit, brah? Man, I’m fuckin’ horny! I need some faggot to suck on my dick.” Luke deleted the iMorph app from his phone and replaced it with Grindr. It wasn’t long before he had a man sucking on his dick. Luke and those around him quickly adapted to the new him. Around the world, iMorph users were undergoing the same experience as Luke, being tricked into becoming versions of themselves that some people thought would be for the better.

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Auction Day

My old and beat-up truck trundled into the convention center’s parking lot. I would have paid for repairs, or even a new truck, but I needed to save up my money for today’s purchase. Luckily, I was able to find a spot close to the front door. I’m not overweight or anything, but when the parking lot is bigger than 10 fuckin’ football fields, you want to get as close as you get! I made my way inside and looked at all of the people walking around.

Men definitely outnumbered women here, but most of those women had a domineering air around them. I stood in line to get checked in. I chatted with some of my fellow men in line about the auction later today. I just had one particular purchase in mind, while the men were hoping to buy one or more. I would have enjoyed doing that too, if I had the money. Finally, I got to the front of the line.

“Name?” said the young stud, sitting in front of a laptop.

“Dick Canterby.”

“Hmm, let’s see here,” the stud said, as he typed my name into the computer. “Ah, yes, here you are! Here is your badge, and wait just a second while I print out your name sticker.” A couple seconds later, I was in the middle of the convention center, mingling with the other men and women there. It was a couple hours before the auction started, but I went into the expansive auditorium early on.

I wasn’t able to get a front-row seat, and the next closest seat to the stage was about twelve rows back! I sat down there and turned on the tablet that was in front of every single seat there. I showed my badge to the camera, and then I got access to today’s potential purchases. I just had one particular stud in mine: my son, Jerome. I guess I should provide you guys with some additional background information.

I’m at a slave auction right now. This happens every year around this time. Most of the slaves that will be sold are twenty-five-year olds, like my son, who don’t contribute much to society. Their servitude helps to bring a strong cash influx into the economy every year. Other men are also sold at the auction, those who had to foreclosure on their mortgages for example, or sometimes it was some kinky perverted bastard who truly wanted to be owned by another man! Jerome was pretty much smack dab in the middle of the auction line-up.

There were quite a lot of men that interested me, but I only had enough money for Jerome. I hoped I didn’t have to spend it all, but I probably wouldn’t have enough after I buy him to buy any more slaves. I entertained myself for the rest of the time before the auction started by scrolling through Twitter and Instagram. Eventually, the auditorium was filled with people and the lights dimmed. The MC’s voice boomed from the many speakers.

“Welcome gents, and some ladies, to 2020′s Slave Auction. We’ll get right to it with this year’s prime stud, Reno Gold!” I watched as one of the newest gay porn stars was paraded onstage. He reached a pretty high amount, I think in the eight digits! I sure as fuck hoped Jerome wasn’t that expensive. I didn’t have the funds to pay that much for my son! I sat through the first half of the auction. I sometimes bid, but always very early on and when I knew someone would outbid me. Finally, Jerome’s name was called.

“Jerome Canterby, 25,” the MC brusquely said. The rest of his information was on our tablets anyway. The bidding began, and for the first time, I was trying to outbid other people! I watched as the numbers steadily kept rising. They were still in my price range, but he was definitely getting up there fast. Thankfully, it eventually cooled down, and it was just down between me and a woman, surprisingly! We kept outbidding each other by $100, until she eventually had enough.

I purchased my son for $99,000, just $1,000 under my limit. Even the ugliest and worst slaves were sold for over $1,000 surprisingly, so I pressed some buttons on the tablet and left to pick up my purchase. Of course, Jerome didn’t know who had bought him, but his face lit up when I walked towards him. Well, as much as he could smile with a ball in his mouth. Not a ball gag, but an actual fuckin’ ball. The auction was a bit stingy on using actual BDSM gear.

“And here’s your owner,” said one of the staff members. “Dick Canterby. Oh, are you two related?”

“Yes, we are,” I responded with a smirk. I gestured for Jerome to follow me. His hands were tied behind his back, but he knew he couldn’t kick or attack me. The convention center was under quite a bit of a surveillance, and he was a slave now, a sub-human. I snapped a picture of me and my new son slave in the truck before we went back home. Surprisingly, Jerome didn’t grimace at me.

As we drove home, I explained to Jerome what would happen to him now. “Jerome, just so you know, you’re no longer my son. Of course, biologically that’s still true, but legally, you’re my slave now. I expect you to do everything a slave should do, the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, all of that. I also expect you to service me like a slave should. I know you are straight, but I don’t care about that. I will mold you into a perfect cocksucker and gape your tight asshole, son. And remember, you can’t fight back, because you’re a slave now. You should really be lucky that I bought you, boy.” And there was the grimace from my son!

It did take some time for my son to become a good slave. But when I reintroduced spanking to Jerome’s life, that shut him up quickly. By the time next year’s slave auction rolled around, Jerome was an obedient slave to his father. He gave me the best blowjobs, and I could easily fit my fist in his hole without using any lube! I am saving up to buy another slave, but it will be a few years, at least. For right now, I’m content with my son slave.

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The Hitchhiker

(Artwork done by the amazing Marco)

“Aw, fuck,” Jason said, finally waking up. He had gone to a rager last night, and had a full drink in his hand every second of the party. He knew he had gotten blackout drunk, but really wasn’t expecting to wake up in the middle of the fuckin’ desert! Thankfully, whichever shitty friend dropped him off here was smart enough to leave him by the side of the road and not in the actual middle of the fuckin’ desert. Jason didn’t have his phone with him, though, so he would have to hitchhike his way back home. He didn’t know how far home was, actually.

He stuck out his thumb and waited for a car to drive by. The road was a bit busier than Jason would have thought it would be, but still, nobody stopped for him. It was probably because of all the stories they had heard about hitchhikers, all of them being murderers or other perverted individuals. After a couple of hours had passed or so, Jason took his shirt off. He did it both to appeal to the women that were driving by, and because it was so fuckin’ hot outside! He did have a hat on, but that only helped him out so much.

With his shirt off, a couple cars did slow down to admire the view, but none of them actually stopped for Jason. He was getting pretty impatient. He did have some water and food in a backpack that he had with him. He was sure he didn’t bring it to the party, so he wondered why his friends would leave him in the desert, but not to die? It was pretty weird, but Jason was more focused on finding a ride back home. A couple more hours later, Jason decided to do something a bit extreme.

He unzipped his jean shorts and let his cock flop out. He smiled at his cock. He wasn’t that narcissistic, but was proud of how big it was, flaccid. Both men and women were shocked as it grew bigger and bigger, wondering just how they would fit in in their hole. Jason was an out and proud bisexual, although he did lean more towards women. However, the last two people he had dated were men. This time around, the cars went by even faster, probably with people inside who shouldn’t be seeing nudity.

Jason smiled again as he noticed a pick-up truck slowing down while approaching him. As it got closer, it got slower and slower until it came to a complete stop right beside him. “Need a ride?” the man inside asked.

“Fuck yeah I do!”

“Hop inside, boy.” Jason did zip up his pants first, but sat down inside the truck shirtless. As the man peeled away from the side of the road, Jason slipped the shirt on. “So, where are we headed?”

“Uh, Lowell. How far away is that from here?”

“Ooh boy, I don’t know how you ended up here when you’re from Lowell. That’s quite a fuckin’ trek!”

“How long will it take to get there?”

“Probably a couple hours or so.”

“Oh, shit.”

“No worries. The name’s Chet, by the way.”

“Jason.” Jason looked at the driver of the truck for the first time. Chet was pretty muscular. He wasn’t toned like the men Jason normally liked, but had that pudgy muscle that Jason secretly admired. Chet was also only wearing overalls, showing off some of his hairy chest to Jason as well. The two of them chatted for a bit during the truck ride. Chet was surprisingly fine with having a complete stranger in his car. Jason was also wondering how he could repay the man. That hadn’t come up in their conversations yet. That should have been the first sign that something was wrong.

The second sign was when Chet took an exit. Jason didn’t have the highways memorized, but he was pretty sure that this didn’t connect to Lowell in any way. “Hey, where are we going?” he asked Chet.

“Oh, the backroads are actually quicker for a bit here. Don’t worry, Jason, I’ll get you home in no time.” And that was the third sign. Chet didn’t know Jason’s street address, only his hometown. Jason looked out the window and admired small-town America. It was only a few minutes later that he realized something was wrong, very wrong. Chet had pulled off the paved road and was trundling along a dirt road, to a barn in the distance.

“Uh, what the fuck is going on here?” Jason asked.

“I said I was taking you home, right? Well, welcome to your new home, slave.”

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The Muscle Monster

Scott laughed when he heard the story for the first time. Apparently, there was this fuckin’ monster who roamed the gym he had just signed up for. It waited until there were only one or two people in the gym, and then it came out of the shadows to bring them into the mix. That meant absorbing them into his body and growing bigger. Scott even looked at a photo one of the gym goers had drawn, one of the few to ever escape the muscle monster’s wrath, as they called the thing.

It honestly just looked like some absolutely roided out freak to Scott. Yes, the “monster” was bigger than even Nick Walker, and his cock certainly matched his behemoth size, but he was sure that it was just a joke. He worked out in the gym for weeks without ever seeing or hearing about the monster again. However, Scott wasn’t particularly astute. If he was, he would have noticed some of his fellow gym goers had stopped going to the gym. They didn’t change gyms; in fact, if he were to look them up, it would be like they never even existed.

A few months after signing up, Scott had the gym to himself for the very first time. He had to do an early morning workout, so besides the receptionist, he was the only one in the gym. He went shirtless much sooner than usual, and even took off his shorts today, wearing only his compression tights. He didn’t even think of the story about the muscle monster until he heard some loud noises. “Uh, Petey, what’s that?” Scott screamed out to the receptionist. Petey was unfortunately listening to music at the time, and couldn’t hear Scott.

He also knew that it couldn’t have been Petey himself. Petey barely had any muscle on him, and whoever this was, well, they were shaking the entire gym! Scott continued working out for a couple more minutes, even though the sounds were getting louder and louder by the second. Eventually, he appeared. Scott turned and finally looked at the thing standing a few yards away from him.

“M-m-m-m-m-monster!” he screamed. He didn’t think that it actually existed, but the muscle monster was standing in front of him. He was even bigger than Scott would have ever imagined. Every muscle from the neck down bulged out from the body almost comically. The muscle monster had to waddle to even walk, and it looked like he could barely even see over his monstrous pecs. Scott was practically frozen in place, looking at the muscle monster in front of him.

By the time he started moving again, trying to escape, the muscle monster had gotten closer. Scott soon learned that he was surprisingly nimble on its feet for the amount of muscle he had on its body. Scott wasn’t a sprinter by any means, so even though he ran from the muscle monster, he was still able to catch up to the gym goer and grab him with both of his comically large arms. Scott quickly realized that the muscle monster wouldn’t let go. He was stuck to him, somehow!

“HELP! HELP!” Scott screamed, but Petey still couldn’t hear him. Then the merging began. Scott wasn’t exactly sure what was happening at first. He could feel himself getting smaller, but it took a couple seconds to realize his body was getting absorbed in the muscle monster. It was definitely a bit weird at first, as Scott could feel his biceps, for example, moving to the monster’s biceps. Once the merging started, Scott just wanted it to stop. But the muscle monster wouldn’t stop until Scott was completely merged with him.

The merging of the muscles went off without a hitch, like always. Even though Scott was screaming bloody murder the entire team, neither Petey nor anybody else just walking by the gym helped Scott out. Then the final part of the merge occurred, the head and the brain. As that was going on, Scott heard a number of male voices inside his head, voices that weren’t his. “Not another one!” “It’s too late for him!” “Is he strong enough?” “You have to resist, man!”

Scott understood soon enough that these voices were the other men the muscle monster had merged with, unwillingly. Unfortunately, Scott wasn’t strong enough to stop the merge, and eventually, the only person standing in the gym was the muscle monster himself. Scott’s consciousness had merged with his, but like most of them, it was trapped away in the muscle monster’s mind. He was lucky that he didn’t become one of the poor men who just stood or sat there, inside the muscle monster’s mind, repeating, “Need more muscle. Must get bigger. Need more muscle. Must get bigger.”

The muscle monster then retreated to the back of the gym, pulling up a large panel from the locker room floor and hiding underneath it. He would wait there until another unsuspecting man, like Scott, was alone in the gym, or with just one other guy there. Then they would be merged with the muscle monster, and the cycle would continue.

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Straight Boy Slavery

Henry never suspected a thing. He had lived his entire life in the suburban cul-de-sac. There were never any problems in the neighborhood, at least none that spilled into the street. He had never seen an ambulance or fire truck drive down his street in his life. Henry was friends with most of his neighbors, both younger and older than him. He was actually living by himself in the house now. His parents were both in nursing homes, as they needed a level of care the single child Henry just couldn’t keep up with.

One of the few neighbors Henry wasn’t friends with was #65. All Henry knew about the house was that a man lived there, an older man. Henry had never seen him out in public before; heck, he had never even seen a car in the man’s driveway! He had tried to take the initiative a couple times and knock on the man’s door, but he never seemed to come to it. Henry had given up by now on trying to be friends with the man, or even meet him.

The man from #65, Calvin Austin, was an older man, in his fifties. If he had even ventured out into public, people might call him a “daddy” or even a silver fox. Calvin kept to himself most days. He was able to work from home, and never actually left his house. He got his food and all other essentials shipped to him. He waited until the dead of night to pick up his packages and bring them inside. The reason Calvin never let anybody inside his house was because they would be freaked out.

Over the course of the last few years, Calvin had turned his house into a BDSM dungeon, of sorts. Except his dungeon wasn’t just in his basement. All three floors of the house were filled to the brim with BDSM gear and other accoutrements. He had a fantasy of having a live-in slave, one that he could use and abuse whenever he wanted. And Calvin didn’t want it to be any old guy. No, he wanted a straight man, that over time, would eventually turn gay and become his willing slave. He had the perfect man in mind for that: Henry.

First off, he knew Henry kept in very good shape, having seen him run shirtless most days during the summer. Especially on those days when the humidity was high, and Henry’s pants stuck to his legs and cock, Calvin knew he was the right choice, with a sizable cock he would probably never use again. He also knew Henry was straight. That required a lot more surveillance and staying up until all hours of the night. But he was absolutely certain Henry was straight, and knew he had fucked quite a few girls before.

With that knowledge in mind, all that was left was getting Henry over here. Calvin decided to take a very roundabout method, but one that he hoped would work. He wrote Henry a letter and mailed it. The post office did wonder why Calvin just didn’t walk down the street to give his neighbor the letter, but they mailed it anyways, and Henry opened it the next day. All it read was, “Come over to my house. I need your help.” Henry had wondered what had taken #65 so long! And thanks to the envelope, he learned the man’s name was Calvin Austin.

He walked over to his neighbor’s house, with a shirt on, of course, and knocked on his front door. “Hello, Mr. Austin? You said you needed help. Can I come in?”

“Yes, the door’s open,” Calvin replied, in his husky tone of voice. Henry opened up the door, wondering what he would see inside. He was definitely not expecting Calvin to be standing there, buck naked. He was so shocked, he didn’t notice that Calvin was holding onto a rope. He pulled it down, and the rope that Henry had stepped into it was raised up, hoisting him in the air. Calvin quickly ran to the door and closed it before Henry could start screaming and swearing. Thankfully, no one saw what had just transpired.

“What the fuck is going on here!? What are you planning on doing to me, you fuckin’ pervert?”

“Oh, Henry, you’re now my slave. Soon enough, you’ll want to serve me, both in and out of the bedroom.”

“You’ll never fuckin’ get away with this! As soon as I’m let down, I’m fuckin’ leaving and calling the cops!”

“Oh, that won’t be possible,” Calvin said, with a chilling smile on his face. He opened one of the many drawers in his house and took out a metal collar. Henry tried his hardest to swipe it away from the older man, or even punch him and knock him to the ground, but it was no use. The collar was placed around his neck and locked. “That collar is a shock collar. If you leave the house, you will get shocked. Every inch you get away from the house, the joules it sends out will increase by 100. I suggest sprinting out of the house if you do plan to escape, but you won’t get far regardless.

“I also have a separate device that can shock you whenever I want and how hard I want. If you don’t become a good little slave, then you’ll be forced to wear this forever and forever.”

“What the actual fuck is wrong with you, man!? And the neighbors will hear my screams eventually!”

“These leather walls are actually soundproof. Nobody will ever know you’re even in here, Henry, until the day I show you to the world as my slave.”

“That shit will never happen! Get me the fuck out of here!”

“Your wish is my command,” Calvin replied, snarkily. He let go of the rope, and Henry fell to the ground. It was a short drop, so he quickly got to his feet and ran to the door. Unfortunately, some intense shocks brought him to his knees before he could do anything. “And that’s what the shocks feel like. I suggest you comply if you don’t want to feel them anymore.” They definitely fuckin’ hurt, so Henry only grimaced at Calvin as he walked over to him and took off his clothes. It was utterly humiliating being stripped naked in front of a total stranger, and a totally perverted one at that!

Henry was smaller by Calvin, but not by much. However, Calvin definitely had him beat in the cock department, even while both of them were flaccid. Calvin grabbed another toy from the drawer. He walked over to Henry with a metal cage shaped like a cock. “What the fuck is that thing!?” Henry asked.

“That, my slave, is a cock cage. Good slaves like you don’t touch their cocks. When Master milks you, he’ll do so by prostate milking. You won’t be touching your cock ever again. Or maybe when it’s just a nub that will never get erect again.”

“Fuck, you can’t do this to me!” whined Henry. A low but constant shock from his collar forced him to the ground and allowed Calvin to lock up his cage tightly. He watched as the key was placed in another drawer, with about four other locked drawers that needed to be opened just to access the one with the key. He would be stuck with this thing on his dick for quite some time.

“Now, slave, it’s time for you to explore the house!” Henry stood his ground, but a number of repeated shocks forced him to follow Calvin around the house. Everywhere Henry looked there, there was BDSM gear. Some of it was more subtle, like straps on the walls, while other rooms had it much more brazenly, like the whipping post and stocks in the fuckin’ living room! Not even places like the kitchen, dining room, or even bathroom were safe from Calvin’s perverted BDSM fantasy, although their base functions still remained. Henry wasn’t allowed to use a human bathroom though; according to Calvin, “slaves don’t deserve that right”.

To continue reading about Henry’s descent in forced male slavery, and to see the rest of the GIF, with Master Calvin’s cock swinging, become my Patron! You get access to complete versions of hot stories, like this one, and NSFW pics and videos to go along with them! In addition, $5 and above patrons get private and personalized stories monthly.
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Russian Meddling

David was a bit hesitant to attend the World Greco-Roman Wrestling Championships when he found out they were being held in Russia. While not LGBTQ+ himself, he was a staunch ally of them. However, even though he wanted to support his friends, his wrestling career did come first. He had a very good shot at winning the whole thing, the first American winner in decades. David just wanted to get through the tournament and leave, not wanting to remain in the backwards country for too long.

He touched down in Moscow a couple days before the championships were set to start. He needed to get some practice in ahead of time, and David always liked practicing on the mats he would actually be wrestling on. He took a cab to the event complex while his bags were sent to the hotel. In the locker room, he realized that he didn’t pack a practice singlet in the bag, just his Team USA one. “Fuck it,” he said to himself. It could easily get washed in the next couple of days.

David wasn’t alone in the locker room, though. Ever since he had touched down in Russia, he was being surveilled. Russia wanted to win the world championships, and they would do so by any means necessary. One of their spies had a wrestler’s build, so a couple minutes after David entered the locker room, he entered. David waved at the man. He wasn’t sure if the man spoke English or not. The man walked over to David, who was just about ready to hop on the mat.

“Are you David Barnes?” he asked, in a thick Russian accent.

“Yes, and who are you?”

“Igor. I’m wrestling in the championship as well. I heard the odds are that you’ll win the whole thing!”

“Yeah, I heard that too. But I can’t get cocky, you know. That’s why I’m practicing right now.”

“Oh, I know you’re not going to win,” Igor replied. Before David could even get a chance to respond, Igor whipped out a needle and plunged it into David’s exposed shoulder. The wrestler instantly crumpled to the ground. Igor then got to work tying him up and putting a gag over his mouth. David woke up surprisingly quick, but he was securely bound and gagged by the time he was up.

“Mmmmfffffmmmm,” he said, the gag making him totally incomprehensible.

“Watch this,” Igor said, pulling out his phone. Playing on the screen was a rainbow spiral. David knew what was going to happen to him, but the spiral had been specially created so that it was ridiculously strong. Just one glance at it, and you couldn’t look away. The almost complete silence of the locker room also meant David could hear everything the hypnotist said, loud and clear.

“You are now a gay man. You love getting fucked up the ass and sucking on another man’s cock. You will wear rainbow colors and prance around wearing clothes much too tight for you. You will talk in a high pitched voice and use stereotypic gay slang. You will act like a loud and proud gay no matter where you are in the world. You are now a gay man.”

The sentences repeated in a loop for quite some time, until Igor was honestly tired of holding his phone in the same place. But it had worked its magic quite some time ago. The hypnosis had taken effect, and David was now a gay man, a very stereotypical one at that, who wasn’t afraid to show off his sexuality. Unfortunately for him, he was in Russia. After practice, he brazenly kissed men on the street and was dressed from head to toe in rainbow garb. The Russian government used the surveillance footage they had of David acting like that to arrest him.

The U.S. government didn’t even try to help him at all, but Team USA tried valiantly to get him out, even though they knew David was straight and Russia had something to him. However, they couldn’t get him out in time for the championships. As a result, Russia won the entire thing for a seventh year in a row. Soon after it was over, they eventually released David. But the hypnosis and brainwashing David had succumbed to was much too strong to be fixed. From now on, David would be a loud and proud gay man, who was also a damn good wrestler!

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The Work Day(s)

Stefan posed for the picture after a long day at work. He loved working construction, doing stuff with his hands every day. He also loved the muscles it built, and that picture would be posted to his socials later. He would add an appropriate alpha caption, like “Who wants to worship these sweaty muscles after a long day at work?” Of course, Stefan got a lot of gay men lusting over him, but he was only attracted to women. Many of them put up with Stefan’s macho alpha attitude so that they could get fucked on his massive cock.

Stefan was also going to the gym after work. He always got a good workout in during the workday, but usually not enough cardio. He was only in the gym for an hour or so, but the whole time he was on the treadmill, he was shirtless. Men and women lusted over him, and Stefan even cockily flashed a double biceps pose a couple times. Finally, he turned off the treadmill and went home. He needed something to eat and some time to relax.

As soon as he stepped through his front door, though, Stefan received a call. “Ugh!” he said, putting his bags down. He answered the call, only having the first name of the caller showing up.

“Work day,” the man on the other end of the line said, and then hung up. A glaze went over Stefan’s eyes as he closed the door and then changed back into his dirty and stinky work clothes right in the foyer. Once he was changed, he went back to his car and drove across town. He parked in the back of a strip club. This wasn’t a straight strip club, though. Low Hangers was the best gay strip club for miles around. Stefan entered the backroom, where he changed into his stripper get-up.

It was also a construction uniform, but much more slutty. He had no shirt on, daisy dukes for pants, and a tool belt filled with dildos and other sex toys. As Stefan waited patiently in the backroom, a number of different men filed into the backroom and got changed. Doctors in scrubs, firefighters, and a couple cops, along with a number of other different professions, all entered and changed in slutty versions of the uniform they always wore. Eventually, Stefan was called to the stage.

He walked in front of the crowd of exclusively gay men and started dancing. He was surprisingly limber for someone of his size and stature, and the crowd oohed and aahed every time he gyrated. Stefan even gave a striptease, which was admittedly hard to do when all you were wearing was booty shorts. Still, the short glimpses of his cock caused the crowd to erupt in loud screams. Once Stefan was done onstage, he walked to the hallway in the back. It was lined with a number of different rooms, all with a stripper’s name on it.

He found his room and entered. He stripped naked and waited for the first man to show up. Stefan, like the rest of the men, all gave private shows, for an additional cost, of course. For the rest of the night, Stefan pleasured men in any way they wanted. Most times, it involved him fucking their brains out and letting them suck on his cock. However, Stefan also bottomed at times, and for a straight man, he was surprisingly very good at it. He also sometimes did verbal domination and BDSM play. Very few fetishes were out of the picture, with the right cost, of course.

At the end of the night, Stefan walked down the hallway to the room at the end of the hall. This room always had the same person in it, night after night. Master was in the room. Stefan could hear one of his fellow strippers happily sucking away on Master’s cock. “You had quite a busy night tonight, Stefan.”

“Yes, sir! This stripper slave made a lot of money for Master tonight.” Stefan dropped the many bills from the onstage portion and the backroom portion on Master’s desk.

“Good boy. You had a great work day.” With his trigger phase activated again, Stefan went on autopilot. He passed a number of his fellow strippers still in their own rooms, fucking or getting fucked by their clients. He made his way back home and immediately went to bed once his head touched the pillow. When he woke up the next morning, bright and early, he had no memory of ever working at the strip club. His dick hurt, as usual, but by now, Stefan had just brushed off the pain.

That night, after working and working out, Stefan would hear his trigger word again, as soon as he stepped in his house. Then he would begin the second part of his work day all over again. Master was lucky to have ensnared Stefan into his devious trap and all of the other hot male workers that turned into strippers during the night.


(Author’s note: You don’t need to add “story idea” to your ask. I’ll know it’s an idea when I see it!)
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SpideyPool GIF Fucking

Hey readers of CinaedeFuri’s Patreon, Tumblr, or wherever the fuck you’re reading this, it’s me, Deadpool! I haven’t seen you guys in awhile, at least not from my perspective. I bet some of you have saved his stories to jerk off to, you know! Today you guys get a special treat! It’s no secret that me and Spider-Man have sex, I mean like a lot of sex. Not all of it is captured in pictures, and not a lot of it is animated. But CinaedeFuri found a GIF of me and Spidey fucking! That’s the reason for this post, but shhhh! don’t tell anyone! It’s a secret!

So, the meetup started like any other. I texted Spidey at his private number and told him that I was really horny. I received a text back with a picture of the spider-dick. Let me tell you, readers, if you have the chance to get fucked by Spidey’s dick in person, do it! I texted him back, using a lot of emojis, and told him that I wanted to fuck his hole in person. Spidey flirted with me a bit more, saying he was with MJ and all that. I knew he was lying, and that he wanted me. And considering that most, if not all, of CinaedeFuri’s stories are gay, you can see where this is going.

So, once Spidey finally wanted to get this dick, I gave him the address I was at. It was just outside an abandoned warehouse. Have you ever stopped to think about that? In comics, cities are filled with abandoned warehouses, office buildings, and even homes! But in your world, finding one of those is like a needle in a haystack. I do wonder if anyone has ever hidden a needle in a haystack before? Or what about a dildo? That would be hot, dildo in a haystack. Maybe it will catch on soon?

I waited for him, and while I did, I took out my cock. Now, reader, you might be thinking to yourself, especially if you have the titular GIF in front of you, why is my cock and lower body cancer-free? Because technology, baby! You can either have me be cancer-riddled, or looking fucking pristine because the software doesn’t have a cancer-riddled dick yet! If that does turn you off, just imagine everything that’s covered being cancerous. I know I can’t fuckin’ imagine it! Or maybe I can? I wonder what living in this reality would be like for me.

Ooh, look, Spidey’s here! And in this reality, he’s just the superhero. He’s not Maguire, Garfield, Holland, or Lonsdale. Oops, did I accidentally reveal a bit of the future? Teeheehee! “Let’s get on with this, Deadpool. I don’t fucking have all day!” Actually, time is a vacuum right now, and I know Spidey’s smart enough to understand. But I’ve found that even the smartest minds can’t really wrap their heads around this whole comic book thing. Reed Richards comes a bit close, though. Ha, see what I did there? I think you want to get back to the fucking, though.

So, yeah, Spidey pulls his suit down. It’s a little known fact that Spidey’s suit is actually three components: a shirt, mask, and some pants. There’s this awesome tailor that makes all of our costumes look seamless, which is why it looks like Spidey and I usually wear a full body suit most of the time. And also, Spidey needs to wear pants because his cock is fuckin’ humongous! Is that an actual word? Hmm, let’s just say that it is very large, above average large, rearrange your colon large. However, Spidey is definitely a grower, so you might think you have a chance with his cock. But when he gets erect, well, you don’t need to schedule a colonoscopy with your doctor anymore!

But Spidey’s one of those rare bottoms with an absolutely massive cock. There’s a gif in one of the Discords CinaedeFuri is in with the exact same scenario. I’m not allowed to state which one, which would have been really fun to do while stroking my cock. With my cancer-riddled hand, for all of you nay-sayers out there. It doesn’t take long to get hard at all! That’s the magic of writing and also the human body. I then ram my cock into Spidey’s hole. Also because of writing, I don’t need lube or a condom. Fuck, it’s like neither of us exist! But remember, readers, always wear a condom, always get consent, always take poppers before getting fucked. I don’t know if Spidey did the last thing, because his asshole is so fuckin’ tight!

I mean, my dick can easily fit inside, writing magic and all that. And I have a pretty impressive dick myself! Of course, it’s not cancer-riddled right now, but I wonder if Spidey’s ever tried out a ridged dildo? I know I have! My dick is definitely smaller than Spidey’s, but much bigger than yours, I would assume. Unless you’re like CinaedeFuri’s friend, Grant, or a black porn star. Wait, would that be considered racist? No, it’s just stating a fact. But I do have a big cock, and so does Luke Cage. But I’m not fuckin’ Luke Cage right now, I’m fuckin’ Spidey!

Deadpool here to tell you, readers of CinaedeFuri’s Tumblr, if you want to finish reading about the fuck session Spidey and I had, as well as see as the uncropped and definitely NSFW GIF of us fucking, become his Patron! You get access to a whole bunch of other stories and NSFW pictures and videos to go with them, not including yours truly, unfortunately. But, if you become one of $5 or above patrons, you can request a personalized and private story with me in it!
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Play Ball!

(Credit goes to the original artist)

Ryugi Chau didn’t get his hopes up. He knew that becoming a professional athlete in Japan was pretty slim. He should focus more on his schoolwork and other essential skills needed in the workforce. However, all of his hard work and training paid off when he received a letter in the mail from the Japanese baseball league! Ryugi was accepted into this year’s draft! There were admittedly a small number of teams that could choose him, but it was better than nothing.

One thing he did find odd, though, was that after the draft, he needed to stay in the facility a bit longer. “Length of stay is indeterminate,” the letter even noted. Ryugi would hate to miss his family and friends for even longer, but he knew he had to suck it up and deal with it. He was going to be a professional baseball player! The draft was only a few weeks from now, so after getting all of his affairs in order, he traveled to Tokyo, where it was being held. He explored the city for a couple days before walking into an enormous conference room, filled to the brim with tables.

Ryugi found his seat, and a few hours later, the draft officially started. Ryugi had to sit through the opening remarks, and then the selection of some other top players. Finally, his name was called sixth.

“Ryugi Chau has been chosen to play for the RAWBKN!” Some of Ryugi’s past and his accolades were talked about as he went up on stage and accepted his uniform shirt and his cap. He then went back to his seat as the draft continued. Because of the small number of men joining and the short pauses in-between picks, they were done just after midnight. As the families, friends, and other VIPs left, the players were rounded up and sent through the back doors. Ryugi had a small fear that something really bad would happen to him, but he instead was escorted to a comfy room with a widescreen TV and all the channels he could ever want!

Nobody noticed that the top pick in the draft, an American named Parker, didn’t even get a room. The men took him somewhere else. Ryugi was just about to fall asleep a couple hours later, just before sunrise. However, a man walked into his room. “Mr. Chau, please come with us. And grab your uniform, please.”

“Uh, okay.” Ryugi didn’t know exactly what was going on. If he needed to take promotional pictures and all that shit, why couldn’t they do it in the morning or some time later in the day? He was actually forced to change into his uniform, pants included, before following the man to the very back of the facility. As they walked through the double doors, Ryugi realized something was wrong, very wrong. It was a clear and sterilized environment, almost like he was in a doctor’s office. There was something that seemed to be an operating table in the middle of the room, but it was one that Ryugi had never seen before.

“Men, if you would,” said one of the scientists or doctors in the room. Ryugi was practically frozen in place as two muscle-bound men approached him. Compared to some of his fellow draftees, Ryugi could have taken them, and he did come to his senses enough to punch one of them in the face. However, that didn’t do him any good. He was lifted up into the air and plopped down onto the operating table, on his back. His arms were strapped down, as well as straps above his waist and on his thighs. He could move a little bit, but there was no escaping.

“Now that you’re stuck,” started the same person as before, “we can explain what’s going to happen to you. You see, we want you to put all of your effort in playing baseball. After all, you won’t be contributing to society the same way that your peers do. We have found that many men are distracted by their cock during the season. Whether this is having sex with various women, or men, or jerking off incessantly, we have decided that it is in your best interest to get your dick milked.”

The “scientist” did continue, but while he did, some men started to take off Ryugi’s clothes. They didn’t take them off completely, just making sure his cock and balls were exposed. Ryugi was definitely ashamed. Nobody had seen him naked before. He hadn’t even dated before! Still, he shaved his pubic bush and kept it nice and tidy. The men had a genuine smile on their face when they saw that.

“If you don’t know what dick milking is, it’s just another name for masturbation. Only, you won’t be the one touching your dick. There won’t even be a person touching your dick. You will be hooked out of one of our patent-pending milking machines. These machines will milk you dry. In other words, you will have absolutely no cum in your balls by the time you are done. We don’t want you to give up the ability to have children, so your balls still produce sperm. However, that means every three days, you will be milked once again. If the milking process fails on that third day, then we will have known that you jerked off or had sex in those three days, and you will get penalized.”

The men then grabbed something from the back of the room. Ryugi couldn’t see it until it was in front of him. It was a penis pump, something he had seen in porn a couple times before. However, this pump had a literal pumping mechanism inside of it, and it was hooked up to a machine that would collect his cum. The container was pretty massive. Ryugi wondered how much of it would get filled with him. “After your milking, you’re ready to play ball!” the scientist said with a creepy grin on his face, as the machine was turned on.

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