Quarter of a Man

“Um, where exactly are we going?” I asked my dad, as we drove down a woody mountain path. It was a bit shocking seeing my dad show up at my doorstep a few days after my 25th birthday. We haven’t had a falling out or anything, but still, you could have at least made the effort to show up a couple days earlier.

“Pappy has a cabin up here, Theo. We’re going to visit it.”

“Oh.” Pappy’s my grandfather, in case that wasn’t clear. He’s actually pretty cool, and fit for a man his age. He has some nice salt and pepper hair going on, and he’s not bald at all. I don’t see him too often, because Mom didn’t want him in the house for some reason. I never questioned it, but it was always just Dad and me when we went to visit him occasionally. “Any particular reason? You guys do know that you just missed my birthday.”

“Well, yes there is, Theo, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise just yet. Rest assured, Pappy and I haven’t forgotten your birthday.” That shut me up for the rest of the car ride. I couldn’t wait for my surprise! Was it a stripper? More than one stripper? My girlfriend, soon-to-be-fiancé, doing a strip tease? Weed? Honestly, there were a lot of different choices. As we pulled up to the cabin, I only noticed Pappy’s car. Maybe it wasn’t a person, or they would be staying the night. Pappy greeted us as Dad turned off the engine.

“Theo! Darren! Welcome to my cabin! Darren, you remember this place, right?”

“Of course,” Dad replied, with a shudder. I wondered what that was about. “But I can’t wait to give the surprise to my own son.”

“Thattaboy, Darren! Now, let me help you get unpacked.” As the three of us carried the bags inside, I looked around for my surprise. Pappy decorated the cabin like a man cave, but there were no signs of drugs or anything illegal. A tour of the cabin later showed no place someone could hide. They kept me wondering what the surprise was as we took a nature walk and then cooked hot dogs on the fire. It was when we retreated back into the cabin that Pappy announced, “It’s time.”

“For my surprise?! What is it!?” I sounded like a young kid, but the response was anything but childish.

“Well, my boy, you’re 25 now. And in our family, you’re officially considered a man now. There’s just one last thing you need to do. You need to suck every male off on your paternal side.”

“WHAT!” I screamed. “Pappy, you can’t be serious! Dad, tell him what utter bullshit that is!” Dad, who had moved two chairs to the living room, just smirked.

“I had to do this when I was literally your age too, son. But that’s when Pappy’s brothers were still alive. And my pappy wasn’t as built and fit as yours is at this age.”

“I’m fucking leaving!” I announced, getting ready to storm out the front door.

“Um, Theo, I left the lights on in the car the whole time we were out. If the battery’s not dead yet, it will be before the time you get back to civilization. And it’s a long walk to civilization.”

“Fuck y’all!” I screamed, but as I sat on the carpeted floor, I realized I had no other choice. I had to suck off my dad and Pappy to get out of here. “Fine. I’ll participate in this weird-ass ritual.”

“Excellent,” said Pappy. “Clothes off, Theo.”

“Shit, I need to be naked!?”

“Dad, remember, just the bottoms?” my Dad added.

“Oh, that’s right. We added that rule a few generations back because of some pesky neighbors. Well, off they go, Theo.” It felt so fucking weird stripping in front of my Dad and Pappy. They both hadn’t seen me naked for a number of years, well before my pubic hair started growing and I could get hard. I just stood there in my blue shirt, thankfully big enough so that my cock was covered. The other two men in the room did the same.

Pappy literally took everything off below the waist, shoes included, and threw them under his chair. Dad, a little less hesitant and open, just slid his bottoms down so that he could pull them up easily. But now came the time for me to actually suck the guys off. “Start with me,” Pappy announced. As I later learned, it was technically age order, but there were only two men this time.

“Um, don’t you need to get your dick hard first?”

“You need to do everything, my boy.”

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My Addiction

I blame the frat. That was the first time I ever tasted cum, and that led me to where I am now, getting to taste that sweet, sweet nectar as my everyday job. I was straight at the time I was pledging Sigma Epsilon Xu. How they got SEX past the council is beyond me, but I was pumped to be offered to rush this frat. I had heard stories about hazing, which was technically outlawed, but since SEX also had the alpha jocks in it, the campus police and others didn’t really enforce it. I was quite surprised when the rushing turned out to be an application and small talk.

I made my way to the second round, and I learned that I shouldn’t have judged a book by its cover. This was when the hazing happened, and I was forced to do a bunch of crazy shit. Mostly gay shit, actually, as that led to “less deaths”, or so their research stated. Even though it was weird, it wasn’t illegal. One of the tasks was to suck off one of the senior jocks. If you acted enough like a bitch, then you could move on. Enough girls had gone down on me so that I passed with flying colors.

In fact, I did it a bit too well, as the jock didn’t have time to pull out before cumming. Of course, I didn’t know what a dick felt like cumming on the other end, yet, so I was shocked when he came into my mouth. I immediately pulled my head and spit out some of the cum that had already landed in my mouth. But it was too late, as I later learned. A few droplets and globs had already gone down my throat, and my addiction started.

I didn’t know it was an addiction for quite some time. The rest of rush week went by in a blur, and I was officially one of the newest members of SEX. As classes started up and I had more free time, I felt a nagging feeling inside, like something was missing. My frat bros told me it was probably a yearning for beer or drugs, but nothing worked. I tried all types of drugs and every kind of alcohol imaginable. Nothing was able to get rid of that pesky feeling inside of me. One of the “smarter” jocks said maybe it had something to do with sex, like new positions.

That was the ticket, or so I thought. I tried a bunch of new things, including licking some random chick’s pussy. That filled the void inside of me, but not for too long. And as I quickly learned, licking pussy wasn’t going to solve my problems. It seemed to only work on that chick, and apparently only once, as I tracked her down, and after going to town on her pussy, nada. However, I did recognize the sensations coming earlier, and the next time I felt it coming on, I asked the chick if she did anything weird or unusual before she came here.

“Well, I did just have vaginal sex with some other guy before coming home with you. I don’t usually do that shit, so that must tell you something.” I was pumped at the compliment, but also worried. Was it cum that I was licking off some girl’s pussy that made me feel good? I shuddered at the thought, but thinking about it, it did make some sense. That first girl was a little slutty, and the times I had almost felt it before was when the girls were sleeping around or had boyfriends.

I decided to test something out by talking to one of the gay nerds that was always ogling me in class.

“Benward, I’m going to make your day today. Meet me behind the gym in 15 minutes. I’m going to, um, suck you off.”

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No Boundaries

It was always Kevin. The college junior always seemed to be at the scene whenever there was a problem on campus, whether it was two people blatantly fucking in the hall, or a nude person sleepwalking across campus, or even a food fight in the cafeteria. Kevin was always there, but he never got involved. What very few people knew was that he actually started it. Kevin had been born with a special gift. He could control people with his voice, just by talking. No need for some convoluted hypnosis. Just his deep voice and some eye contact, and he could control anyone.

Growing up, he had used it to decide what his parents were making for dinner, or which friend he wanted to hang out with. But as he got older, he realized the other, more devious things he could do with his powers. He always got A+ ’s in class, even though he was barely there. Straight men fawned over him, and those dumber ones had sex with him, not knowing they were being controlled and actually straight. College was a breeze, but there were so many people to control. Kevin had fun almost getting in trouble, and didn’t care if other people did.

Now in his junior year, he wanted to find someone to settle down with for the rest of his life. This guy could be any sexuality, as he would put a lot of effort into making him his lover. After getting access to the student database from the registrar, Kevin perused the list for hot men. After an hour or so, he stumbled upon the perfect guy: Lee Hiromoto. Lee was the total opposite of the Asian stereotype, being jacked and the star quarterback. He was majoring in sports science, but those in the know saw him being drafted straight out of college. But to Kevin, he was perfect, and he knew he was the one.

Kevin and Lee had actually had a couple of classes together, but since Kevin usually only showed up for the first day to talk to his professor into passing him without question, they never really got a chance to talk. He looked at Lee’s dorm arrangements.

“Interesting. He has a single.” Kevin typed the number into his Notes app, and then made his way across campus. Lee was in a different dorm than he was, but some talking allowed him to access the insides and even get a key to his room. The RA on duty took a bit more effort than Kevin would have liked, but a long and juicy kiss cemented his power over him, and made the RA wonder if he was actually bi. Kevin entered the quarterback’s room, only to find he wasn’t home yet. His crudely written schedule said he would be at practice for a couple more hours, so Kevin looked around.

As befitting a single jock, dirty clothes were sprawled everywhere. Kevin picked up a couple jockstraps and inhaled deeply. Yes, his future husband had a very nice scent. He learned a little bit more about him from the books on his desk and various notes scattered around the room. As the time that practice ended drew nearer, Kevin got into position. He made his way to the bathroom after stripping off his clothes. Lee wouldn’t notice them mixed into the various piles, and Kevin stepped into the shower.

In a bit of a weird coincidence, the shower had that weird seat attached to the wall. Kevin had heard stories about these, that guys put chicks on them to fuck them in their pussies while they were in the shower, and sitting, of course. It would be perfect for his plan, and he patiently waited there, playing with his cock. A couple minutes later, he heard the key being pushed into the lock. Lee walked into his room.

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Free Ride

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“Fuck!” Greg screamed. He knew he shouldn’t have trusted the weather app, but here he was, walking in the middle of NYC, in a torrential downpour, wearing short sleeves and shorts. He didn’t even have anything to cover his head, and his apartment was a few blocks away. He cursed to him again as he picked up his pace, careful not to slip. He heard the deluge of rain and car horns, but one noise stood out to him. Finally, it clicked that someone was yelling at him.

An older gentleman was yelling, and he was driving his own car. Not a taxi, but also not a limo or a fancy car. Greg ran over to him.

“A little wet, son?”

“Well, yeah!”

“Need a ride? I’m willing to do it for free.”

“Fuck yeah!” Greg said. He opened the door and plopped himself down on the seat. The older man didn’t cringe at all the water pooling on the seat and on the mat on the ground.

“Where to?” the man asked.

“345 42nd St, please,” Greg said, with a smile on his face. As he looked over at the older gentleman, he noticed a weird device attached to one of the vents. As the man pulled away from the sidewalk, Greg asked him what that was.

“Oh, that silly thing!? I usually forget I have it in here! It’s an air freshener, kind of like the little trees you see hanging from the rearview mirror sometimes?”

“That makes sense.” Greg didn’t ponder the subject any further, which proved to be his downfall. The scent in the car was feminine, flowery. He didn’t love it, but the ride was free, and would be short anyways. As he tried to wring out his shirt, pooling it in a water bottle the man had graciously provided, he found it was just easier to take it off.

Normally, he didn’t like to be shirtless in front of strange older men, but he was afraid that he would get hypothermia if it stayed on much longer. And himbos like to go shirtless, he thought. Greg then wondered what the fuck a himbo was, and why he was thinking about it. He asked the man if he had ever heard of the term.

“Oh, yeah, it’s something you young folk are saying today. Male bimbo.”

Oh, Greg thought to himself. While he kept in shape and had a healthy sex life, he wouldn’t consider himself the male counterpart to a bimbo. But as he continued to breathe in the pleasant aroma floating around in the car, he found his inhibitions getting weaker and weaker. He took his shorts off to wring them out too, and was sitting next to the man in just his jockstrap. Neither man batted an eye at the behavior, and Greg was soon thinking that himbos love to show off, love to show men their assets. Wait, what the fuck!? Himbos are gay, too!? A quick ask to the man confirmed that, yes, most himbos were actually gay.

But the more Greg thought about it, and the more he breathed in, the more it made sense. He had the trappings of a himbo. He only had a business degree from a no-name college, and he was in fucking great shape. His cock was massive, and most women complimented him on his butt. Come to think about it, a lot of guys ogled his butt at the gym too. He wondered if some of them were himbos, like himself, who loved their juicy bubble butts.

Greg then snapped back to reality, only to find that during his fantasizing about himbos at the gym, he had taken his underwear off, and was now stark naked in front of this older guy, who was probably a deranged fucking pervert! But as Greg continued to breathe in, it all started to make sense to him. His daddy had forgotten to lock the apartment door and he, his son, escaped. That’s why he wasn’t dressed for the weather, and it was okay for him to be naked in front of him.

He was his daddy, and he had seen him naked a countless number of times. He also remembered that he was daddy’s perfect himbo, and all he focused on in life was sex and working out. He wanted to be a perfect himbo for Daddy, and would do anything to please him. As Greg explained all of this to the older man, his Daddy, in disjointed and grammatically incorrect sentences, the man smiled and turned off the air freshener. It had done its job, and besides, they were at their apartment: 108 23rd Street. Greg had to get dressed first before leaving the car, but knew that once they were back inside, Daddy would allow him to stroke his cock while he fucked his son’s bubble butt!
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Redneck Release

“Ah, shit,” Bud moaned, as he saw the front of his truck smoking. He pulled over and parked, and opened up the hood. After the cloud of smoke dissipated, he surveyed the damage, and it was bad. Parts had begun to melt, and some kind of oil was leaking all over the place. Even though Bud was a pretty hands-on type of guy, this was totally out of his wheelhouse. His phone wasn’t helpful either. He had no signal all the way in the middle of two massive corn fields, and he had a flip phone.

Walking was also out of the picture, but thankfully it was a busy road, at least in farm country. After a couple hours of pacing by his truck, another Ford rumbled by and pulled to a stop just past him. He ran over to the passenger side window.

“You reckon you have a phone I can borrow? I’m in a pretty tight jam, as you can plainly see.”

“Shit, dude. I don’t get any service around here either. But my truck’s just been serviced, so it should be fine getting us both into town.”

“Thanks, dude,” Bud replied, hopping in, hoping that’s what the man meant.

“Pierce, by the way,” the driver said as he turned the keys in the ignition. Bud thought the name sounded a bit uppity, like he was a city folk, but he was thankful for the ride. A few minutes into the ride, Bud dozed off. All that pacing had made him quite tired, and as Pierce quickly learned, he was a heavy sleeper.

“Fuck, this is easier than I thought it would be!” He didn’t need to make any excuses of why he turned off the main road and made their way to a farm a few miles from the road, the barn and house hidden by some rolling hills. Pierce parked, and motioned to a man on the rocking chair on the porch. He lumbered over, and looked at the piece of meat his brother had picked up.

“Ooh, just how I like ‘em, Pierce. How’d this one get in the car with you?”

“Legit car trouble. I’m surprised that piece of shit didn’t explode. But Randy, he’s sleeping, not knocked out, so be careful.” The two men delicately got Bud out of the truck and lugged him over to the barn. Once the heavy metal doors were open, they pushed him inside. Bud awoke with a jolt, but the first sound he heard was the last bolt on the door closing. He was stuck, and he didn’t know where the fuck he was.

A couple minutes passed of him wandering around in the darkness. He felt a few different things before the lights flickered on. It didn’t flood the barn, but it told him that he was stuck in a barn, and that it was actually satin pillows he was feeling.

“Hello, Bud,” a voice said, emanating from some well-disguised speakers.

“Where the fuck am I, and what the fuck do you want with me?”

“You see, Bud, I have a very particular fetish. I love me some straight redneck dudes. But most of those guys you see in porn videos are actors, or are getting paid to act like they’re straight. I’m looking for the real deal, and that’s you.”

“What if I don’t want to do stuff for you?”

“Well, you’re stuck in that barn there, without any food or water. And you’re living in farm country in the Midwest. People might not report you missing in three days’ time, the amount you can go without water. So I suggest you do as we say, or you die.” Bud was trying to process what he just learned. He was stuck in the middle of nowhere, and would die if he didn’t listen to the voice. So, it was a bit shocking for him what he said next.

“What the fuck do you want me to do?”

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Pretty Girl Play Time

(Note: this is a straight story!)

Christina had been scouring the web looking for a way to make a quick buck. She was an attractive brunette British woman, slim and with piercing blue eyes. That should have opened up the door for her, but sex work was still a bit frowned upon in her small hamlet, and going to the city every night was out of the option. She did have high-speed internet access, and had stumbled across a site that she found pretty intriguing.

It touted a sort of self-hypnosis, one that would bring you under while still being in control. Christina was interested in seeing where that led her, and she also noticed an interesting job under the delineated tab. It asked for a woman very similar to her who would dress up like a doll and be played with, while hypnotized not to react or even move. But halfway through the session, her personality would switch and she would change into a dom, one who loved getting her feet and heels worshipped. Christina had all those fetishes, so she accepted the job and waited for the website to send her the hypnosis tape.

She waited until she was all alone in her house after receiving the mp4 file. It began with some soothing white noise, and then a calm and angelic voice floated through the air.

“Christina, I want you to focus on my voice. Tune out everything else, and just focus on my voice. Focusing on my voice makes you feel good inside, and you want to feel good, don’t you? Only focus on my voice, and keep on listening to my voice. Listen to my voice, because you love hearing my voice. My voice makes you feel good inside, Christina. Obey my voice. You want to listen and obey my voice, because it makes you feel good inside.

“Now I will count backwards from ten. As I do, you will get sleepier and sleepier until you are a deep sleep.


“9, you’re starting to feel sleepy.


“7, your brain is shutting down.


“5, you’re going deeper and deeper with every number.


“3, the only thing that matters now is my voice.


“1, you are deeply asleep and want to obey my voice.

“Christina, you will love being put to sleep. Two snaps in a row will bring you back under and cause you to go into a deep sleep. You will not know anything that happens while you are under. Only two snaps will bring you back to reality. You also love going limp and being used like a doll. You love when men control you, use your body. You want to lose all control and be a plaything for men.”

“I understand,” Christina replied, in a robotic tone of voice. She then heard two snaps from the track, and was lifted from the hypnosis. She blinked a few times, and then typed in the address she had to go to the next day in Google Maps. She arrived at a posh little flat just after noon the next day, and was greeted by an attractive young man. He appeared to be in his late 20′s, and he was very much in shape. Christina ogled his shirtless body and his big ass as they walked upstairs.

Once they were in his room, he locked the door and snapped two times in a room. Christina knew that was her trigger, but still couldn’t help herself as she collapsed onto the floor, no longer in control. The man, Gregory, dragged her to the bed and placed her upon it. She was stripped by the handsome gent, and Greg just loved watching her body splay every which way. She knew that sex was more likely than not a part of this business, and Greg got to fulfill a fantasy of fucking a lifeless rag doll.

It was a bit hot seeing her body bounce around, the woman not in control. Christina wasn’t thinking, or really doing anything at the moment. She just thought of herself as being in a deep, deep sleep. After Greg nutted in her, he wasn’t done with her body yet. He played adult dress-up with her, dressing in her in all types of lingerie and other slutty gear. He couldn’t take pictures, as per the agreement he signed, but he took a whole lot of visual pictures and added them to his spank bank.

Once he had taken enough “photos” and had Christina try on enough lingerie, he double snapped to bring her out of hypnosis. He was one of the nicer clients and recapped what Christina did when she was under. She knew that all of this was what she signed up for and what Greg wanted. But the session wasn’t over yet, and it was her turn to take charge. She took some nylons and heels out of her bag and put them on.

“Worship me, you pathetic little bitch,” she said, with a smirk on her face. It seemed shocking Greg would be turned on by such separate things, but she saw his impressive dick rise up again as he dropped to his knees and started to worship her feet. All Christina had to do now was sit back and relax as Greg worshipped her, sniffing her feet and massaging them. It was a bit hot, actually, seeing this muscular and sweaty man worshipping her dainty little soles and sheer nylon stockings.

Eventually, he had enough, and told Christina that she was able to leave.

“Thank you so much for helping me to live out some of my fantasies. The money should be in your account any day now, according to the website. And I’ll be adding a couple hundred later today.”

“Thanks!” Christina said, as she got dressed. “It was hot living out some of our shared fantasies. Call me up if you ever want a rag doll fuck toy again.”

“Oh, I will!” Greg said, with a huge smile on his face as Christina shut the door to his room. Just this one short session and she was already making more than his sister was in a fortnight. Maybe this would be a lucrative career path.

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Getting Out of a Ticket

Vince didn’t even know he was speeding. He was absent-mindedly thinking about the hot guy he had just banged and if he’d be willing to come over to his house tonight. He did hear the sirens, though, and saw that in his rear-view mirror, they were trailing him. He pulled over to the side of the road, but it wasn’t safe for the officer to park on the same side as him. That allowed Vince to see that it was just one male cop in the car, and he looked to be pretty damn hot. He knew he only had seconds to get this ready, but he was known in town for his fast rising cock.

So, as the office made his way out of his vehicle, Vince had taken off everything below the waist and was nursing a massive erection. He walked over to the window, which Vince had already rolled down.

“Um, excuse me, um, sir, but you, were, ahem- Sir, can you please put some pants on? Or at least some underwear?”

“You like what you see?” Vince asked, trying to catch the flustered officer off-guard.

“Um, ahem, yes, but that’s not, um, any of your business,” he replied. Vince noticed that the officer had started to sweat, and that his pants were beginning to bulge a little bit.

“Let’s make a deal, officer. You allow me to fuck you, because, really, you’re not doing that much to hide it. And I’ll swear that I won’t speed again, and no ticket.”

“Fine!” said the officer, nearly cumming in his pants already. “There’s a lot nearby that’s off the beaten path. Um, follow me there.”

“Okay, officer.” Vince had the officer wrapped his little finger, and as the cop shakily walked back to his vehicle, Vince pulled his pants up. He did need to drive a bit more, and it wasn’t long before the two cars pulled off the road. Nobody saw them, and you couldn’t see the road from the place the police car stopped. It was behind a number of trees, bushes, and abandoned buildings. They both parked, and the men got out. Vince didn’t mind meeting in the middle, but this officer appeared to be a cock hound, and rushed over to him.

“On your knees,” Vince ordered, even though the dude was already planning to do that anyways. The officer didn’t mind that he would be kneeling on hard concrete for a while; he would be able to get that luscious cock in his mouth. It flopped down as Vince pulled his pants and undies off, and the officer grabbed it and placed it in his mouth. Vince moaned as he felt the cool sensations of the officer’s mouth on his cock. The officer was just excited to finally taste it, and swallowed as much as he could.

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