All You’re Good For

They opened up the envelope, and saw that there was just one small letter inside. As Brandon Barbella’s contacts on the modeling agency read it, they were not too shocked, but quite upset. Brandon’s IQ was in the low 80′s, nothing bad or anything, but it meant that the jobs he could have were quite limited. Modeling was actually one of them, but Brandon expressed interest that he didn’t want his whole life in front of a camera, and that was why he took the test in the first place.

The agents brought the results of the test to the head of the agency. “Thank you. I think I know what we need to do.” After they left, the head opened one of her drawers and pulled out a sheet of paper with a name and number on it. She typed it into her phone, and the person on the other end quickly picked up. “I’m in need of your services.” They got that squared away quickly enough, and even the bottom line would take a hit, it would be well worth it in the long run.

Brandon had been patiently waiting for the results of his IQ test to come back. One of his most recent interviews had requested that he send them the results of the test before coming back for round two. They still hadn’t come by the time his next shoot rolled around. He didn’t mind going to another one, as the pay was good, and he would be one of the very few models shot by this exclusive and reclusive photographer. He introduced himself to the older man on set, and changed into the provided clothes.

What Brandon noticed quickly was that the camera itself was much different than what he was used to. The thing that flashed at the top was bigger and gaudier, and the flash left a weird spiral afterimage in his eyes. He didn’t mind, although he was starting to get a bit more tired. The photographer took this photo around halfway through.

Brandon was used to going shirtless, and even in his underwear. However, he was a bit reticent when the photographer asked him to go nude.

“I’m not really comfortable with that.”

“Of course you are,” the photographer said, as he took a flurry of shots. “You’re totally comfortable with being nude. In fact, you don’t like clothes. You only put on clothes when your Master tells you to. And for right now, I’m your Master.”

“Okay, Master,” Brandon replied, his dumb brain not realizing he had been hypnotized by the photographer as he slipped off his Calvins. The man took some shots of Brandon’s flaccid and erect cocks, and some of his ass.

“Get dressed and then make your way to this address. You will listen to all commands there, but once you exit this building, I am no longer your Master.”

“Yes, Master.” Brandon got dressed as the photographer synced up his camera and sent some of the more sexually explicit photos to the business where Brandon would be soon be visiting. The dumb bodybuilder drove to the address, which was a farm an hour or so outside of the city. At the gate, a young man dressed in only a tie asked him, “Buyer or seller?”

“Seller,” Brandon instinctively replied, and was escorted to the lot at the back of the barn. He stepped out of his car and made his way inside, where he was greeted by more men dressed in just ties.

“Ah, you must be Brandon, right?”


“Come with us. You’ve made it just in time for the auction.”

“Okay.” As Brandon was taken away, stripped, and prepared to be sold, a familiar face entered the barn from the other side. The head of Brandon’s old modeling agency took a seat in the back. She wanted to see who would buy the slave, and hand him a file that contained all the information he needed to know. She sat through a whole bunch of men, some attractive, some not, but all muscular brutes that either willingly or unwillingly decided to be slaves. Brandon, as it turned out, was the final one, because of his circumstances.

“And last, but not certainly not least, gents, and some ladies, is Brandon Barbella. This hunk comes to you fresh from the modeling business. Ms. Georgia Versace is here to give to a file on him when you buy this stud.” Georgia blushed as a spotlight was put on her. “And that’s not all. Brandon here has been hypnotized by the fantastic Gianluigi Federico, and will do anything you want, no questions asked! His intelligence is a bit lacking, so he would be great as a brute for manual labor or sex, whichever suits your fancy!”

Brandon’s various stats were then read off, and the bidding began. To Georgia’s surprise, the bidding escalated quickly, and towards the end, two young men, barely over 18 it looked like, were in a bidding war. Finally, one decided that paying that much for a man wasn’t worth it, and Brandon was sold for a cool $2 million. She would not have to explain the cost of Brandon’s hypnosis to the board, it seemed, as the young man made his way over to her. She gave him the file, and then he went to the back where Brandon was waiting for him.

“I’m your new and only Master,” he said, as the note on top of the file indicated he should say. Brandon’s eyes lit up as he was introduced to his new Master.

“How may I serve you today, sir?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing yet,” he replied back. “But let’s see how that cock of yours works as we drive to your new home.”

“Yes, Master.” Brandon was pulled along by his cock and got into a waiting limo. After a cumshot that covered the seat in wads of thick and creamy cum, the young man knew he had made the right choice in purchasing this stud.
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The Dominant Twin Part Two

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Ethan woke up, and after his thoughts cleared for a bit, smiled. Today was a rare day off for the twins, with no shoots, interviews, or anything to get in the way of what he wanted to do. He made his way into Grayson’s room and pulled off his twin’s covers. “Get up, fag. I need to take a piss.” Grayson just groggily looked at his brother, but was rudely woken up when Ethan spread his mouth open and pissed inside of it. “Get up and get downstairs. I’m just getting started, bitch.”

Ethan left Grayson’s room as he rolled out of bed. As he went to go to the bathroom, he felt a sharp pain in his dick. He went to grab it, but only felt metal. He then remembered his Master had put him in a cage last night, the metal one that was the worse. He went for a piss as well, but not into a toilet. He had to do it in a cup, and bring it downstairs. Ethan poured it into the apple juice he drank for breakfast, and a little bit into his gruel. To an onlooker, it appeared as though the brothers acted like normal young adults. However, the onlooker would be rudely mistaken when Ethan was done eating and threw away the rest of Grayson’s food.

“Worship me,” he said, as he hopped down from the stool and stood up, arms flexed. Grayson got to his knees and began to worship Ethan, starting with the toes. He made sure to suck on all ten of them before moving up the body to the legs. He felt his brother’s toned legs and squeezed the hamstring muscles Ethan was trying so hard to flex. He went past the genitals and to the abs next, pulling on the taut skin of his twin’s six pack and tracing the deep lines working out created. He then moved to the pecs, as he cupped them and admired them visually. He got Ethan’s nipples hard and then sucked on them. Ethan let out a moan, letting Grayson know he was doing a good job.

Then it was to the pits. As he expected, Ethan didn’t shower last night, and so his pits were ripe. Ethan loved forcing his brother to sniff there, so Grayson didn’t even flinch as Ethan’s hands pushed on the back of his head, forcing his nose to touch the underarm skin. When Ethan felt his twin’s nostrils had had enough, he allowed him to pull away and focus on his biceps, little mounds on his arms that Grayson loved to hold and cup as well. Then it was back down to the genitals, and Grayson went to the ass. He began to rim his brother’s ass, quickly realizing it hadn’t been cleaned in a while. Ethan wasn’t that sadistic, so it didn’t last for too long, but he did let a major fart rip before allowing Grayson to go to the other side and suck him off.

He opened his mouth wide as his brother rammed his cock inside. He closed, making a seal, and then Ethan began to face fuck him. His brother loved to do this, and while it meant Grayson had to do practically nothing, it also meant his throat and mouth were grossly violated. His twin thrusted back and forth, pushing his cock down his throat and pulling it back out. Ethan required a seal around his cock at all times, so it wasn’t long before Grayson was drooling from the corners of his mouth. And what was even worse was the verbal domination that Ethan loved so much.

“You’re just a fucking hole for a real man’s cock, aren’t you? A pathetic little fag who likes it when his own fucking brother dominates him. A fucking pervert who gets off to my stench. I bet you go to sleep at night thinking of me allowing you to suck on this cock. Fags like you would pay money to be in the position you are in now.” Ethan was going to continue, and was planning to, but he saw that the dirty talk had caused Grayson to have a ruined cumshot, cum dribbling down the cock cage.

“Did I fucking say you could cum, fag?! You know what the punishment for that is!” Grayson’s eyes made a puppy dog expression as Ethan continued to face fuck him. The punishment, in Ethan’s opinion, was much hotter than the fucking, so it wasn’t long before he clasped his hands behind his brother’s head and forced him to swallow his cum, every last drop. That included everything that fell on the floor as well, as well as his own cum. “Follow me, fag. You know where we’re going.”

Grayson unfortunately knew what was coming next as he followed Ethan downstairs. Whenever they filmed in the house, downstairs was off-limits, and for good reason. As Ethan flipped the light switch, a BDSM dungeon was illuminated. Everything one could think of was located down there, but Ethan had one thing in mind. Grayson knew what was going to happen as Ethan brought out the step stool so he could get into the flogging frame. He was bound, spread-eagled, to the wooden X, and then his bounds were spread even farther. Once he whimpered in pain for the first time, Ethan knew to go back a smidge, and then start the real punishment.

From a box close by to the frame, he pulled out a cat-o’-nine-tails whip, the one that had metal studs scattered across the entire thing. He whipped his brother, enjoying his screams and moans as his ass was being violated from the outside. Ethan most certainly did not back down at all, and watched as Grayson’s nice pink asscheeks slowly started to turn red, and then deeper and deeper shades of red. The studs also left imprints in Grayson’s skin, and towards the end, it looked like his ass had gotten smaller, as Ethan made sure no part was untouched by the whip, at least twice. The ass was a deep deep crimson color when Ethan pulled the bounds closer together and allowed Grayson to drop down.

“To the bedroom, fag,” Ethan said. He made his way up there first, grabbing the lube. He actually wanted to hear Grayson’s moans as he walked, as his ass hurt worse than getting shot. It was painful for him to walk up the stairs, and there were two flights to get to the bedroom. By the time he waddled into his brother’s bedroom and flopped on the bed, Ethan’s dick was rock hard and ready to be inserted into Grayson’s ready and willing hole. He spread the asscheeks wide, eliciting yet another yelp from his fag, and pushed his cock inside. The hole itself was loose and wet, and Ethan’s cock slid all the way in to the base easily. Grayson moaned yet again as balls slapped his ass for the first time, today.

Much like with his brother’s face, Ethan did not hold back as he fucked Grayson. He pulled almost all the way out before ramming his cock all the way back inside. Grayson was moaning and groaning as the balls slapped against his very sensitive ass skin. Ethan fucking loved it, and loved further dominating his twin by pulling his head back and whispering in his ear.

“You’re such a dirty fucking slut, aren’t you? A fag that takes his brother’s cock up his ass and enjoys it! I think you’re a fucking pussy, boy. You want Daddy Ethan to fuck you like the fag you are? Fuck yeah you do! I bet when I’m not around, you go to a glory hole and stick your ass in it, so fucking strangers can fuck you. Fuckin’ bitch!” This verbal domination was a bit more taxing on Ethan, so he let up, but still continued to fuck his brother.

What didn’t help Grayson was that the room was slowly starting to reek of sex and BO. Those were two of Ethan’s major turn-ons, and it came as no surprise to the bottom that Ethan soon picked up his intensity, causing Grayson to moan and groan like a bitch in heat. Thankfully, Ethan was getting ready to cum soon, and Grayson knew it was coming when his sides were grabbed. He felt the seed of his brother invade his hole. As always, Ethan’s second cumshot of the day was somehow larger than the first, and he pulled out about thirty seconds later, cum and ass juices leaking out of Grayson’s hole.

Ethan had him clean up his cock first before wiping his brother’s ass with his own finger and forcing his fag to eat even more of his ass juices and his brother’s cum. When Ethan was sufficiently happy with the cleanliness of both, he allowed Grayson a short reprieve.

“The day’s not even halfway over yet,” said Ethan as he exited his brother’s bedroom. “I might call up some other Youtubers and see if they want to use your holes as well.”
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Bluetooth Beats

“We need a release for our sexual energy,” said the head union guy after another long and sweaty day of working construction. “Our wives are halfway across the country, and there’s no strip club or anything around here.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” said the boss. Even though he was in construction, he had contacts in other fields, and called up one in the wireless business.

“Hey, is this possible?” he asked. After finishing the spiel, he got the okay, and started to put the plan into action. It hinged on the town’s famous Instagram star, Emery. He snapped photos around town, showing how it changed year after year. Recently, he had made his way to the construction area, and had taken photos like these:

The headphones were an essential part of Emery’s aesthetic, and what the plan needed for it to go into effect. As he snapped a couple photos by the fence of the construction lot, his headphones buzzed as they were being connected to another source. He was going to take them off, but the music that was now playing was soothing and calm. He wanted to listen to it forever and ever. What he didn’t realize, though, was that the music was also turning him into a gay slut. When the music stopped, he found himself inside a work trailer, stripping completely nude and having five husky and sweaty men standing over him.

“I’m all yours,” he said with a big grin on his face, opening up his legs and taking his headphones off. It just felt right to serve these men now, and they were so fucking hot. One man, the perceived alpha of the group, helped him stand up, and then without warning, rammed his cock into Emery’s ass. He was gay before the hypnosis, so it wasn’t too tight, but it was still shocking and unexpected. However, he just moaned and started to drool a little bit as the man grabbed his obliques and began fucking him like a cheap whore.

Two of the other guys had their cocks flopping about in front of Emery’s face, and he grabbed one and began to suck on it. The taste of sweat combined with the natural one of a cock was heaven to the man’s tastebuds, and Emery’s cock got even harder. The final two men took that as a sign and almost prostrated themselves as they sucked the man off, taking turns on the cock. Emery was taking turns up there as well, savoring the delicious and salty flavor of the cocks.

The main guy, the one fucking his ass, was having the time of his life. Having a willing stud for his strong sexual tendencies was great, and he watched as Emery’s ass bounced around and jiggled as his massive cock penetrated the Instagram star’s hole. The ass was also starting to turn red, as the stud’s massive balls bounced against it as well. Emery didn’t mind, and he moaned and groaned quite loudly as he moved from cock to cock. He was able to deep-throat the two cocks easily, and despite them losing their specific and very erotic taste, Emery happily sucked away, wanting to please the workers.

He was getting pleasured too down there as two different tongues took turns caressing his cock, and their mouths opening wide to accept it. The taste of Emery’s cock was much different than the sweaty construction workers’, but the two of them didn’t give a shit. A cock was a cock, even if it didn’t taste or smell like the ones they were used to. Cumming naturally came in bursts to the six men, and the first one to cum was not surprisingly the alpha fucking Emery’s hole. As he had gone in condomless, he clenched the young stud’s obliques harder as he filled the man’s hole with his seed, thick and creamy cum leaking out of the sides. A bunch of it leaked as the man pulled out, and he plopped some of it on the cocks of the two men Emery was sucking off, letting him taste a real man’s cum.

The sight and sensations made Emery cum next, much to the surprise of one of the workers, who had his cock down his throat. He swallowed quite a bit of the young man’s cum, but his buddy down there was able to get some of it on his face as well. It wasn’t too long after that the two men Emery had been sucking off were ready to cum, and both of them covered his face in globs of their white and viscous fluid. As Emery happily lapped up the cum that had landed on his face, the two men who had sucked him off got ready to cum as well. They coated his chest in their cum, with it leaking down and mixing the cum that was still coming out of his own cock.

As Emery breathed in the smell of sex in the room and embraced his new role as company slut, the five men got dressed again and set off back to work. It wasn’t long before another group of men entered the trailer and used Emery again. He liked his new job a lot, and couldn’t wait to come back tomorrow!

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A Different Kind of Education

“The cracker school,” Charles said, as the name of the school popped up in the Google search result. Winterbottom Prep School had had a no colors policy until last year, when it was finally abolished by a lawsuit. He hated having to work at such an obnoxious and racist school, but the pay was great, especially since he was black, and it was unfortunately the only school that actually offered him a job.

At the orientation meeting for teachers, he learned he was going to be teaching the seniors only. Winterbottom was an all boys’ school, and they had physical education classes every year, as Winterbottom boys went on to careers in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and Congress, amongst other places. Charles didn’t mind that, as he expected the high school seniors to be well mannered and ready for gym class.

However, he was proven so very wrong on the first day of school. He had to suffer through a torrent of verbal abuse and derogatory terms thrown at him by practically every student. What was even worse was that there were no black seniors, or seniors that were non-white for that matter, as Winterbottom had a strict no-transfer rule for seniors that the courts allowed it to upheld. Thankfully, tomorrow was a gym day, and Charles had a plan for them. He leaned on his car as the first period class made its way to one of the many fields the school had.

“Okay, boys, today’s class will be easy. You will run 10 laps around the complex. You can get a drink after five laps or if I see you need one. Understood?”

“Yes, Coach,” the boys said, as the farther they could get away from Charles, the better. He just smiled as they set off, watching their toned legs and big asses bounce around. Charles was a proud bisexual, but he couldn’t have his students know that, yet. However, his first part of his plan to make them see their error of their ways went into effect as each and every student sipped on the Gatorade Coach Charles had provided for them. Those who had drank it every day for the past few years noticed it tasted sweeter than usual.

Over the next few weeks, the seniors drank more and more of the Gatorade. The effects were weak as of right now, but some of the boys who had drank a bit more than their peers were a whole lot comfortable taking off their shirts during the run or after an intense workout. The first classroom session of phys. ed. was much different than what the boys were used to. They watched a film about how your body processed food and shit. That was similar, but the difference came in the sounds. All the audio consisted of was this constant buzzing noise, and faint words spoken in the background. None of the seniors really questioned it, as it was subtitled and the visuals were quite clear.

A couple months had passed, and Charles was nearing the end of his master plan. The Gatorade, which had a pill mixed in that changed the boys’ brain chemistry to make them gay, worked slowly, and so Charles was having more and more classroom time, watching tapes laced with subliminal messages and binaural beats. Around this time, the messages had stopped becoming subliminal and could be heard clearly. The seniors didn’t care, and Charles watched as some of them snuggled up to each other while watching the films, which had also become more gay and erotic in nature.

Today’s the day, Charles thought to himself, as he drove into school. All the seniors were thoroughly hypnotized enough, and were ready for today’s events. As the men filed into the classroom, they were met with a shocking sight. Coach Charles was standing nude in front of them, his cock much longer than any of theirs. On his desk was a package overflowing with chastity cages, and an even bigger one with collars spilling out of the side.

“Sit down and strip, you worthless crackers. I’m your Master now.”

“Yes, Master,” they all said in unison as they sat down after going completely nude.

“We have one final video to watch today.” Charles pressed play, and a man built and dressed similarly to him right now appeared on the screen.

“Crackers, if you are watching this video, then one of my fellow Blacks or persons of color have indoctrinated you into thinking you are the lesser race. These beats and messages in the background of this video will only prove to further cement our superiority over you worthless little pieces of shits. You will serve your Black or POC Master, most likely the one who bought this video.”

It was short and to the point, but the hypnosis stuff in the background really drilled in what was going to happen to these white boys. None of them put up a fight as Charles locked up their worthless cocks into cages and collared them. He renamed them, using the first letter of their name followed by a number. The same process occurred with the rest of Charles’ classes for the day, who were unfazed walking through the gym and seeing their classmates locked and collared. Once the last senior boy was prepared to serve his new Black Master, Charles called the head of school down to the gym.

Abernathy Fitzgerald was an old and pretentious man who was blatantly racist. The only reason the school didn’t fire him after they lost the lawsuit was that this was his final year. As he walked into the gym, he was shocked at the sight. He had heard inklings of the depravities some of his senior boys were getting into, but this was unfathomable.

“Charles, what the fuck is going on here!? And you’re fired!”

“Oh, sweet old Fitzy. These men have seen the light and know that Blacks are the superior race, not a worthless cracker like you.” Abernathy had an overdramatic shocked face at this statement. “And they’ve been thoroughly hypnotized into believing this. Nothing will break them out of thinking that. Oh, and the thing you brought up at the last faculty meeting? It’s very real. Garrett Halstrom, come and suck me off.”

Abernathy just watched as the school’s star quarterback, who was being scouted by the NFL for a first round pick, walked over to Charles, who pulled out his cock and had the white senior suck on it. The old man nearly fainted in shock. “This is just the beginning,” said Charles, as Garret sloppily sucked on the cock. “Soon, the entire world will know we are superior, and not just some fucking teachers and faculty at a school in New England.”

Abernathy went to call the police, the FBI, the KKK, anyone to help him get out of this mess, but two of Garrett’s teammates held his arms as another student placed some headphones over his headmaster’s ears. Soon, even Abernathy would think of Blacks as gods, but Charles didn’t want that fugly cracker sucking on his dick. No, he would be a good source of money and clout. Charles just smiled to himself as he came in Garrett’s mouth. Abernathy, still not under yet, was forced to watch as the star quarterback went back to his seat in the stands, cum dripping from the corners of his mouth.

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Heckler’s Comeuppance

Joey didn’t have much of a life. Coasting through life as a trust fund baby, he found great pleasure in going to pageants and heckling the young girls on stage. Literally no one in the business liked him, but he did pay for a ticket to enter, and his comments were NOT lewd or sexual at all. However, one day the producers of the pageant series he attended had had enough, and decided to find a way for Joey to step in the girls’ shoes and see how much effort they put into this.

One of the producers had access to the dark web, and she found a website that purported it could do exactly what the producers wanted. The cost was a bit exorbitant, so one of the year end pageants would have be cancelled. It would be well worth it, though, to finally get rid of Joey permanently. The next day, as Joey was buying tickets for the next pageant he was going to attend, he noticed an asterisk and an accompanying line of text at the bottom of the page.

*Everyone who attends the Little Miss USA pageant series and has no relation to any contestant or their family is required to wear a wristband.

Joey tried his hardest to see if anyone of the parents could claim him as a relative, but to no avail. So, the day of the next pageant, Joey had a special wristband put on, showing he was there for another reason. The wristband, of course, was the key to the solution of their problem. The tight band slowly released chemicals into Joey’s body that would change it irreversibly. The producers waited throughout for the show for the band to really start working. Towards the end of the tween age group, Joey was looking very much uncomfortable and made his way to the bathroom.

The producers were a bit sneaky at this venue, and allowed all dads, brothers, etc., to go to a bathroom near the dressing rooms. That meant Joey had a bathroom all to himself as he locked himself in the handicap stall. He pulled down his pants and saw what he had been worried about for the past hour or so. His dick was now the size of his fingernail, and it was still getting smaller. He took off his shirt and looked down at his chest. His pecs were becoming much more rounded and were jutting out of his body. He was turning into a woman!

He didn’t know how to stop it, but unfortunately, for him, the chemicals in the band reacted to the brain waves of Joey realizing he was turning into a woman. (Yes, that’s why the band was ridiculously expensive). It sped up the process immensely, and Joey quickly watched as his body changed, and even shrunk too! He put back on his clothes lest some stranger walked in, and to his horror, whatever the fuck was happening to him was happening to his clothes as well.

A few minutes, a little girl dressed in pageant clothes walked out of the man.

“EW!” she said, as she looked at the door. “That’s why it had the things where boys go pee-pee standing up.” She made her way back to the auditorium, where a producer was ready to “adopt” Joey and put her into the pageant system. As Joey stared in awe at the cute and cool girls on stage, the male Joey was fuming. He was trapped inside the body of a little girl. Thankfully, he had no control over her body at all, but he was forced to watch as he was paraded around on stage in make up and dresses. And what hurt even more was that no one even cared that this guy:

was replaced by a girl with the exact same name. Even his parents didn’t care he had gone missing, and had never put up flyers or even called the police.
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The Mailman

Quentin had lived his whole life in a bubble, almost literally. He had a rare skin condition in which he could not be outside for more than a minute at a time before some body horror started to occur. Even looking through a window for too long could cause his skin to start peeling. He spent all of his days in his house, inherited from his parents after they both died. His situation meant his social life was lacking, but he did have a large group of friends online. Few ventured to meet him, though, and most of the local guys he was attracted to were worried about his situation.

However, one man visited his house five to six days during the week without fail. John Russell was Quentin’s mailman, and the two always had a short chat when John dropped off his mail. Quentin knew that John was pretty much his only option for a boyfriend, but he looked like this:

There was nothing wrong or weird about him; he just wasn’t Quentin’s type. Being cooped up inside meant he spent a lot of time on the internet, and he scrolled through his bookmarks list to find a website that could possibly solve his problem. It was a site that touted magic was real, and they had videos to prove it. Quentin could see how they could be easily doctored, especially in today’s day and age, and he couldn’t go to a live taping, naturally. However, he wasn’t poor, either, thanks to various jobs in the gig economy he could do, and so he ordered a powder that would have the effect he desired, hoping it would work as intended.

Ironically, it didn’t come through the mail, but by USPS. He opened up the small book shaped box and took out the bag of powder and a note. He just had to sprinkle it on a surface that the man he wanted to change would touch for a prolonged time. Quentin wasn’t sure how long John held letters, so he sprinkled a copious amount on a letter he had to send to the IRS anyways. When the powder settled, it looked just like a normal letter, albeit slightly larger. Quentin could barely see the change, and he hoped John didn’t.

He didn’t as he accepted the letter the next day. Yes, the surface felt a bit odd, but he knew most envelopes were different. As he went about the rest of his route, he felt a bit odd. Thankfully, tomorrow was his scheduled day off for the week, so he could rest if this was something really bad. The next morning, John woke up from a good night’s sleep, and he was in for quite a surprise!

The thing he noticed was that he had gotten physically smaller. His pajamas were normally taut over his muscled body, but now they were floppy and loose. He wondered if it was just psychosomatic and his clothes were actually loose. As he made his way into his bathroom, he realized something truly dramatic had happened over night. While still fit, he looked much younger, with no gray in his hair at all. And it seemed like his beard and mustache shaved itself, as they were long gone.

He stripped and checked out his cock, like a man would in a time of crisis. It was still as long and wide as usual, and throbbing from a bad case of morning wood. As he sat down on the toilet to masturbate, his thoughts were focused on the hot black guy in the porn scene he watched last night, and not the girl with the humongous tits. Try as he might, all he could think about were cocks, and he blew his load imaging himself fucking the porn star Zeb Atlas. As he cleaned the bathroom floor, the final part of Quentin’s plan clicked into place.

John felt a sudden rush of sexual attraction for Quentin, the young man cooped up in his home. He pictured himself mentally stripping the young stud and seeing what was under those baggy clothes he liked to wear. He got himself ready to go out and hopped in his car. As he drove over to Quentin’s house, he felt himself getting hard. He couldn’t hide his literal growing attraction to the man, and awkwardly made the way to the front door.

“Quentin, you home?” he asked, as he knocked on the door. He then realized what a stupid question that was. Of course Quentin was home, and he came down the stairs, shirtless. John’s jaw dropped as he looked at the toned and muscular body Quentin had been hiding for quite some time.

“Come on in and shut both doors.”

“Okay,” John replied, having started to drool. As he locked the front door, Quentin went over and passionately kissed him. The spell had actually worked, and now John was a fit young stud just like him.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Quentin said, with a wink, and clothes flew down the stairs as the two men went to consummate their relationship.
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Each Other’s Shoes

At Granville High School, cliques were very much alive and well. Jocks and nerds never hung out with each other, nobody liked the stoners, they stayed away from the goths, and so on. For Arnold, this was a bit of a shock. His dad had gotten a new job at the factory in town, and so he needed to transfer to this high school for his senior year. It was a stark difference from his previous high school.

This was most evident a few days in when some of the football jocks strutted down the hall. They literally pushed a nerd out of the way, and his pile of books fell to the ground. Nobody but him went to help the poor lad, who introduced himself as Derek. After chatting for a bit, Arnold learned the jock’s name was Michael, and he formulated a plan. You see, Arnold didn’t just move because his dad got a new job. No, they were forced to move after Arnold used his magical powers to turn one of his bullies into a frog. The school and police could never trace it back to him, but his parents knew, and wanted to distance themselves.

A couple days later, he sat in his bedroom, incanting a spell. Having pictures of Derek

and Michael

laid out in front of him, he pressed his fingers on the pictures as he spoke the final word of the spell, making it take effect.

The two seniors woke up seconds later, having fallen unconscious for a second. Derek stood up, having slipped in the bathroom. As he stared at himself in the mirror, he was in for a shock. The face, and body, looking back at him wasn’t his; in fact, it was Michael Hubbard, the guy who had pushed him to the ground a few days back.

And across town, Michael was experiencing the same thing. He wasn’t in the bathroom, but when he found himself in a strange house, he grabbed his phone and opened the camera. To his horror, it wasn’t his face looking back at him, but that of Derek Cohen, the fucking nerd he had pushed a few days ago. He then remembered he was in the middle of jerking off before whatever this was happened. He wanted to see if Derek was packing, but to his further horror, Derek had this weird cage over his dick.

Derek, on the other hand, was enjoying the jock body and the much longer and unlocked dick of Michael’s body. Michael didn’t have a very muscular or ripped body, but it was much better than his, and he completed the jerk off session Michael had started, splattering his mirror with his cum. As he wiped it off, the doorbell to the house rang. It seemed as though he was the only one in the house, so he put on some underwear Michael had lying around and went to open the door.

And there he was! Well, his body, which Michael was presumably inhabiting.

“What in the fucking shit did you do?” Michael said, lunging at Derek. He forgot which body he was in, and Derek shoved him to the ground easily.

“I swear it wasn’t me,” Derek said, helping Michael up. “I don’t believe in this kind of shit.”

“Derek, bro, it fucking happened. Stop being a Scully!”

“Nice reference, but I meant that I wouldn’t initiate it.”

“So we’re fucked. We don’t know who did this to us, and there’s no way to reverse it.”

“Well, someone somewhere had to do this, and it was probably someone in our school. They’ll have to come forward eventually.”

“I guess so. But don’t go fucking around in my body, okay?”

“Deal.” The two seniors went to school that following Monday, still in their switched bodies. Most of the school was shocked as alpha jock Michael appeared to be much nicer, and had gotten ridiculously smarter over the weekend. Derek, on the other hand, seemed to take a nosedive in intelligence, and was banned from going to shop class for the rest of the week thanks to flagrant disregard for safety.

Sex wise, they were even more fucked. Michael could not find the key to the cage no matter how hard he tried, and trying to pull it off caused him extreme pain that wasn’t worth it. Derek learned that Michael had a girlfriend, the cheerleader with the biggest breasts in the school, and that they were having sex. Thankfully, she liked to take control, as Derek didn’t know what the fuck he was doing.

Arnold just stayed in the background and watched his handiwork. As he expected, the cliques slowly started to come together, as the nerds embraced the alpha jock, and the jocks somewhat tried to help a nerd who really wanted to join the team. It was going to take some time for the school to get rid of all its cliques. He started to prepare some ingredients that he needed for the spells, as he watched Derek try valiantly to sprint down the football field, and Michael tutor one of the truly dumb jocks.
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