Home Alone?

Kevin loved living on a farm with his father. While the work could be backbreaking and honestly didn’t pay that well, he loved the freedom it allowed him. He could walk around buck naked and no one would even care. Kevin had done that a few times, and had even jerked off a few times. However, he mostly stopped doing this when his mom told him about the real reason for their separation. “Your father likes men, Kevin. He likes it when men stick their dicks up his ass or put them in his mouth. Oh, and I caught him jerking off to some gay incest porn too!”

He was shocked. He had heard rumors that Dad and Mom weren’t compatible, but he never realized just how literal that was. He also realized that his dad had seen him naked a number of times before. Was Dad jerking off to the sight of his naked body? Kevin immediately stopped walking around the farm naked, making sure to at least have pants on at all times. He also moved into the barn, so that his dad couldn’t overhear him having sex.

Unfortunately for Kevin and his dad, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. They were still able to farm and make some money, but for both of them, the well of people to fuck had quickly dried up. Kevin quickly got hornier and hornier. Jerking off was one thing, but feeling his cock inside a nice warm pussy was something else. From what Kevin could tell, Dad was fine with just jerking off to some gay porn.

However, one day in the midst of the pandemic, Kevin got a little too brazen. His dad was going to be working in the back of the fields today. It was just a one-man job, so Kevin got the day off to relax. He had always wanted to try jerking off outside, but the sun was beating down, so he went on the porch, where there was shade, and took his cock out his pants after his dad was a safe distance away from the house. As Kevin got lost in the fantasy of him fucking two porn stars at the same time, with his two cocks, he didn’t notice the car was actually getting louder again instead of quieter.

His dad had forgotten his lunch at the house, and with the amount of work and the sun beating down, he needed it. He pulled up by the porch and walked up it. He had taken pride in the fact that he had got it to not creak. He leaned against the railing, admiring the sight in front of him. Yes, it was true, he was sexually attracted to his son. He normally would never act on it, but Kevin still didn’t react as his dad just stood there, watching him. He got brazen himself enough to start stroking his cock through his pants.

He was finally found out, not because of something he did, but by a loud bird. Kevin’s head instinctually turned to the sound of the noise, and finally got a look at what his dad was doing.

“Fuck, Dad! How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough, Kevin, long enough. You have a pretty impressive cock. I haven’t seen it in a few years.”

“Because Mom told me you were a fucking faggot! I didn’t want you having any more ideas, especially considering the porn she caught you with!”

“Oh, yeah, I remember that. That wasn’t the breaking point, though, Kevin.”

“Dad, I literally don’t give a shit! Do what you need to do and get the fuck out of here!”

“One question before I do, Kev: are you itching to fuck someone in one of their holes?”

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Power Bottom Dart

Chris Hemsworth just thought it was a mosquito who had pierced his skin. What he didn’t know was that it was actually a dart filled with a substance that would turn him into a bottom. The gay paparazzi, not the one who actually shot, knew what it did to Chris, though, when he snapped this picture.

Chris got on his private flight back home a few minutes later, but he found himself getting increasingly horny. That did normally happen when he was flying back to Elsa, but this time, he wanted something up his ass. He and Elsa weren’t normally into pegging, but Chris could only find relief when he went into the plane’s bathroom and shoved a water bottle up his ass. He moaned, feeling the most pleasure he had ever felt before. He fucked himself with it and even came from the sensations and the bottle pressing up against his prostate.

He had to do that a few more times before the plane finally touched down. Elsa went out and greeted her husband, and minutes later, the two of them were in the bedroom with their clothes off. However, instead of Chris acting like his usual dom top self, he had a request for his wife. “Take out the strap-on I bought you. I need you to fuck me in the ass.”

“Um, okay, honey,” Elsa said. “If that’s what you want.” Last time they had done this, Chris hated it, and now here he was, begging for it in his hole. Elsa put it on and fucked her husband. She was shocked at loud Chris’ moans were and how much he was turned on by having something up his ass. Once again, something up his ass made him cum, but Chris didn’t help Elsa cum as well, or even let her stop. They eventually had to when the kids were due back home from the nanny’s house.

Chris did love spending time with his wife and kids, but he was always itching to have something up his ass. He even raided Elsa’s sex toy drawer and stuck a vibrator up his ass to feel some pleasure. However, once Elsa and the kids left on a trip together, Chris was at a loss. He needed to feel something in his hole. He had been reading online, after the kids went to bed, that he was now probably a power bottom. He wanted to take it up the ass any chance he could get, and he had been desiring the real thing recently, having another man’s cock in his ass.

He downloaded Grindr and discreetly matched with another man. Of course, Chris couldn’t host, but he was still quickly recognized by the other man in the dingy hotel room. “Please don’t tell anyone about this,” Chris said. “I just need a real cock in my ass, okay?” The man saw how much this meant to Chris, and agreed to keep quiet. However, it would be hard to hide this story from friends, Chris Hemsworth moaning and groaning loudly as another man’s cock was in his hole, acting like a total power bottom.

He met up with the same dude a few more times, and other dudes he had matched with as well. It was like he needed a cock in his hole 24/7. One of the dudes he had hooked up with, a long-time local, informed Chris of a gloryhole big enough to fit a man’s ass. That was exactly what Chris needed, and so the next day he walked into the public restroom and entered the stall. He looked at the giant hole in between the stalls, wondering how the police and cleaning crew missed it. He stuck his ass through it, and just a few minutes later, he felt some random dude’s cock enter his hole.

He didn’t know whether to moan or shut up, so he kept quiet as the man fucked him. It was over in just a few minutes, Chris feeling yet another stranger’s cum sloshing around in his hole. A couple dollars floated down over the top of the stall, and Chris caught them before they fell into the toilet. Over the course of the day, a whole bunch of men fucked his hole. Most of them wanted him to remain quiet, but others allowed him to moan and scream out. None of them actually realized that they were fucking Chris Hemsworth, though.

Not everyone paid him, but Chris was paid in having his ass constantly filled with cum. He had to push some out of his ass before he could go home again, and he was at the gloryhole bright and early the next day, taking more and more cum. Eventually, it did leak to the public that Chris was doing this, and that he was a total power bottom. By this time, though, the drug that had turned him into a true power bottom way back when had warped his mind so much that he didn’t care. He just knew that it meant more and more men would fuck him, all of this because of a little dart that he thought was a mosquito.

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Prison Punishment

With all the evidence coming out that solitary confinement was one of the worst things you could do to a human being, the prisons needed to find another way to punish their prisoners. The wardens and the guards talked about it for quite some time, until one guard spoke up. He was a timid and quiet guard, but he made an excellent point. “Why don’t we punish the men by making them a hole for the other men to use? They’re all so fuckin’ horny, and I know most of the men are straight, but a hole is a hole, especially in this circumstance.”

It was a bit shocking, but as the guards and wardens thought about it more, it made sense. They decided to put it into action a few days later. Of course, they actually didn’t tell any of the prisoners about the change; they wanted to see what would happen without that knowledge. As Ron punched another prisoner in the face in the yard, he knew that he would be sent to solitary. He actually liked being alone, as none of the other guys could pick on him. While he had a leanly muscular build, it was no match for some of the other prisoners.

The guards broke up the scuffle, and after figuring out Ron instigated it, they took him back inside. However, Ron quickly realized that they were not making their way to the SHU, as they called it. “Hey, what the fuck is going on?” he asked.

“Shut up, prisoner!” barked one of the guards. “And if you must know, we’re trying out a new form of punishment.” Ron was pushed into a different cell, not the one he usually slept in. The cells around him were empty, this being a wing that was rarely used. The guards stood by the door, and seconds later, an announcement came crackling over the intercom system.

“Men, we are testing out a new system of punishment. Prisoner 24601, Ronald Chesterfeld, is in Cell Block E. His holes are open for your pleasure. Guards will be stationed around the cell block, so don’t get any ideas, men.” As soon as the message ended, a number of men quickly made their way to Cell Block E. Ron, on the other hand, was shocked by what he just heard. He didn’t agree to this! He wanted out! Unfortunately, one of the guards with a taser in hand forced him to stay in the cell as the first prisoner to fuck him entered.

Ron only vaguely recognized the man from around the prison, but he took no time in ripping Ron’s clothes off and fucking him senseless. Of course, Ron had never taken another man’s dick up his ass before, but the prisoner actually enjoyed his crying out in pain. It made him even harder, and the resulting cumshot was even bigger. As he pulled out, his cum still leaking from Ron’s hole, one of the guards tossed a Sharpie into the cell.

“Mark him. Show the others how many loads he’s taken.” The prisoner smirked as he uncapped the Sharpie and made one tally mark on Ron’s pec. The leanly muscular prisoner was in no state to fight back. He didn’t expect a steady stream of men to enter his new prison cell and fuck him. A few even forced him to suck on their cocks! All of them came in his holes, and each and every one of them put a tally mark on Ron’s pec. As the eighteenth prisoner walked in, Ron knew he was even more fucked.

Alejandro Castillo was the “head” of the prisoners, so to speak. He controlled all gang factions, what contraband was smuggled in, and even had a say in selecting new guards. However, when Ron was a new prisoner, he accidentally snitched on Alejandro to the wrong person and got him sent to the SHU. Alejandro entered the cell, his muscular and tatted body on full display.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t that fuckin’ bitch Ronald Chesterfeld. I haven’t forgotten what you’ve done to me. And now that the same can’t be done to you, you’re going to fuckin’ pay, bitch!” Alejandro smirked at the man in front of him, weak from having been fucked seventeen times before, didn’t resist, and he even had a black eye from a prisoner who punched him when he used teeth. Ron barely even put up a fight as Alejandro pushed him to his hands and knees and snaked his cock out of his pants.

He then pushed his cock into Ron’s hole, the copious amounts of cum there providing a good amount of lube for Alejandro’s impressive cock. He grabbed Ron by the neck as he really picked up the intensity of his fucking.

(Artwork by the magnificent @robbycop​)

“Yeah, do you like my big fat juicy cock in your hole, boy? Do you like me fucking you senseless, turning you into more of a bitch than you already are? I know you do, bitch. I know you love my cock in your hole. Payback is a sweet thing, you fuckin’ annoying bitch!” Alejandro punctuated the last three words with his own cumshot in Ron’s ass. It was one of the biggest yet, Alejandro pumping out his load for a solid twenty seconds. And he was the first one to force Ron to lick his cock clean, eating a mixture of quite a few other prisoners’ cum and his own ass juices. He slyly grinned as he put the third tally mark in the fourth group. “I’ll be back,” he warned. “I really like this new style of punishment,” he announced to the guards as he exited. “Some bitches need to get fucked.”
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Lust in the Locker Room

I never thought it would ever happen. I usually stayed behind after every practice, helping Coach and the cleaning staff get the locker room spic and span. Of course, I had an ulterior motive for helping out. Many of my teammates found their jockstraps suspiciously missing, or returned to them filled with cum and piss stains. That was all my doing, but I wanted the real thing. Being the only gay dude playing a sport with rampant homophobia was pretty difficult, but I knew at least one men would be interested in me: Coach.

Coach Peterson had been involved in a scandal a couple years back when it was revealed that he was sleeping with the quarterback that year. That year he came out as bi, leaning heavily towards men. That usually kept the homophobia and gay-bashing in line, but I heard rumors about what my teammates did to freshmen. So, back to Coach. I hadn’t even seen the man shirtless before. I had seen him sweaty, barking at us under the midday sun, but he always waited until everyone left to shower, the cleaning staff and I included.

He wasn’t one of those slutty coaches I liked to read and jerk off to; his clothes were loose-fitting and torn, not that hot. I tried to stay in the locker room for as long as I could before having to go and change and leave, but I never once saw Coach walk to the showers or even leave his office. However, I had my chance, though, when the cleaning crew went on strike across campus because of racist remarks. That meant we all had to clean the locker room, and of course I took the brunt of it, being the only one remaining in the locker room three hours after practice had ended.

It had been the longest I had ever stayed in the locker room, so now was my chance. I continued cleaning, and as I did, I heard the creaky door to Coach’s office open up. I quickly made my way to a vantage point behind some lockers, where I could see him, but it would be difficult for him to see me. I watched as Coach Peterson’s practically naked body made its way to the shower. He was wearing a towel around his waist, which was a pity, but I finally got to see what had been hiding under that shirt for the longest time.

Coach was in shape! Those baggy clothes hid some impressive muscles. He wasn’t shredded like some of my fellow teammates, but he had those nice plump muscles that really turned me on. I also noticed he shaved all over, the only hair being a small patch of pubic hair. My cock was straining in my pants by the time I finally lost sight of him. I knew that this would probably be my only chance to have sex with Coach, so I quickly finished cleaning the locker I was on, and stripped naked as well and grabbed a towel.

I had to awkwardly hold it away from my body, my bulge still throbbing. As I walked into the shower room and peeked around, I saw a sight that I would never forget. Under the water, Coach was stroking his impressive cock and moaning loudly! This is my chance to finally fuck Coach, I thought, as I pulled the towel down and revealed my own rock hard cock. I stroked it a couple times myself before walking into the shower. Coach was so lost in his jerk off session he didn’t notice me until I was under the other showerhead.

“FUCK!” he screamed, as he looked over my nude body. “Uh, Ollie, what the fuck are you still doing here?”

“The cleaning staff went on strike, didn’t you hear? I’ve been cleaning ever since practice ended, and now I need a nice and cold shower,” I explained, with a giant smirk.

“So, you, um, saw it?” Coach asked. He had covered his cock, to the best of his ability, once I realized I was in there with him.

“Yeah, and Coach, you don’t need to worry about it. You know I like dicks too.”

“But after what happened last time-”

“That won’t happen to us. Now, Coach, tell me, are you a top or a bottom?” Coach responded, but it was such a faint tone of voice I didn’t pick it up. The rushing water didn’t help either. “What did you say?” I asked.

“I’m a fuckin’ bottom!” Coach practically screamed.

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Making One for the Team

(Artwork by the fantastic Daz!)

It was expected that all of the college football players at UNI declared for the NFL Draft. UNI sent practically all of its team to the Draft every year. However, there were always a couple men who unfortunately didn’t make the cut. This year, Jeremy Hawkins was one of them. He was a perfectly average player in every way, both statistics-wise and in his appearance. He had a leanly muscled build and floppy brown hair. He wasn’t ugly, but he also wasn’t a hunk either. All of that, when combined into one package, meant he didn’t make it through the first day of the draft. His vertical was pitiful, which sealed the deal for him.

This year, it was just Jeremy who failed to make it through the Draft. As a result, he was the only one to show up back at Coach Dawson’s door, holding his uniform in one hand. “Uh, Coach, I didn’t make it,” Jeremy explained.

“Fuck yeah you didn’t! That’s why you’re standing in my fuckin’ office instead of a fuckin’ field with other players! Put your uniform on that chair, and come back to the locker room at 8 PM sharp, tonight. I’ll deal with your sorry ass then.” Jeremy gulped. He had heard rumors about what happened to the players who didn’t make it through the Draft. They never seemed to be in any pictures or record books, and it was like they didn’t even exist anymore. Jeremy could barely get through the rest of the day before returning to the locker room at night.

It was already pitch black out. As Jeremy flicked the lights on, he realized that they didn’t do too much. The natural sunlight normally illuminated the locker room, and a cloudy sky meant the moon couldn’t do the same tonight. He had walked around in this locker room a countless number of times before, so Jeremy was able to make his way to Coach’s office easily. Once he stepped in there, he turned the light on. A shocking sight greeted him.

Coach was at his desk, as was to be expected. However, he was shirtless, as far as Jeremy could tell. Standing behind him were about seven men dressed from head to toe in black rubber suits. The only way to distinguish these men was by their builds. Coach smiled at Jeremy. “Lock the door, boy. And welcome to the team.”

“What the fuck does that even mean!?” Jeremy screamed. “I was already on the fuckin’ team!”

“Well, not this team. Harrison, please lock the door.” One of the rubber drones with a lean build stepped forward. He was faster than Jeremy and locked the door before he could leave. As Jeremy turned around, he remembered Harrison. He had not even qualified for the Draft last season, and hadn’t graduated that year as well. Jeremy thought he just went missing, but what was actually done to him was even worse.

“You’re trapped in here, now, Hawkins. And soon enough, you’ll be a part of the team. Men, if you would.” Jeremy watched as two of the more muscular rubber drones pushed one of the filing cabinets in the room to the side. He watched in horror as a device was pulled out of the crevice it had been hiding. It was an operating table of sorts, with a lot of instruments attached to it that Jeremy wanted nowhere near him. It was rolled behind Coach’s desk.

“What the fuck even is that thing?” Jeremy asked, a bit nervous about what was about to happen to him.

“Oh, this thing? It will turn you into one of them, making you a part of the team. Would you like to know what everything does?”

“NO!” practically screamed Jeremy. He wanted this fucked-up torture to end, but the door was wasn’t wooden, and the rubber drone goons were in front of the only window in the room.

“Okay then. Men, if you would.” The two muscular rubber drones walked over to him and held his shoulders in place as one of the other drones walked over to him. Jeremy noticed that he had scissors in his hands. He closed his eyes in fear of what would happen to him, but the drone just cut all of his clothes off. Two layers of shirts and two layers of bottoms came off, and Jeremy was now buck naked in Coach’s office. By this time, he had figured out Coach was nude as well.

The two men then lifted Jeremy up and brought him over to the table. There, everyone, including Coach, helped to get Jeremy into place, securing him to the table. He didn’t know where to start with the horrific things that were happening to him.

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VR Milking

(Artwork done by the amazing @sovelky)

Travis read over the ad that had popped up on his screen. “Having trouble hitting it off with a guy? Want the experience of a dude sucking you off without any of the hassle? Then come to the VR Erotic House, where once you are plugged in, all your fantasies become your realities!” He was intrigued, and clicked on the ad. He knew he probably shouldn’t have, but he had good ad blockers installed, just in case. Nothing did happen to his computer as the website for the VR Erotic House appeared.

It looked to be a normal website, albeit for a strange business. There were testimonials and rates, and even a 15 second preview of what Travis might experience! What really sealed the deal for him was that it was in his city, less than a ten-minute drive away. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the business, there were no walk-ins. Travis had to make an appointment, and he anxiously awaited the five days until he was finally able to walk inside the VR Erotic House.

To his surprise, when he arrived at the address, it was quite literally a house, on top of a hill. True, it was much bigger than most suburban homes, but Travis didn’t expect it to be so literal. He drove up the driveway, parked, and entered the house through the front door. It all felt so odd, especially when he was greeted by a receptionist’s desk in what he assumed used to be the foyer. “Name?” the perky blonde receptionist asked.

“Travis, Travis Barnes,” he said.

“Ah, yes, here you are. They’ll be coming in shortly to bring you to your room. Please have a seat.” Travis did so and scrolled through social media for a few minutes before a man walked through another door in the room. He was quite the attractive man, wearing a shirt and pants that left nothing to the imagination.

“Travis?” he asked, even though Travis was the only other person in the room.

“Yeah, that’s me.” He followed the hunky employee down the hallway behind the door, admiring his ass the entire time. Both of them walked into the closest empty room. It honestly looked like a bedroom to Travis, with white walls and wooden floors, like at his mom and dad’s old place. The only furniture in the room, though, was a small table with the VR device on it and a comfy chair for him to sit in.

“Please, have a seat while we get set up,” he said. Travis got a rush out of following his orders, and sat down. The device was then placed upon his head and calibrated. “Once I leave, the device will turn on. You can control the scenario by tilting your head or pushing a button, if the app allows for it. There are no cameras in the room, although audio is picked up in case of a medical emergency. We all hope you enjoy your time here at the VR Erotic House!” Travis smiled as he heard the man walk out of the room.

Then the darkness went away and a bunch of different options appeared on the screen. There were a number of different positions he could be in, the top, bottom, dom, sub, or even a cuckold, stroking his virtual cock! He decided on a milking scenario, picking a big black cock. He wanted to see what that was like. The screen flickered and changed. Travis looked to be in a room similar to the one he was in now, but when he looked down, he had a tattooed muscular body. He also had a monster black cock, which was being stroked by a hand attached to nothing.

It did look and feel a bit weird at first, but as the actor being recorded moaned and groaned, Travis did the same not too long afterwards. He soon took his real-life cock out from his pants and started stroking it as well. He tried to time his motions to what the hand in the video did to “his” big black cock. The scenario was definitely fun while it lasted, but the dude in the video wasn’t edged forever, and he eventually blew his load. Travis held off on that, wanting to experience something else.

This time, he picked someone sucking him off. To his surprise, there were a number of different options available. There were a number of gay porn stars, but also some straight celebrities, like Chris Evans. Travis knew it would probably be more realistic if he picked a porn star, and so just a few seconds later, Zeb Atlas appeared in front of him and began sucking him off. As Travis enjoyed the virtual blowjob, he noticed something a bit off about the video this time. The quality was excellent, almost life-like.

The audio was a bit weird, though.

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Superman’s Other Green Weakness

(Artwork done by the amazing @icemanblue​)

Clark was flying through the solar system, responding to a distress signal from a distant planet. He was flying alone, as the team back on Earth had other problems to deal with. From the information Bruce had found about the planet, it wouldn’t be much of a problem. However, as Clark reached the planet, he realized that his best friend had forgotten to mention one crucial detail. The planet was circling a red sun. Clark was able to land on the planet safely, but a quick test of his powers showed that none of them worked. He was forced to walk the planet, looking for where the distress signal came from. He didn’t walk for long, though.

He felt a sharp jabbing pain in his arm a few minutes after starting to walk. He wasn’t used to feeling pain like other humans, but when he looked down, he realized that he was in even worse shit. There was some sort of needle or arrow in his arm, slowly pumping something inside of him. Under a red sun, Clark couldn’t fight it off, and Superman crumpled to the ground, unconscious. When he finally woke up, Clark found himself in a strange room. He could barely tell it was a room, the only light source not casting very bright shadows.

He then felt two metal bonds on his wrists. He pulled at them, expecting them to break and for him to be freed. He then remembered that he was under a red sun, and he would be stuck here for some time. He couldn’t access any of the devices that would contact his fellow team members. Clark then realized something else. His suit was in tatters. The properties of the suit didn’t change because he was under a red sun, so he knew that whoever he was dealing with was strong.

Clark looked down and realized to what extent his suit had been ripped. His chest was surprisingly mostly there, the S still there. However, one nipple was exposed to the air, and most of his abs. Because the room was a bit cold as well, Clark’s nipples got erect. He blushed, but the bonds on his wrist meant he couldn’t cover them up. He would have used his hands to cover his cock anyways. His red underwear was still mostly on, but a hole had been cut out specifically for his cock and balls. They bounced around ever so slightly as Clark jostled, trying to escape. Some of his legs were also exposed as well.

He didn’t know how much time had actually passed, but a door to the room opened up. One of the inhabitants from the planet walked inside. Another thing that Bruce didn’t brief him on: the aliens looked almost exactly like the little green aliens. “What the fuck do you want from me!?” Clark asked. This was a situation in which swearing was very much warranted.

“Ah, I see they sent the Kryptonian. Heroes like you always respond to cries for help.”

“Wait, there’s nothing wrong here?”

“No, we sent out that signal hoping a hero like you would come along. We had a number of methods for containing you and your brethren of heroes, but a Kryptonian under a red sun was one of the easiest plans.”

“So, if I’m not here to help or rescue you, then why am I here?” Clark asked. He was a bit puzzled, but considering what they had done to his suit, he knew that it was sexual in nature.

“We need to collect some of your cum, milking, as some cultures on your Earth say.”

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