Get Well Soon: Liam, Dean, and Sam

Getting the Winchester brothers under CinaedeFuri’s control was too easy. Just spread a rumor about a hypnotist in town stirring up shit, and those two guys will come knocking on your door.

It was Liam that caused him a lot more trouble, though. After falling the pool and almost drowning, thanks to Adam’s machinations, he was on life support and barely hanging on. So, after CinaedeFuri worked his way through the hospital to Liam’s room, hypnotizing people left and right, he had to hypnotize Liam into believing he was going to get better, and then finally wait for him to wake up so he could finish the hypnosis.

“I hope Finn fucking likes this gift after all the effort I’ve poured into it,” the hypnotist said out loud, as he exited the hospital with Liam in tow, none of the Carringtons even batting an eye.

The next day, Finn heard a knock on his door in Metropolis. He had one of his many sex slaves answer it.

“It’s for you, Finn,” said Reggie, as he walked back to Finn and resumed sucking on his toes. He turned his head around and looked at the door. Yet another care package had arrived, but this time with three hunky men. He literally jumped up and ran over to them. “CinaedeFuri is the best!” he said out loud as he brought the package and the three men inside. The slaves had gotten to used to seeing new guys come in by now, so they stood by the walls as Finn quickly stripped the three stark naked, revealing hot and toned bodies on all three studs.

Clark noticed his Master’s new slaves were the Winchester brothers and author Liam Ridley. He knew of all three men, but stood there mindlessly playing with his own cock as the three new men got on to their knees and started to worship Finn. They started at the feet, licking it even more clean. Finn had learned that he liked receiving footjobs, so Liam, Sam, and Dean all took turns sucking on his toes. The same thing continued as they moved his legs, feeling his thighs and hamstrings.

Skipping the ass and genitals, for now, the three moved to Finn’s ass. They pulled on the taut skin and traced the lines of his six pack, slowly coming into its own. They then played with his pecs, cupping them and sucking on the nipples. Finn’s nipples had gotten totally erect, and his cock was starting to chub up too. Next was the underarms. With three, it was a bit more difficult than all other times, but by the time Liam, Sam, and Dean moved to his massive biceps, all of them equally inhaled the scent of a real man, their new master. After finishing up the session with a kiss, Finn cleared off the couch so that they could all have sex.

He would have Sam suck him off, and he would suck Dean off. Liam got the honor of fucking him, as out of all three guys, he had the largest cock. He was provided with lube and condom by one of Finn’s other slaves, and then the four of them went at it. Even though Dean was the bisexual one out of the Winchester brothers, Sam still knew how to suck cock pretty damn well. Finn assumed, and found it quite hot, that the brothers practiced on each other. Anyways, he was able to suck Finn off expertly, deep-throating him without a problem and using his tongue to play with his tip, getting his tongue into his piss slit. As a result, Finn did not hold back, and even though it was a bit difficult with his ass being used at the same time, he face fucked the man.

Dean was enjoying having his master suck him off. Of fucking course, Finn knew how to suck cock, and so the two of them went into more advanced stuff, like light biting to really associate pleasure with pain. Dean was no slouch in the cock department either, and Fangs could easily see that Dean’s hard cock was a ways down his Master’s throat. Finn didn’t mind, and as he found out today, he had a saliva kink. Dean’s cock did not leave his mouth, and it was weirdly erotic to see loads of spit drop down from his mouth. The fact that quite a bit of it was falling onto Sam’s head made it even hotter.

Meanwhile, in the back, Liam was having the time of his life. Free from worrying about what hole he needed to go into, he didn’t hold back and fucked Finn like he had fucked a bunch of whores before him, Fallon included. However, he was madly in love with Finn as well, and so he made sure to edge himself and wait until the other guys were ready to cum, even if the inside of Finn’s ass was all wet and juicy. Liam made sure his balls made a lasting mark on Finn’s ass as he fucked him, the plum sized nuts bouncing all over the place. He was never a vocal fucker, but Finn didn’t mind, as all the pleasure and pain he was experiencing was going to push him over the edge.

And it did. Finn ejaculated, without warning, into Sam’s mouth, who made a seal and swallowed it like a champ. Seeing his brother swallow his master’s cum pushed Dean over the edge, and Finn swallowed cum for the first time in a while. As cum flowed both in and out of Finn, Liam pulled out and whipped his condom off. It didn’t take long at all for him to cum as well, leaving ropes of his cum on Finn’s back. A few seconds later, the three men were done cumming. Finn was ready to flop onto the bed in erotic ecstasy, but he realized Sam hadn’t cum yet. He went to check on the Winchester, only to find him with a cheeky grin on his face as cum rolled down the sides of his cock.

“I came hands-free, Master,” he said. As the two new slaves tasted Sam’s cum, Finn just laid back and took it all in. All of these hot men under his control, permanently. A whole bunch of men, and women, would kill to be in the same position he was.
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Too Much Relaxin’

Nico was enjoying his first vacation with his new girlfriend, Adriana. They hadn’t been together for too long, but Adriana had planned this trip months in advance, and the two had had sex already, so sleeping in the same bed wasn’t a problem. As Nico enjoyed the island life, however, Adriana was planning something. Nico wasn’t the type of guy she was attracted to. She was attracted to those stoner guys, who grew out their hair into dreadlocks and smoked pot everyday. She wouldn’t have a hard time finding those guys where she lived, but she liked to change men into her image.

She was actually a witch, a fact which she revealed to nobody. She did have a book of spells, however, and one page had a giant crease in it. That was the page that listed the spell that would turn somebody into a stoner. The ingredients weren’t that difficult to smuggle through customs, and in the above photo, she had just poured the entire potion into his drink. It had no taste whatsoever, so Nico would never suspect a thing. The next morning, she hung a “Do Not Disturb” sign on their bedroom door as the potion started to work its magic.

The first thing to change was the hair. The dark blonde hair of the former stud turned black and grew rapidly. Instead of becoming flowing locks, the hair looked like it hadn’t been washed in forever, and magically made itself into dreadlocks. They reached almost to his waist before they stopped growing. Next up was a small bodily change. Adriana liked her potheads skinny and weak, and so that’s what Nico became. He had lost the small amount of muscle he had currently. The final change was a mental one, cementing his new addiction. Adriana couldn’t see its effects until Nico woke up, and his eyes were bloodshot.

“Weed,” he croaked out. One unfortunate thing was that the spell made it so that the person was going through withdrawal after the change, but Adriana pulled out some blunts, and watched her newest boyfriend smoke away. Once he was done, and sufficiently high, the two had sex. She introduced Nico to her friends again later that day. They didn’t know she was an actual witch, but knew she was able to do something to make guys into her image. And they weren’t complaining as they watched Nico get wet and play chicken with some guys.
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Secret Potion: More Guys

The same potion from yesterday’s post didn’t just affect those three guys. Here are six more men who fell victim to the potion and transformed!

Reilly, Aaron, and Kyle were all bunking together, and a stroke of pure luck, the potion affected all of them the same way. The three were forced to lie down on their beds as the change took over. Much like one of the men yesterday, these three saw a dramatic change in their bodies, changing them from twinks or twunks to full-blown bears, hair and fat and all! When the change was over, the three, nude from the growth, had a threesome that was some of the best sex all three guys had ever had.

Nick’s change was almost imperceptible to the human eye. Already lanky and skinny, he got slightly taller and grew his hair out more. However, when he smiled, anybody could tell that his incisors were longer and sharpened, much like a vampire’s fangs. A poor adult found out the real truth behind Nick’s change as the man sucked his blood to feed.

Matt’s change required no bodily transformations at all, but he had one of the most profound mental changes out of all the men. As he packed up his bags, he was wondering why he had even gone to this conference anyways. He only ran competitively to keep fit, and besides, practices and meets were already cutting into studying time a whole fucking lot. As he checked out of the conference a few days early, the front desk lady noticed a distinctive change in the lad. He now looked every part like your stereotypical nerd, glasses and bow tie included, and not like a runner.

And finally poor Travis. It was the change didn’t affect him at all. He pretty much acted normally, and he too checked out of the conference early, around the same time as Matt. However, he wasn’t a nerd. No, the change had made him realize what he wanted his career path to be: stripper. There was a gay strip club not too far from the conference center, and since it was a week day, the owner gave him a trial run that very night. He was able rake in a fair amount of cash for the night, so he was hired full-time. Unlike Matt, he continued to play the same sports from college, only in rec leagues so he could keep fit and fuck the hot guys that started to frequent his place of work.
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Secret Potion

It was laughably easy for the man to replace the college conference’s drinks with that of his own. The drink had a different effect depending on who ingested it. Here are just three examples.

Andrew Venino had returned to his room after lunch when he felt his whole body start to ache. He hadn’t done anything athletic this week, so he wondered if his body was going through some sort of withdrawal. It wasn’t, as the aches got more severe and forced him to lie down on his bed. He watched as his feet started to change, ever so slightly. He could tell now that they were bent in the same fashion as his girlfriend’s, a side-effect of wearing heels. The change went up his body, causing his legs to loose a bit of muscle and actually get longer.

The next part happened in tandem. As Andrew felt his dick and balls shrink, he also noticed his pecs getting bigger and rounder. There was nothing he could do as his genitals got even smaller and then popped back into his body. He felt some searing pain as his insides were rearranged, and even though he couldn’t see or feel it right now, he knew he had a vagina down there. His breasts were slower to come in, but by the time they were done growing, Andrew could barely see anything past them lying down.

His arms changed similarly to the legs, loosing a bit of muscle as well. The change then went by his neck, making him lose his Adam’s apple. He then felt his own face being rearranged to become more feminine. He also felt his hair growing, and saw it peek past his shoulders before it stopped growing. That was the final change, and Andy was able to get up and look at herself in the mirror. She was fucking hot, and couldn’t wait to introduce Andrea to the hot studs at the conference.

Cole Murrell was back in his room, and the same ache overpowered him. As he fell onto his bed, different bodily changes began to occur to him. The first thing that happened was that a short layer of hair spread all over his body, covering everything from his chest to his toes. The athlete was normally very clean-shaven, so this came as a shock to him. The second part of this was even more shocking, as he suddenly gained a fair amount of weight in no time at all. The formerly ripped athlete watched as his body was transformed in one that was a “bear” stereotype.

As the change released Cole from its grasp, it had one final thing to change. As he left to reintroduce himself to the conference, he wasn’t looking for a cheerleader to fuck. No, he wanted a football player, like himself.

Matt Teehan started off pretty much the same as Cole did. The change forced him to flop on his bed and grow hair all over his body. However, unlike the bear, this hair was longer and ironically more likely to be seen on an actual bear. In another difference, instead of gaining fat, he gained pure muscle, causing his chest to look like it had been sculpted by the gods. His cock also increased in size too.

The last part of the change for Matt didn’t happen until later that night. It was a full moon, and he and a few of his buddies had decided to go for a walk. They all knew of course why they needed to go for a walk, and as soon as the full moon peeked out from behind a cloud, the men all changed into werewolves, clothes flying all over the place.
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“AAAAHHHH!” presumably screamed the men, as the light above their head was turned on for the first time. Three college jocks were bound to each other in a triangle shape. Their arms and legs were bound tightly, and each had a dildo gag in their mouth, so they couldn’t speak, at all. As their eyes darted around the room, wondering what was the fuck was going on, a couple scientists behind the two-way mirror were debriefed on today’s subjects.

“We have John S, John F, and Kieran here today with us, sir, in that order.

They are the closest to the perfect specimens in any experiment yet. We are hoping this one is a success.”

“Me too. Now drop the powder.”

“Yes, sir.” The younger scientist pressed a button, which dropped a white powder onto the men. The three looked up at it lightly coated their body. They couldn’t really tell due to their limited line of sight, but the powder mostly landed in areas where the men’s bodies were physically touching. They created a type of glue that stuck the men together. In previous tests, muscular victims could break free of that bond, but now, the fairly weak athletes would have no chance of breaking it.

The two scientists watched as the powder began to slowly work its magic. They watched as the arms of the men slowly got closer together, almost touching skin-to-skin. It wasn’t long before that contact was finally made, and what happened a few seconds later was even more shocking. The skin went past just touching and connected together. If the men were up to get up, they would find that they were literally all conjoined, with no way to reverse it. The process continued for some time, until Kieran noticed that his fingers were moving when he wasn’t trying to fight back. However, one of the Johns was, and that’s when he realized what was happening.

It took a bit longer for both Johns to realize what was happening to the men, but even if they could do something, it was now much too late. Their arms were completely morphed together, and to the scientists, it looked pretty bizarre. However, it also meant the plan was working. The next thing to morph together was the legs. The body positioning meant they weren’t touching, so the three men had to watch as their own legs slowly but surely morphed into one giant one, right below their cocks. They were naturally freaked out a shitton over this, but there was nothing they could do to stop it.

Then came the chests. The scientists had never gotten this far before with any subjects, so it was interesting to watch as the backs of the men actually expanded in size a fair bit so that the whole interior part of the triangle was touching. The three men most certainly felt as they were being swallowed up by the other two men, which included their cocks as well. One of the Johns’ legs was actually pulled back up into his body and moved into his, well, their, chest. Once the final pieces of skin lodged into place, the scientists just stared at the three headed human in front of them. The next step was the most dangerous, but also the most incredible out of all of them.

Kieran and the Johns screamed internally as they felt skin to skin contact on their heads now. It wouldn’t be long until they were all one amorphous blob, which would slowly be reshaped into a human. It took a fair bit of time, but the brains of the men were eventually connected. It sent them into sensory overload, and their vitals were spiking. A quick knockout agent solved that problem. The scientists were upset that they couldn’t look at the brain wave patterns and all that jazz, but the actual morph was much more important. It took some time for the final step to occur, as the brains morphed into one and all non-essential memories and shit were completely forgotten.

It was almost midnight when the last pit of one of the men’s nostrils disappeared, and the body in front of them looked just like a regular human. A bodybuilder, perhaps, but not some weird alien looking thing. The new man was freed from his bonds and underwent a battery of tests. While he was a baby mentally, due to the process, his genitals still were functionally normally, being able to ejaculate still. For all intents and purposes, this man was an actual human being, made from three other human males.

“We’re going to be so fucking rich!” said the head scientist as he escorted the new man to his boss.
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Role-play Becomes Real Play

A number of college athletes had gathered in Arizona for the annual College Students in Sports symposium. The theme of this year’s event was “Incorporating LGBTQIA+ Athletes”, and so the first event that all athletes went to was a mock family set-up. That would be how rooms were assigned, and for the rest of that week, the couples and their kid(s) would have to act just like a normal family. As was to be expected, pretty much all the couples were same-sex, with only the late attendees possibly being paired up with someone from the opposite sex. One of the couples was Matt Froojian and Alec Balasny.

Their child was Hiyuma Nagai.

When the men arrived at their room, they were a bit shocked at the layout. There were only two beds, and one of them was a twin, barely able to fit Hiyuma. Matt and Alec just looked at each other.

“I guess they really want us to embrace being gay parents,” Alec said. Thankfully, there was enough storage space, but it was awkward when Matt and Alec flopped into bed, and their arms touched. This problem would only occur when they were sleeping, or so they thought. The three had all the same events together, mostly likely the reason why they were grouped as a family. After sitting through some concussion shit and locker room talk in today’s day and age, they were all able to have dinner together.

The food was fucking awesome, but the drinks, not so much. The symposium was being sponsored by this new bottled water company, Allegeria. The water tasted like shit, and although you could get it in a bunch of flavors, and even sparkling, it was the only drink option available. So, the three of them sucked it up and drank a couple bottles full being retiring to the their room. Hiyuma showered first and hopped under the cover in his bed. It was when Matt walked out of the bathroom in just his boxers that there was a problem.

“Uh-uh,” said Alec, who was dressed in pajamas. “I’m not sleeping a bed with a dude in just his boxers.”

“I don’t have any extra clothes with me, Alec. It’s either this, or nude.”

“Fine! But we’re putting up one of those pillow wall things.”

“Okay.” The two of them eventually fell asleep, but the next morning, the wall was on the ground. Matt and Alec were facing each other, but they just assumed both rolled around in their sleep too much. After some breakfast with more despicable Allegeria, the day was riddled with more conferences. The athletes didn’t notice it, but they were slowly starting to be separated by biological sex. The topics weren’t as hardcore as “How to suppress your gag reflex”, but the three men definitely went to some conferences today females would have been very uncomfortable with.

The night time routine in the room was pretty much the same, but Alec declined to put up a wall this time. His reasoning was that it barely worked last time, and he liked having the head support. As the two men in the queen bed fell asleep, the athlete in the twin was ruminating over the day’s thoughts. Hiyuma found himself getting dumber. He wasn’t at a himbo level, a term he had looked up as one of his last conferences was on that. He was, however, forgetting small things and even regressing a little bit. He caught himself checking out some guys’ bulges, a practice he had stopped in high school when he got beat up over it.

The next morning, Matt and Alec’s situation got more tangled, literally, as Matt woke up with his hand over Alec’s side. He carefully pulled it away and went to get dressed. At breakfast that morning, Allegeria was still the only drink of choice, but the three of them, and most of the other athletes, had gotten used to it. The three men staying in Room 659 each had another bottle before going to today’s groups. They were getting a bit more bizarre, although nobody said anything about it. One of the last groups had them all strip nude and examine each other’s genitals, under the pretense of learning what a kick to the balls or cock might do. To an onlooker, it looked very much like the start of a gay orgy, as most of the men were hard.

The third night, Alec had gotten comfortable enough to go shirtless in bed as well. Hiyuma was still very much clothed, but like yesterday, his thoughts were troubling. He was remembering less and less, and forgot big words. He was getting super horny all the time, and could barely hide his hard-on during the penis examination. The next day, the penultimate day at the symposium, the morning routine was the same as ever, although Alec and Matt felt quite comfortable being nude around each together, even going to the bathroom while the other was brushing their teeth. After downing some more Allegeria, they went to today’s conferences.

They learned about gay sex, perineums, and a bunch of other obviously gay stuff that was all obsequiously geared towards to them being allies to their LGBTQIA+ peers. However, no one batted an eye when the last session of the day practically turned into an all-out orgy. The dining area reeked of sex as the men gobbled up the delicious food and drank even more Allegeria. Back in the room, Alec and Matt had dropped all pretenses and both slept completely nude. Hiyuma even saw them cuddling before falling asleep.

“Ah, my dads are so cute,” he said to himself. That statement didn’t trouble him, but what was happening to his body was. He hadn’t had to shave for a couple days, and no shadow appeared. His pubic bush had disappeared as well, and most of his body hair as well. His cock had gotten even smaller and his balls pulled back up. He could barely get hard, if at all. And what was worse was that it seemed he had regressed to the state of a sixth grader. During the orgy, he and a bunch of the athlete “kids” sat on the sidelines, while the group leaders explained what was happening to them.

At the final breakfast, the sight was one to behold. Some men didn’t even bother to put on clothes, and drank Allegeria like there was no tomorrow. The couples were also holding hands and looking very lovey-dovey, even though there were no actual gay couples on day one. The kids followed their parents everywhere, and in sharp contrast to the dads, were clothed. The three of them were finally split up, as Alec and Matt went to the vaguely named conferences today that showed them how to be a couple and work through arguments. Meanwhile, Hiyuma and the other kids were relearning how to be a kid again. Despite all of them being over 18, when checking out each other’s nude bodies, the only thing that really showcased their age was their muscle mass. Their cocks were tiny and balls non-existent, and the only hair on their body was on their head.

That night, Hiyuma had to put his earplugs in as his dads had sex for the first time. He looked away and was surprisingly able to go to sleep, even as Alec screamed out, “I’m about to fucking cum, honey!” At check-out the next day, none of the three were shocked that they were all booked on the same flight, even though all three of them had left from different airports. They arrived in Boston, where a taxi driver, that provided them some Allegeria water, drove them to their new home. Alec and Matt kissed as Hiyuma ran inside and checked out his own room. The two formerly straight athletes looked to their left and right as a bunch of other athletes from the symposium moved into their apartments as well.
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How I Became a Jockboi Slut

Master wants me to tell you guys my story. He’s helped me with some grammar and allowing me to access some of my memories. Here goes!

My name was Chase, and I’m 20. While I’m currently a jockboi slut slave for my Master, I used to go to school for this thing called neurochemistry. That meant I was pretty smart, but I was what people called the total package: super smart and with looks to die for. I had a toned and muscular body that was the envy of all the guys in the department. Apparently, one guy hated me enough that he wanted to get rid of me. Master intervened, but set the plan for me to become his slave into motion.

It stared the summer of my junior year, at one of the houses my family owned. We, well, they are the philanthropic rich kind, but we did indulge in some house buying. But Master’s telling me to get back on topic, so as far as I can remember, I hired a professional photographer to shoot some candids for my Instagram page. @thehotnerd had over 100k followers. When he arrived at my house that day, I noticed his set up was a bit bizarre. He had the newest iPhone, but plugged into it was this monstrous device that he said was just a professional camera, made for an iPhone.

I believed him, which Master tells me is the first thing I did wrong. One of the first “candid” shots was me standing by the pool, as it overlooked the golf course. The flash almost blinded me, I remember, but I felt even weirder after it.

“What the fuck, dude?” I remember asking. “A, that’s fucking bright, and B, my head fucking hurts!”

“Sorry, sir, that’s how it needs to get done.”

“Fine,” I scoffed, as he went about his business. Getting used to the obnoxious flash took some time, but by the end of the day, the shot looked truly candid. I hadn’t even realized that I had changed into my speedo, and that the photographer had followed me into the cabana and took pictures of my nude body. I had only found out a few days later when I got an email from a strange address I didn’t recognize.

I probably would have deleted it, but the subject talked about nude pictures of me. I had been careful not to put any nude photos out there at all, not even taking them on my own phone. So, I was naturally shocked when I opened the email, and there were naked photos of me, face clearly visible. What was even worse was that I recognized the cabana. I was going to call the photographer and have him explain himself, when I noticed the contact number in the email was the same.

“What the actual fuck, man!? I never gave you permission to snap those kinds of photos! I specifically remember adding that clause into your contract!” I screamed into my phone after typing the numbers.

“How ‘bout I make a deal? You do one little thing for me, and I delete all traces of these photos everywhere on the web.”

“Deal!” The photographer told me his plan. He was going to put me on a sailboat in the Virgin Islands, and I just to had snap pictures of myself with wildlife and cool islands or rock formations. I, of course, accepted, especially once the guy mentioned he wouldn’t be on the trip himself. However, I did have to use an actual camera that he provided, but I didn’t care about that. Master tells me that was the second thing I did wrong.

I made my way to the dock a few days later, where I met the photographer and got the camera. We barely exchanged any words, and I got onboard the ship. The crew of five men were quite nice, and I got to know them a bit before setting sail. Once the dock was no longer visible, I focused on my job. What was a bit bizarre about the camera that it had two viewports. One was a mirror-like one which allowed you to hold the camera both ways. The other was more like a screen, but it did reflect the image too. A hypnotic spiral image was overlaid over it, and I fucking swear it moved. I didn’t mind, and took shots like this.

This is where my memories started to get blurry, and Master allowed me access to them. I returned to the dock later that day, having snapped over 100 photos of various islands and other cool stuff. However, the photographer just threw the camera into the ocean. I didn’t react, nor was I puzzled when the photographer gleamed at me.

“I think you’ve been thoroughly hypnotized. Let’s get you to your new master.”

(Hey, Master Vinnie, here. I just wanted to explain what happened. The hypnosis lens thing Chase was talking about? Yeah, it actually was spinning, and that image combined with the same flashing trigger as the other photoshoot really hypnotized him into being a mindless slut.)

Those words had no meaning to me, so I followed the photographer onto his private plane and signed a bunch of forms and stuff. I remember bits and pieces, like “signing away my rights”, and “medical malpractice as cause of death”. I just relaxed and went to sleep. The photographer had me wear some earplugs when I started to look sleepy. The music lulled me to sleep, and the beat was something I had never experienced before. (Vinnie- binaural beats)

I was woken up an hour or so later when we touched down. As we pulled away from the airport, I was able to recognize the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. We were in New York, and I was brought to an apartment. I rode all the way up to the top floor, and was told to sit on the couch. A few minutes, I saw Master Vinnie for the first time. He was wearing absolutely nothing at all, his massive cock flopping around, bouncing against his hairy balls.

“Chase, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I’ve had my eyes set on you for quite some time. The prodding by one of your classmates on Twitter was the final straw. I’m Vinnie, by the way, your new master.”

“My new what?” I asked, groggily.

“Oh, that’s right. You’re still in the hypnotic lull. Well, let’s not waste any more time. You are to be my full-time slave. You will no longer go to school or see your family ever again. You will work out every day and do whatever I tell you to do. That includes both sexual favors and other tasks, such as going clubbing to find a hot guy for tonight’s threesome.”

“Yes, Master,” I responded. I didn’t fight back. I knew Master Vinnie was the one. Not long after, he brought me out of hypnosis.

A couple days later, I reentered the world as Thomas, known as Tommy to close friends. Many people noted I had a striking similarity to Chase Vanderwort, but I brushed them off, saying tons of people had doppelgängers. And my parents never questioned it, as Vinnie has told they set up a convincing crime scene, and paid off some doctors for something called malpractice. Here’s a “candid” of me clubbing. The night I took that picture, another hot blond jock came home with me and fucked my brains out as Master Vinnie sat on his chair, stroking his massive dong.

And Master Vinnie tells me he has taken some other precautions so that I never find out my past. Around the time that I first fell under his control, my IQ was around 190. Now, it’s around 80. Master Vinnie got one of my old textbooks as a gag gift for me this Christmas. I could remember that I used to go to school for something called neurochemistry, but there were so many big words in the first chapter, I stopped reading. I’m still as fit as ever, and Master Vinnie makes sure my hair is long and blond, just how he likes it.

And that’s my story! I hope you enjoyed reading it. As a treat for writing this all down, Master will allow me to finally fuck the guy that I bring home from the club tonight!

P.S. From Vinnie- He won’t, but I love seeing his face light up even when shit doesn’t go his way. He’s too dumb to even care!
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