Beware the Music

Trevor was excited. He had just a notification that his favorite Tumblr blog had just posted a story. He swiped left to open the app, but instead of text, a purple rectangle was at the top of the screen.

“Play me as you read,” it was titled, and Trevor pressed play as he started to read the new story about a dumb college football player who had to get fucked by his twink tutor to pass the math course. Trevor was quite horny after reading it, but he also had a strong desire to take a selfie.

He was normally never this brazen taking photos, as he showed his toned six pack to the world. He posted the pic on his own Tumblr page and on his Instagram. He received quite a few likes on both photos as he went about his day. The next day, he woke up to yet another story notification. This blog put them out daily, so that wasn’t weird, but the audio at the top, again, was. Trevor thought it really accentuated the experience last time, so he pressed play again.

Today’s story was about a college professor being turned on by one of his student’s B.O., and he is shocked to find out that he actually enjoys having gay sex. Trevor busted a nut to the hot tale, which meant his shirt was covered in cum. He tossed it on the side of his bed as he went to the bathroom to take yet another picture.

While his face was hidden, his abs and sizable bulge were now plainly visible. He once again posted it to both sites. It didn’t make much of a splash on Tumblr, but his followers on Instagram were shocked by the sexual content Trevor was now putting out. It certainly wasn’t illegal, but as he scrolled through the likes on that picture, he found many gay men had liked it after a repost account got a hold of it.

The next day, he was able to eat breakfast and get a workout in before the story of the day dropped. This one was a mini-epic, telling a story about Superman and how his ship was pushed off course, so he landed in a male-only society. Trevor liked and reblogged the story, which was naturally accompanied by audio yet again. He robotically went into the bathroom to snap a third pic, the most revealing yet.

His face was totally uncovered, and his bulge was now visible from a frontal angle. The blog whose hot stories he had read the past three days then messaged him.

“Good boy. Thank you for listening to Master’s audio.”

“You are welcome, Master. I will do anything for you, Master.”

“Anything, you say?”

“Yes, Master.”

“I will give you a list of commands to do daily. If they are not accomplished, you will be punished.”

“Yes, Master, I understand.” Trevor’s blog quickly shifted from a southern-inspired hypnosis/tf blog to a blog of a locked-up slave boy who was forced to obey Master’s orders. He had to be the cum dump at the local strip club once, and he was required to workout and listen to even more audio files that slowly but surely changed him into a himbo. He also gave all of his money to his new master, which allowed him to send Trevor gear he could use to further humiliate himself, such as sounding rods or Ben-wa balls.

Trevor’s blog quickly became popular, and various sex toy companies were looking for some sponsorships. His master raked in the cash, all because one unsuspecting chap listened to the audio he toiled for years to perfect.

Story requested by @texanstrong
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“We had a fucking deal, Patrick. Rent is due on the first of the month, and you have three months to pay me if you missed it.”

“You know how the business is, Stewart! I paid you as much as I could.”

“That barely covering your fucking heating costs, Patrick. You know what comes next.”

“Anything, sir! I’ll literally do anything else!”

“You knew what you were signing when you first moved in here. I even had Mr. Dantrell here for any legal questions you had.”

“And if I say no?”

“Then you are violation of your contract, and I will sue you. And since you have no money, I’ll win and you’ll go to jail.”

“Fine. But can I invoke the no recording clause?”

“I see someone finally remembers their contract! And you know what that entails?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Very well then. Follow me.” Patrick and Stewart made his way to his room, the only one on the bottom floor of the building. They entered the bedroom. “Strip completely nude.”

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Cam Boy Control

Link was your normal alpha frat boy, with a bit of an interesting twist. To supplement his steamy stream of women and massive ragers he hosted, he turned to camming. His natural persona lended itself well to being on cam, and he had a steady stream of income from fans who turned in daily to see him flex and cum, amongst other things. He also gave fans the opportunity for some private one-on-one time with him, for an exorbitant price, however. Today, Link had one of those sessions with a newer client. They were paying for a whole hour, which banked Link $500.

He turned on his cam and was met with a clothed chest.

“I usually like to see your face as well.”

“That will not be necessary,” replied back an autotuned voice. The person then turned on some music in the background. There was a faint humming noice, but nothing too loud.

“Okay then. What do you want me to do?” Link couldn’t tell if it was a girl or a guy, because the shirt or whatever they were wearing was quite baggy.

“Just do whatever you want to.” Link usually didn’t have free rein, so he began by flexing and talking down to the customer. He noticed some of his wording was a bit off, which usually happened after he could hear the person’s music. He chalked that up to interference and continued to create a show.

He went shirtless and continued the act. However, he found himself touching his nipples more and smelling his pits, something he didn’t normally do. The music itself was getting louder, and he was starting to make out actual sounds. He assumed that he was just going on autopilot, and this is what the client wanted to see. And besides, nipples were a great erogenous zone, and he smelled fucking awesome!

Next off was the pants and underwear, which usually constituted the bulk of the session. In response to him going nude, the music increased in volume yet again, and words were now being able to made out.

“Flex for me, you worthless bitch.” Link watched in horror as he flexed, unwillingly.

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Wow! Even after the Tumblr purge, I still made it to 500 followers (exactly)! As a treat for my followers, here is the link to my Daz 3D erotic comic:

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Jared Barros was picking up their household’s medication. To his surprise, the pharmacy tech asked him to go in a small room by the counter to explain something to him.

“These pills for you or your son’s STI need to be taken daily. If not, the disease will become resistant to the drugs, and a penectomy might be required.”

“Thank you,” said Jared, even though he knew the drugs weren’t his. They were his son’s, Atticus, which surprised him, since he was going steady with a girl from college. Once he got home, he plopped the drugs on the table. “Care to explain?” he asked his son, playing video games in the living room.

“Dad, I can’t fucking see what they are.”

“They’re fucking STI drugs, you dipshit! You think I wouldn’t find out when our medications are filled at the same exact fucking pharmacy. And I thought you and Stacie were exclusive.”

“Dad, she and I broke up a while ago. I haven’t found another girl who has that same spark as her.”

“And to figure that out, you fucked them? I thought I told you women are not just sex objects.”

“They just wanted hook-ups, Dad. It’s not like I was doing anything wrong.”

“Wait here,” Jared commanded his son as he fumed away. He returned to the living room with a clear plastic toy shaped like a cock. “Strip,” he then commanded.

“Very funny, Dad.”

Jared then got right up in his son’s face. “If you want to stay here rent-free and mooch off of me until your sorry ass gets a job, you better do as I fucking say.”

“Yes, sir.” Atticus nervously stripped down to his birthday suit, and then Jared put the toy onto his cock. “This is for the best, son,” Jared explained, as he turned the key in the lock.

“Wait, what the fuck is this thing?”

“It’s a chastity cage. It means you can’t fuck another woman until the cage is unlocked, and I have the only key.”

“What about if I need to piss?”

“There’s an opening at your urethra. I made sure they were lined up before locking you up.”

“Fuck you, dad. I heard these can easily be slipped off.”

“Oh, I’ll be checking every night, Atticus, and if it’s not on your dick, then you don’t want to know what happens.”

Atticus, being a horny 19 year old, brushed that off, and waited until his STI to clear up before finding another woman to bang. In this case, it was actually twins who had a joint Tinder account. Atticus had one of his biggest cumshots ever watching the two have sex with each other. He arrived home later that night to find his dad waiting for him, nude.

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Animalistic Sex

Alejandro Castillo was a rising star in the Mexico City Police Department. He had boyish young looks, but was also hard on crime. He was called in to his chief officer’s office for a special assignment.

“We need you to infiltrate the La Maravilla gang.”

“The Beautifuls? Why? They’re normally not in our jurisdiction. That’s the fed’s job.”

“Well, they are looking for a mole, and I thought you would be a good candidate. The ladies swoon over you, and you’ve repeatedly showed you have the chops to handle an assignment such as this one.”

“Thank you sir. I’ll accept.” Alejandro was debriefed on the assignment, and became part of the gang the next morning. The recruitment process was laughably easy, with the wife of the hot mobster deciding on the attractiveness of the criminal. Alejandro passed and was placed with a local group, who focused on blackmailing government officials and other people in power. He was great undercover, tipping off the force to most of the crimes La Maravilla committed. However, the head, Victor Caranxa, was getting a bit on edge. He had his team investigate to figure out who was the mole.

The investigation came back with a clear suspect. “Alejandro Castillo, from Mexico City. I was wondering why we were running out of funds. Men, you know what to do.”

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