Too Good to be True

“Here you go,” said Nathaniel as he gave the receptionist his check. The membership for this gym cost a cool grand, monthly, but it showed great promise. One of his old friends in the chem department had signed up, and he had changed into a jock practically overnight. This would deplete his savings, but it was worth it. Nathaniel hadn’t been on a date since freshman year of high school. Even though he was poly, and looked relatively nice, no one wanted to date a twink like him. What was even worse was his small cock. He informed most girls and guys the average cock size was about 5″, but his erect cock only reached 4″. Not on micropenis level, but when a girl or guy finally got to that point with him, they called it off.

Nathaniel then changed into his gym clothes in the locker room. He normally wasn’t shy about his, but he seemed to be the smallest person there. Most of the other men in the locker room were jacked, and were joking around. Those who weren’t afraid to go nude showed off their massive cocks. Most were totally flaccid, and skewed heavily to the right on the cock-size scale. Nathaniel was having second thoughts, but the membership was non-refundable. He finished tying his shoes and then began his workout.

It was a simple workout, focusing on light cardio and weight training. This was just to get a feel for the gym. A personal trainer, included free of charge in the obscene cost for the gym, helped him a bit. When he needed a drink, however, the personal trainer slapped the bottle out of his hand, causing it to spill all over the floor.

“Members have to drink special gym-sanctioned water.”

“Weird,” thought Nathaniel, but he followed his trainer to a water cooler. The water bottles were also provided free of charge, so he filled his up and sat down, to take a sip.

Nate asked his trainer. “I’m still pretty thirsty.”

“It’s working just fine,” the trainer replied, with a grin. “Hydration after a workout is much different than everyday hydration.”

“Ok,” Nate responded, not really noticing what had changed when he took a sip. He had filled out his clothes, causing his biceps and thighs to bulge against the fabric. He had turned into a muscular jock-bro, and didn’t realize it. After he finished drinking his water, the personal trainer guided him back to working out, at a much more intense level. He was no longer afraid to take his shirt off in the gym itself, and even smiled at a hot guy who was putting away dumbbells the same time he was.

After his workout, he went to change, but found that most of his tight and fitted clothing was too big for his body now. He had seen a pile of clothes for members who were victims of pranks and the like. He found a respectable business-like get-up, and went back to his college dorm room. He noticed that they sprayed these clothes with some kind of pleasant flowery smell. He liked it, and noticed quite a few other people did as well.

What Nate didn’t know was that the spray warped the minds of individuals who got physically close enough to him. For those that knew him prior to today, they would think Nate had been working out for some time, and now looked like this. He never knew just how much the gym had changed him, but he did know that his expensive membership was all worth it in the end.
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Himbo Training

The courts were in for a reckoning. The #MeToo movement was quite successful at finding those individuals who raped, and since the statute of limitations was all but dropped, that meant a number of cases would go to trial, or have more guilty pleas. That had repercussions for the entire system, but one young prosecutor had a plan. Bryan Allbright was an aspiring gay lawyer who had a secret himbo fetish. He looked like one, with platinum blonde hair and a muscular body, but didn’t think like one. However, he soon realized that turning these men into himbos would practically remove them from society, and since they were so dumb, they wouldn’t rape again.

He found a business that did this sort of change, and then offered it as an option in the next plea deal he offered.

“So, what you’re telling me is the rape gets expunged from my record, and all I need to do is become a himbo? Fuck yeah I’ll do it!” Bryan smiled as he and the rapist, Link, signed the paperwork.

A couple days later, he arrived at the office building that housed Himbo HQ. It was out in the middle of a rural town, so it wouldn’t arouse much suspicion. Link arrived not long after Bryan, who had been squared away in a room where he could watch what happened to Link. The young man then appeared in the first room. The doctor there explained what was going on.

“Link has been told that each and every room has one thing he needs to move on and become a himbo. The first room has a specialized muscle growth serum that will increase his muscle mass to a suitable himbo level. Much like Alam Wernik, if you will.” Bryan of course knew how he was, and watched as Link chugged the glass. His muscles grew instantaneously, and popped the tight fitting button-down he was wearing. He had sweatpants on, so those bulged out even more than they had when he walked in, but didn’t break. A door then opened, and he moved on to the next room.

There, Bryan noticed it was much like a hair salon. The scientist continued, “In this room, the himbo’s hair is dyed to blonde. We prefer platinum blonde, and that’s what Link will be getting today. The hair dye is permanent, and the dye itself is the first step in reducing the IQ of the himbo, which is the goal.” Link sauntered over to the chair and got ready to get his hair dyed. He had done it before for spirit week at high school. He thought this process was a breeze, and actually fucking cool. He got to become a blonde sex god, and his record was expunged! Fucking sweet! The dyeing process did take a while, so Bryan and the scientist had a quick bite before Link moved on to the next room.

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Mind Stone

“Imbecile,” Thanos moaned as he received the news. Apparently, some idiot mook opened the hatch too early, and his precious Infinity Stones floated off into space. The Tesseract promptly activated and warped them away. However, he still had one stone, one that he had been testing on during the trip. The Mind Stone seemed to be the most powerful. Yes, he could travel time and space, but what was the fun in that? He loved control, and this little stone would give it to him.

Meanwhile, Star-Lord, Thor, and Captain America were off to fight Thanos. While everyone knew of his immense power, they also knew that he did not have the last Infinity Stone. Thor and Cap were the best choices in hand-to-hand combat, and Star-Lord, while being no slouch, was brought along mainly because he had a ship. Thanos allowed them to board the ship, as the heroes thought he wanted a challenge. However, he wanted a test to try out his new toy.

They made their way to the bridge, where Thanos was waiting for them. Cap got ready to fight, but the big purple brute just pulled a stone out of his pocket. By the time the three recognized what it was, it was too late. Cap went under the quickest, the power emanating from the stone similar to his military training. Thor fell not long after, his place coming as a remnant from his days as royalty. Finally, Star-Lord resisted for as long as he could, but the extreme power of the celestial object won him over. Thanos now had three hunky superheroes at his beck and call.

However, he had another plan in mind: sex. All four of them had human genitalia, so the process would not be difficult. He commanded the three to strip. It seemed like a prerequisite to becoming a superhero was having a massive cock, as all three of them were greatly above average. He knew Asgardians had substantially longer cocks, but Steve and Peter certainly won the biological lottery. He took those in before forming a jerk-off square.

An antiquated method he had learned when he was a wee celestial conqueror was sitting in a square, within arms’ reach of everyone else. Therefore, they could stroke their own dick, as well as everyone else. Thanos began by bringing them all to full mast, and then letting them experiment. He focused most of his attention on Steve, who seemed the purest of the three. He was the only one allowed to cum for this session, and for good reason. It seemed as though Steve had never gotten with the times with masturbation. The cumshot was one of the most massive both Thanos and Peter had seen from any species, and when Steve finally stopped cumming, after a solid minute or so, Thanos’ hand had literally turned white from all the cum.

He had Thor lick it off of him as he got ready for the next step. The three superheroes would suck him. He didn’t have magic up his sleeve, but his massive cock could easily support three Earthlings. They took turns focusing on the head, while the other two licked his shaft and played with his balls. Thanos had wanted to engage in some ass play, but when Peter’s whole head almost went up his ass, he made them only focus on the front. After a few minutes had passed, he was ready to cum.

He wasn’t as bad as Steve was, but he hadn’t cum in a while. The last stone was a pain to get, and masturbating before a warp never was good. He picked Thor to receive his seed, as he could resist the knock-back the resulting cumshot would give him. And Thanos was right. While Thor was pushed to the ground, Thanos actually smiled for once as he saw cum streaming down the sides of his mouth. For that same reason, Thor was chosen to receive Thanos’ cock in their fuck train.

The Asgardian just barely fit the conqueror in his ass. His obscenely large cock was able to fit in Star-Lord’s asshole, though, and Peter’s filled up Steve’s nicely. As an extra precaution, Thanos equipped Steve with a chastity cage, so he would be the only one not cumming. He then began thrusting. He began a chain reaction, as the next two in line abruptly rammed their cocks into their partner. They quickly found a rhythm, and to the others on the bridge, it looked undulating waves, only they were men.

The stench of sweat in the air was profuse. Along with the vigorous sweat produced by the fuckers, the crew were also getting hot, but not bothered. The aroma of sex lingered as well, and for Thanos, it was an accelerant, causing the waves to break faster. Thor could barely keep up, and the poor regular humans were pretty much tossed about like rag dolls. Thanos was then ready to cum for the second time in just a few minutes, depositing his cum into the Asgardian. Thor then came in Star-Lord, who deposited his spunk in Captain America. Steve, despite the tight cage, had a new dribble of cum come out, from Peter repeatedly hitting his prostrate. Thanos then dismissed the three mind-fucked superheroes as he got to work finding the missing Infinity Stones, and killing that mook.

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That’s the Tea!

Aidan Quinn was your everyday hipster, wearing flannel, bearded, and drinking tea everywhere. His face wasn’t what most people associated with hipsters, but he enjoyed that. It allowed to “pass” as one of the guys sometimes, like at lunch at university. Due to the way the schedules were worked out, none of Aidan’s friends were able to have lunch with him. Quite a few of the jocks were available, though, and after mentioning a white lie about practicing for indoor track, he was in.

However, Jack knew otherwise. What Aidan didn’t know was that the two went to the same high school. It was one of those centralized ones where you couldn’t know everybody. He knew that Aidan was as far from a jock as they come. He ran a 16 minute mile in gym class. Jack wanted him to taste a bit of his own medicine. He found an interesting magic website on the web, that promised they were legit. Jack had his qualms, being a science major himself, but when he injected the formula into a mouse, who bulked up over night, he knew he had something going for him.

The next day, Aidan sat across from him at the dining hall table.

Jack then offered him some tea.

“What’s in it? I only drink locally sourced tea with leaves from a specific tree in a specific forest, man.”

Some of the other jocks just stared at him, as Jack retorted, “It’s fucking tea, Aidan. I heard you had a sore throat.”

“Oh, thanks.” Aidan didn’t want to blow his cover, and drank the tea. For what was a store-brand bag, it didn’t taste half-bad. Aiden then went on with the rest of his day. While he was in class, Jack and Aidan’s roommate set up some cameras in their dorm room. The roommate was up and at ‘em quite early, and never saw Aiden wake up, ever, so Jack knew it would be fun to watch the cameras next morning.

The next morning, Aiden woke up. The first thing he felt was his skin touching the bed. He never slept nude, and it was still a bit chilly out, so pajamas were a must. He whipped off the covers to find a shocking surprise. Overnight, he had put on some massive bulk. He looked like the football jocks he had lunch with. He pinched himself, hoping it was some sort of prank, but it wasn’t. That shit hurt. He rushed to the bathroom mirror to see even more changes.

His facial hair had magically disappeared overnight. His face didn’t change, but he noticed he now had piercing blue eyes. He looked up to see if the hair did sort some of bizarre growth thing into his neck, when he squished his cock against the sink. He looked down, and saw that too had changed. A little bit on the small size yesterday, now he could bag any chick he wanted. He just smiled to himself as he embraced the change.

As he got ready, he found himself in a bit of a predicament. Most of his clothes were size small or medium, but he was now a large, bordering on XL. The only clothes that fit him were baggy sweatpants and a loose hoody. Jack was reveling in the enjoyment of watching Aidan try on a number of different clothes, only for them to get stuck or rip. After he had enough fun watching the newly minted hulk explore himself, he made his way over to the dorm room for the final step, which he hoped would work.

It required him to look at the changed individual, which would cement the mental change as well. He wasn’t sure that this part worked, as he did try it out on a mouse, but it was worth a shot. He knocked on the door and waited for Aidan.

“Hey, Jack,” he said, as he swung the door open. The two made eye contact, and then Aidan slumped the ground. Jack quickly dragged him into the room, and waited by his side until he woke up.

“Where am I?” he asked.

“You’re in your dorm room, Aidan.”

“Oh, that’s right. I have practice later today for football.”

“Yes you do. But first let’s get you to the admissions office.” Jack made sure that everything was set for Aidan Quinn to transform, literally, into Aidan Wynn.

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The Real Deal

Juan didn’t go to his mother’s wedding. It had just been him and her together for 22 years, and then Carlos had to come in and ruin everything. Unfortunately, Juan had just lost his job at a cushy start-up, and since he couldn’t afford to pay rent or the bills, he moved back home. Living with Carlos was insufferable. He left the house a pigsty and barely worked, as he was an exclusive personal trainer.

Juan woke up the morning after he moved in to this sight greeting him in the living room.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Juan, take a seat.”

“Fuck you. And put your dick away.”

“I can tell you like it, and I have something important to tell you. I’m your biological father.”

Juan took a seat, taken aback by the news. “But you’re barely 30! What happened?”

“Your mom and I had sex not long after we graduated from high school. Then you came along, and we quickly married and separated so that your mom could get more money and shit. Once you graduated college, I thought she’d be ready to have me back. Then you lost your job.”

“So that explains half of it. But why are you almost nude?”

“I’ve always had a fantasy about fucking my son. I could never act on it until now.”

“That’s incest, Carlos, but you do have a fucking great cock.”

“So, is that a yes?”

“Just this one,” Juan replied, with a sly grin, as he stripped out of his pajamas. He took after his dad apparently in the fitness department, having a muscular body that made most of the nerds at his old office swoon. He didn’t have as large of a cock as his daddy, but he certainly wasn’t lacking.

“Come over here and suck my dick.”

“Yes, daddy!”

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Brought Down a Peg

With the advent of social media, voyeurs no longer needed to trek to bodybuilding competitions or Muscle Beach to stalk hot muscular men, also known as Alphas. Now, they could do it from the safety of their own home, through Instagram. One such Alpha was known to his followers as just Joshua.

To an everyday person, he looked like an Asian stud, but those who liked a lot of his pictures got a special surprise. He ran a secret OnlyFans account, where viewers could pay big bucks to see Joshua enact one of their many fantasies, or just lord over them like the Alpha he was. Many of those who learned about Joshua’s secret page were Omegas, those who needed an Alpha in their life. However, Trystan was not.

He didn’t subscribe to all that mumbo-jumbo, but his brother did. Since he was in charge of their joint finances, he saw his brother’s bank account slowly swindle away, all going to this Joshua person. Trystan eventually got out of his brother the account handle and how to access the secret account. With a flurry of likes, and even being one of the first to like his most recent pic, Trystan was in.

One thing he learned from his brother was that while Joshua made the first move, he never responded. Therefore, Trystan had to put in some hard work. He signed up for an OnlyFans account, and cringed at the price he had to pay for access to Joshua. It was all going to be worth it in the end, however. He found his way over to the request portion of the site, and got it all set up.

He patiently waited over the next few weeks, as his name climbed and climbed the list, until it was finally at number one. The next day, Trystan got a PM from Joshua himself. It was a video, which he opened up and played.

“Hello Master Trystan. I am now your worthless bitch slave. I will do whatever you tell me to. No one else matters but you, Master.”

“Good,” Trystan thought to himself. He had sent Joshua to a link, which was just a simple hypnotic spiral laced with his commands. The vapid hunk quickly got ensnared by the video, and Trystan was going to have some fun. The next day, Joshua’s public video wasn’t the next request. It was him getting humiliated by someone through the web. He had to drink his own piss and eat dirt, amongst other things. Trystan’s voice was loud and clear through the speakers, although it was masked heavily.

Not long after, Joshua’s pay structure changed to something much more lenient. Trystan forced him to give back as much as he could to those afflicted, and even raised some more by hosting a contest where the lucky bidder would get a private video where it was no holds barred. Literally anything the winner wanted, he would do. Trystan just sat back and admired his handiwork, especially the steady stream of income he had coming in from Joshua.

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In the Workplace

“And then, he, uh, uh,…” Christy couldn’t even finish the sentence, but Donald knew what she was trying to say. Their boss, the CEO of the company, Zander Rogers had sexually assaulted the young and naïve new employee.

“It’s okay, Christy. I know exactly how to solve this problem. Go home while I work something out with Zander.”

“Okay,” Christy responded, holding back tears. As she left, Donald got to work unearthing the files that he needed. They were hidden in the deep recesses of his Documents folder, so no unsuspecting intern or employee would ever find them. Eventually, he got there, and then called up his email. He quickly wrote a convincing looking email to Zander, not mentioning Christy, yet. He then attached the files, making sure their thumbnails looked inconspicuous as well.

Zander then got the email a few minutes later. Because of the #MeToo movement, and the fact the company employed a high number of females, he had to open and read each HR email, and respond back. Once he saw one come in from Donald, he quickly read it over. Thankfully, this one was just contracts and stuff, but he did have to look at the attachments. He pressed the first one, entitled contracts.

To his surprise, a document did not open. Instead, it was a program that unleashed a giant spiral onto his screen. There was no way to close it, and Donald had worked closely with his friends in IT to make sure no matter what happened, the spiral would remain working on the screen. The hypnotic effect quickly took over, and Zander slumped down in his seat. He listened as words droned on in the background, bringing him deeper and deeper.

A few minutes later, Donald arrived at his office and was let in. He had earplugs in, and the program on his phone ready to turn off the hypno program. He did so, and Zander became much more alert. However, one of the many commands drilled into him while he was under was the first man he looked at would be his master. That was, of course, Donald.

“What can I do for you, Master?”

“I know what you did to Christy, so now it’s time for revenge. You are going to record yourself jerking off in your offices to loud and verbal gay porn. Once you’re finished, you’ll send me the video, and I’ll send it out so the entire world can see what a disgrace you are. And it will mean Christy will come out on top, in arbitration or trial.”

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