A birthday present for @grant-spiraltf

Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth had been called in for reshoots on Avengers 4. This was Chris Evans’ last time on set, and he began to tear up. Unfortunately, he also decided to still walk forward, and crashed into Hemsworth. The two butted heads, and made each lose consciousness briefly. They quickly woke up, but Evans had a funny feeling in his mind.

That night, he called up Hemsworth. “Hey! Just wanted to say I’m totally sorry for the incident today.”

“No problem. I actually wanted to call you as well. I’ve been having these feelings ever since we bumped heads.”

“I think I know what you’re talking about. Sexual feelings towards each other?”

“That’s the one! So, what the fuck happened?”

“I don’t fucking know, man!”

“I’m staying in my hotel for the week, sans Elsa and the kids. Why don’t you come over, and we can fuck?”

“Fuck yeah, dude! I’m on my way!” Chris could barely maintain his raging hard-on as he drove to the local Ritz-Carlton. Being a celeb himself had its perks, as he got access to Hemsworth’s room no problem. He had naturally booked the penthouse, so Evans allowed himself to get hard again in the elevator.

The doors opened to reveal Hemsworth standing there, nude. The actors had seen each other naked many times before in the dressing room, but never with erect cocks. Evans had also decided to strip in the elevator.

“Fuck, dude! How do you have sex with that horse cock!” exclaimed Evans.

“I could say the same about you, Mr. Evans!”

“So, what are we doing first?” asked Evans, quite excitedly.

“Despite my massive boner, I need to have foreplay before sex.”

“Ooo! What are you thinking?”

“You can be a sexy cop, and you can arrest me and lock me up.”

Evans started to salivate. “Fuck, man! But do you have an outfit ready?”

“In the trunk in the bedroom closet.” Evans made his way over to it, and got out the costume. He had seen Hemsworth take it with him on their many trips around the world, but always assumed it was an old-fashioned suitcase, that he used out of respect for his ancestors. That part wasn’t wrong, but what was inside would shock them. Every sexy costume imaginable under the sun was in the box, meticulously labelled.

Evans slipped into the costume, which consisted of a leather harness for the top, and a speedo for the bottom, emblazoned with COP on the ass. A belt was also included, with toy props, such as a gun and taser, but also very real handcuffs and a baton. He walked back into the living room and announced, “Chris Hemsworth, I’ll need to book you now. Please, enter your holding cell.”

“Yes, sir,” he replied, as Evans walked behind him, his massive bulge rubbing against his ass. The two entered the bedroom, and Evans locked the door.

“On the bed,” he commanded, “and stick one arm up.” Hemsworth obliged, and Evans handcuffed him to the bedpost. He was quite thankful it had bars. “Let’s do a cavity search, shall we?” Evans slipped out of his speedo, and then forced Hemsworth’s mouth open and shoved his meat staff inside. He moved it all around, pretending to look for any contraband.

“All clear!” he announced. “Now let’s see if you stuck anything up that hot ass of yours.” Evans lubed up his fist, while Hemsworth got himself into position. Evans slowly pushed his fist inside, until the entirety of it was inside. Once he was inside Hemsworth’s ass, he felt around, and once again found nothing.

“All clear,” he announced. “But you’re actually pretty hot. Let’s fuck, and then you won’t get this on your permanent record.”

“Yes, sir!” eagerly answered Hemsworth. Evans lubed up Hemsworth’s cock, and then dropped himself right down on it. There was a nice plop, and then Hemsworth began thrusting. The liquidly lube, combined with Evans’ recently cleaned ass, meant the noise his cock was making was quite squishy, but quite erotic to the both of them. Hemsworth was definitely a grunter, and each thrust was punctuated with a carnal noise that kept Evans rock hard as well.

The smell was overbearing as well, but erotic in nature as well. Neither stud had showered, so their natural man musk from a long day of filming surrounded them, and it only added to the experience. The smell of ass was faintly in the air as well, as Hemsworth did not have an enema recently. Evans had washed his hands, but only with water, so the scent still remained.

“Oh, fuck!” screamed Evans after a particularly intense thrust. “You’re fucking great at this man!”

“No shit!” Soon after Hemsworth screamed that, he cummed. It was a bit out of the blue, and neither man was expecting a massive cumshot. Evans felt the rivers of cum being deposited in his ass, and it started to leak out. Hemsworth was stuck in throes of ecstasy, thrusting still with every spurt of his cum leaving his dick.

Eventually, he stopped ejaculating, and Evans positioned himself so his cock was level with Hemsworth’s mouth. “Open up, stud,” he ordered, as Hemsworth began to suck his co-star off. He was an excellent sucker, using every inch of Evans’ big and meaty cock to accentuate the sensation he was enjoying. The vast amounts of spit and lube in Hemsworth’s mouth made for another loud session, with it sounding like a boat cutting through the water.

Evans took to doing carnal moans now, as he put all of his effort into thrusting his cock down Hemsworth’s throat. Hemsworth also had the added sensation of Evans’ ass leaking cum as he attacked his throat. His chest was covered in it by the time they were done. Hemsworth also tasted Evans’ cock, with the potent mix of sweat and pre-cum coming together for a salty flavour that was absolutely delectable. The two stank even more, but it was still fuel for both of their fires.

Evans then came, exploding in a fountain of cum. He had pulled out and covered Hemsworth’s face in his cum, a creamy and viscous liquid, owing to the fact he hadn’t cum for quite a while. Evans unlocked Hemsworth, and the two started to make out, smearing cum over each other’s faces.

Meanwhile, Kevin Feige was enjoying the live stream from cameras in Hemsworth’s room. It was he who masterminded the incident, and procured a substance that caused insane sexual attraction to the first person they laid eyes on. A Cupid’s arrow, if you will. This was all part of his master plan for Evans, and the rest of the team, to keep doing Marvel movies forever.

Locker Room Gay

Mason was scared of changing in the gym locker room. This wasn’t due to any body positivity issues, however. It was because of Kaiden. He was the gym’s top personal trainer, but due to space restraints, he had to change in the regular locker room. Mason didn’t mind that part, as Kaiden was quite attractive. The only problem was that Kaiden was an alpha gay. Mason caught him sucking off meathead clients before, but never someone like him.

Mason had to go to the gym early in the morning today, as he was traveling and wouldn’t be able to work out. The parking lot was almost bare, with only one other car there. He walked inside the gym, only to find no one was there. A sign posted on the desk asked them to check in, and use the honor system while no humans were present. Mason then walked over to the locker room. Once he got close enough, he heard some loud moaning.

He opened the door to find Kaiden in the midst of ejaculating. His eyes were closed, so he was in for a shock when he noticed Mason staring at him. He quickly put on his jock and snapped:

“Ah, no, Kaiden. But why?”

“My fucktard of a client never showed up, so I wasted my morning wood for nothing. I really needed to bust a nut, bro.”

“Can I help with that?”

“Ew, fuck no! I only have sex with guys with less than 2% body fat.”

“That’s fat-shaming, you know. I recommend watching Dietland on AMC.”

“I don’t need your fucking show recommendations. Management frowns on this, so if I hear a peep about this from anyone, your time at the gym will turn into a living hell. Understand?” Kaiden did a full-body flex, which revealed some seriously chiseled muscles.

“Yes, sir!” Kaiden scoffed, and finished getting dressed. Mason changed and made sure not to work out in the same area as Kaiden. He felt a lot better when more people and staff arrived. What Kaiden didn’t know as Mason was leaving was that Mason had an eidetic memory. That cumshot would remain in his memory forever.

Gay Fashion Week

While Fashion Weeks scattered around the world were already pretty gay, the new Boston Fashion Week took the cake. It only allowed gay designers and models in. There wasn’t much of a problem there. This also allowed for even more outlandish styles, such as this one:

It was a Siriano leather tux, for the dom in a working setting. Other looks included a plunging v-neck which looked like a reverse muscle shirt, pants with flaps so that you don’t need to touch grimy bathroom seats, and shorts for your balls.

There was also a very large nude contingent. Yeezys were showcasing their new shoes this week, and to focus all the attention on the shoes, they had the models walk out nude. That elicited a laugh, noting the lavish lifestyle of Kanye, and the fact he couldn’t even budget clothes!

The next year, other Fashion Weeks adopted Boston’s model. By the end of the decade, all of the major ones had a gay-oriented day, and some even had two. The profit margins were astounding, so this practice showed no signs of stopping soon.

Celeb Slave

Gronk was excited for the offseason. Training camp started up soon, but Bill knew Gronk would put in the effort, so he gave him an extra weekend off. Gronk spent it down in Florida, partying. However, that trip was not going to be all fun and games. Someone else was there to ruin it.

That someone was Danny Amendola, a recently traded Patriot. The team had tried to keep this on the down-low, but the real reason for the trade was that Gronk and Brady got raises that didn’t mesh with the salary cap. Danny wanted revenge, but he knew Brady would be a difficult target. Gronk, on the other hand, would be laughably easy.

He invited Gronk to a rager, but with a specific crowd of people. They were bondage enthusiasts, and Gronk was going to be their next victim. He was out partying on a boat when a man approached him.

The ship then jerked, on purpose, and Gronk fell down. The man was surprisingly strong, and so Gronk was tied up with little fuss. A couple more men came over to help carry him to the warehouse where the enthusiasts could have their way with him.

He was untied inside the warehouse, and immediately ran for the door. The head spoke up.

“Gronk, all of our doors open outwardly. We also don’t have windows, and small, but numerous ventilation shafts. The room itself is also very bare, so you can’t escape unless we let you.”

“Then what the fuck do I need to do?” he asked.

“Just obey me,” answered Danny, stepping out from the throng of people. “If you do everything I say, then you can leave.”

“Fuck you, Danny!”

“It’s the only way to escape, Robert. So, are you in?”

“And you fucking promise it’s just you giving me commands?”

“Yes, you have my word, and the club’s world. Now, take off your suit.” Gronk did so, to reveal a massive beercan of a cock. Quite a few club members gasped audibly. “Crawl to me.” Gronk did so, finding out the ground was actually exceptionally cleaned.

“Turn around.” Gronk hadn’t finished turning when he felt a slap on his ass. “I’ve counted the times Brady passed to his star instead of poor old me. There’s 102 left.” Gronk winced in pain around slap 57, and it turned red at 96. After the 103rd slap, Danny’s hands went straight to Gronk’s balls, which he squeezed. Gronk yelped in pain.

“I see your other money maker is still as sensitive as usual.” Danny let go, but not before giving it another slap. He then told Gronk to sit down in front of him. Gronk carefully got ready to sit down gently, but Danny pushed him to the ground. Danny then took out his own cock, and began to piss on the football star. Once the stream ended, he ordered Gronk to jerk off for him.

Gronk begrudgingly did so, revealing the massive erect length of his cock. One club member actually fainted. Gronk jerked off quite a bit, so it took a while to ejaculate, but it was worth it in the end.

“I have one final command: You’re property of the club tonight. Do everything I say, or I release footage of this event.” Danny then gesticulated to cameras positioned around the warehouse. He then left as the crowd moved in on him.

Gronk was able to make it to practice, but he couldn’t sit. Luckily, most practice items were standing, but he had to come up with an awkward and flimsy excuse why he couldn’t do certain tasks, like crunches. Meanwhile, Danny was enjoying the footage he had collected. This was going into his private collection, unless Gronk screwed him over again.

The Nerd Factor

Claudius Jones was an enterprising college freshman, who was unfortunately forced to share a room with an insufferable jock. Ryck, with a y, was talented at football, but not so much everywhere else. Claudius had to constantly remind him to clean, and more than once did he see him climaxing in a woman. Claudius was fed up with his behaviour, and was determined to fix it.

One good thing about considered a “nerd” was that you got free rein of the science labs, specifically computer science. Claudius worked with his good friend, Julio, on a device that would control jocks. The two came up with it quickly, and made sure it worked on humans. The only problem was how to get them to wear it. Julio, a bit more on the athletic side, came up with an idea.

“So, you’re giving me fitness watches for free, for an experiment of yours?” asked the football coach.

“Yes, sir,” replied Claudius. “And make sure everyone turns it on.” He was then told they just needed to press the middle. What they forgot to mention was that that same button press would release the microchip, implanting it into the jock’s skin.

The next day, at practice time, the two logged onto an app that was connected to the microchips. They watched in glee as jocks were getting chipped. A small device in the chip was able to read DNA, so they knew exactly who was able to be controlled. Ryck was one of them. Claudius then wanted to do an actual trial, with a real jock.

Once Ryck entered his dorm room after practice, Claudius flipped his switch on.

Claudius laughed at the get-up, knowing Ryck was trying to bag a chick walking home.

“Stick your hand down your pants and grab your balls.”

“Yes, sir!” Ryck did so without question or complaint, something Claudius was worried about.

“Good. Now take off your pants for me.”

“Yes, sir!” Ryck did that as well, revealing the true nature of his cocky attitude. Claudius snapped a pic. If a chip ever malfunctioned, there would be a large blackmail file on each and every jock. And then for the final test.

“Assume the position.” Ryck did so without hesitation, and Claudius fucked him, while recording it on his phone. He laughed to himself about the stoic nature of Ryck while his ass was ravaged. Claudius has just finished coming up with a script to fix that when he came.

“Clean up your mess, and go to bed,” ordered Claudius, grabbing a tissue to clean up his cock. He then texted Julio: “We are a go.”

Pink Kryptonite

Superman was out patrolling the streets of Metropolis in the middle of the day. Clark had a day off of work, so he seized this opportunity to do some more surveillance. He noticed a small street brawl happening. This was in the more expensive side of town, where people cared a whole lot more about this stuff. After making sure no one was in need of immediate and extreme help, he flew down and broke up the brawl. The two men then beamed at him.

“Wait. What’s happening?” Clark heard a gun go off, and then another. One shot a bullet, and the other a dart. He made sure the bullet lost all momentum when it crashed into him, so he wasn’t concerned about the dart. However, he felt it pierce his skin. He immediately went to grab, but even super-reflexes were no match for a quick-injecting needle. He saw the green glow of kryptonite around the needle. Suddenly, he then thought of the men he just broke up, and how hot they were.

Clark tried to fly away to get the cure from the Fortress of Solitude, but it was too late. The kryptonite had already interacted with his blood, causing all of his thoughts to be focused on men. He walked over to the two men.

“Hey. Would you two be interested in a threesome with me, Superman?”

“No,” said one of them, “but I know who might be. Follow me, but in the air.” Clark obliged, as pink kryptonite also caused extreme horniness. He didn’t even realize the car had pulled up in front of the Metropolis branch of the elite porn studio, AfterWindow Studios. The men motioned for him to walk inside. He walked up to the receptionist.

“Hello. My friends told me to come here for sex. Can you help me?”

“Um, of course, Superman. Just let me make a call.” She buzzed down the head, Huxley Fitzhebertson. When he exited the elevator, he was shocked.

“Oh, hello, Superman. So, you’re interested in porn now?”

“If I get to cum, yeah!”

“Good. Follow me. So, I heard from an exclusive TMZ report than you can control the intensity of your cum, is that right?”

“Yes, sir. That’s how Lois and I have sex.” Clark had not revealed his identity to the world, so Huxley actually gave him props for snagging one of the hottest journalists in the field, married to the frumpy Clark Kent. They exited on the seventh floor.

“Please, take a seat. I need to talk to someone.” Clark sat down, patiently waiting. Quite a few of the biggest porn stars in the biz, in both senses of the word, were slack jawed at the Blue Boy Scout in a porn studio. “Come on in,” Huxley said. Clark walked into a room, with a casting couch in it. The man in there positioned him correctly, with some effort and explaining on his end. He then got the cameras rolling.

“So, Superman. What made you get into porn?”

“I’m super horny, and two of my good friends said this would be a great release.”

“Have you ever watched a porno before?”

“Back in Smallville, yes. I stopped once I started dating Lois.” Clark once again revealed the fact he married Lois, without explicitly stating he was Clark.

“Do you masturbate a lot?”

“Not particularly. My job keeps me very busy.”

“Is your junk bulletproof as well?”

“It is.”

“Superman, can you take off your suit for me?”

“Will this lead to sex?”

“Sort of. We need to see you cum first, and then we’ll decide. You are making it; it’s just a legal thing to go through.”

“Oh.” Clark stripped, revealing a massive dong. The interviewer measured it, and it topped out at 16”.

“Wow, Superman! It’s fucking huge!”

“Yes. When the JLA needed to be tested after an accident, I got a look at the other male superheroes’ cocks. None were as big as mine. I talked to my hologram dad, and he told me Kryptonians were naturally well-endowed, a sort of response to our birthing matrix.”

“Okay then. Let’s see you jerk off. And please, oh dear god, control your ejaculation.” Clark did so. He eventually moved up to rubbing his shaft superspeed, which the camera actually recorded. That’s why Huxley paid the big bucks for this one. Clark then came, in a literal shower of cum.

“Is that all?” he asked.

“It is,” replied the interviewer, with super cum dripping all over him. Clark then left.

Lois contacted the League, who helped to break Clark from the thrall of the pink kryptonite. There was a new issue, however. Clark had signed a lengthy contract with the studio, for a minimum of twelve videos. Clark tried to argue to saying he wasn’t under his own volition, as kryptonite would never hold up in court. It didn’t help that Diana’s lasso also showed he was telling the truth.

Criminals did learn one thing from these pornos, though: Every part of Superman’s body can cause you serious damage, especially his cum blasts.



Lex sent his son that picture. He hoped it would fulfill his requirements for tighty-whities, public photo, and work out. Connor sent back that it passed all three. Lex breathed a sigh of relief as he got dressed. Normally, a father would boss around his 19 year old son, but Connor was keeping a huge secret for him.

It was that he fathered an illegitimate daughter, and did nothing to help support her. Connor had seen the thousands of messages the mom had sent for help for their daughter. She was just a year younger than Connor, but she was forced to be a stripper to help pay for living expenses. College wasn’t even in her future. He had told his dad he knew, and, after making sure he would support the family, he would not reveal it to anyone with one simple request: Be my daddy slave.

Lex had to comply, and that meant following Connor’s many rules. Number one was that he was to remain nude in their house at all times. The only time Connor even considered him letting wear clothes would be when Lex’s boss came over for dinner. He did pick out clothes for the day, but had to leave them in a pile by the door.

He was also locked away in a chastity cage. Connor was naturally his keyholder, but had “accidentally” dropped the keys in a foreign country. He told his father new ones were coming, but they never were. Lex was also forced to wear a butt plug at all times. Connor sprung for the incredibly high tech model, that opened up while still remaining firmly lodged in one’s anus. It even self-cleaned itself, so any poop residue doesn’t stink. Connor was able to afford all of that using his father’s credit card.

Lex’s liquid diet consisted of only cum and water. He alternated drinking glasses of them throughout the day. He especially hated the times that he was forced to drink his own cum, after his son had milked him. Fortunately, on the food side, Connor allowed a wide variety, but he was always forced to make it.

Connor took great pleasure in fucking his father, and filmed most of their fuck sessions. Connor was gay, so when he had dates come over, he was forced to be a cum receptacle for them as well. Lex distinctly remembered the night Connor and the football team had a bukkake, with him as the target. Lex was not allowed to date, so he faked a vow of chastity at work.

Lex arrived at his house. He hated stepping inside, but knew that this was better than prison, at least in the public eye.