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Dr. Chris was a bit hesitant to see this next celeb, as he was more of a model than a celeb, and he wasn’t as popular as their own slave, Pietro. However, Mischa and Roscoe didn’t think either of them would be a good fit, so Chris it was. They waited for the hunk, as Celebworld requests had all but dried up.

“Hello! You must be Trevor. Please, come on in.”

“I’ll admit, it is a bit strange seeing you, the hypnotherapist to the stars.”

“Oh, you are a star, Trevor, just not to as many people as Chris Evans, say. But you still came, so what is on your mind today?”

“I have a Ph.D. in molecular biology, but nobody cares about that when you flaunt your nearly nude body weekly to pay for the schooling. So, what I’m saying is I want to become a dumb himbo model so I can focus on what brings in the paychecks, instead of my passion.”

“And are you sure about this?”


“I want you to lie down and relax. Close your eyes, and listen to my voice. You are getting sleepy. You enjoy the sound of my voice. You want to listen to my voice. You want to obey my voice. Trevor, I will now count backwards from 5. When I reach 1, you will be completely under my control, and open your eyes.
“5, you are starting to go under.
“4, you’re getting deeper.
“3, I control you now.
“2, no one else matters but me.
“1, I am your master.”

Trevor opened his eyes, and there was the orange Chris had become accustomed to seeing.

“Trevor, you will now think of yourself as a himbo in your daily life. You will act exactly like one, but still have all the knowledge locked away if you so desire to access it.”

“I’m a himbo who still has their smarts somewhere, Master.”

“Good. Now take off all your clothes for me.” Trevor didn’t have a underwear photo like some other clients did, but considering he was a fucking male model, those photos weren’t hard to find. And as Chris naturally assumed, the muscles were natural, as Trevor’s cock was slightly above average.

“Jerk off for me.”

“Yes, Master.”

Chris definitely wanted to have the cameras rolling, but ever since the shake-up, they decided to keep all records to themselves unless the tape was part of their plan. So, they were the only one to enjoy the model’s sex tape, and his cumshot, which rivaled some porn stars. As they cleaned him up, Chris said the ending script.

“When I say ‘wake up’, you will do so, and not have any conscious memory of this session. Your subconscious will remember everything. And you will be fine being nude around me, but only in my office. I lock this in with the phrase, ‘Burnt baby powder’. Wake up.”

Trevor woke up, and because of the drastic shift, took a few seconds to come back to reality. “Like, thank you, Dr. Chris!”

“No problem. Please get dressed before you leave.” Chris saw Trevor really embraced the himbo lifestyle when he started to walk out without any clothes on. He was going to be a doozy out in the real world.

You! Yes, you, the reader! Help me! This dude has a razor next to my head, and he’s not even looking at me! I don’t know how this happened, but I need your help.

I’m a gay porn star, but none of my shoots have been this crazy. There was this one time I was part of a bukkake, but that’s besides the point. I could fucking die here, people!

And Miguel? He’s what we call in the business a himbo. Normally, he doesn’t do shoots like this, and I don’t see why the fucking director thought a shoot with razors would be good for a person who confuses brain and Brian!

So, I know there’s really nothing you can actually do to help. Luckily, one of the PAs unplugged the razor, so when Miguel naturally dropped it, it only scratched me harmlessly before bouncing to the floor. I got paid extra for the shoot though.

But here’s where I actually need your help. I will be sending a petition to management that Miguel only does fuck scenes, with no plot. He’s too much of a risk to the community. He’s still fucking hot, though, so I don’t want him to leave completely. You can sign the petition at change.com/stopmiguelfromdoingpornshootswithplot. I hope you join me in signing. And thanks for reading!

The Local Boys

Casa Azul was simply Blue Home in Spanish, but it consistently ranked as the best place to live, across all lists. This was partly because of the extreme efforts of who the islanders called the Green Team. They picked up all trash and cleaned up all spills. They made the island look pristine and its colors vibrant. The Green Team was actually formed about a decade ago, for a very different reason.

At that time, Spain had not annexed the island, and since it awkwardly sat out of all the countries’ ownership radius, it was free rein for all. Himbo Powder’s old maker quickly set up shop on the island. Since the island was its own entity, they could afford to pollute the water, to some extent. They had hired a clean-up team that cleaned up the water before it traveled too far away from the island. Unfortunately, because of the utter lack of infrastructure, the inhabitants drank that same water.

The young boys became himbos. Thankfully, no effects would show up until puberty, but it was still a massive ecological nightmare. Once the U.N. caught wind of this, they sent in the Green Team, who thoroughly scrubbed the island of all traces of himbo powder. However, the effects were irreversible.

The boys, now men, just wander about aimlessly. The Spanish Embassy got through to them enough that they needed to wear speedos, but nothing else. These men were also prostitutes, but that was more on the dark side of the government.

Most men slept at group homes specifically made for them. They could also be considered whore houses, as the landlord did such that to the men. Since the ones who remained on the island ingested highly concentrated amounts, they didn’t think anything of it. They just enjoyed the sensation. Now, who wants to visit Casa Azul?

Sexy Slaver

Antonia was one of the top slavers for the well known Calle 69 gang. She used her assets well, especially when it came to flirting. Antonia owned nothing that did not reveal her large boobs in some way. Some were more subtle, like in the case photo below, but wearing skintight spandex was always a good option.

Calle 69 was always looking for guys who thought with their dicks. Unless most gangs, they provided a legal and recognised tactic of having their slaves be surrogates. It was technically legal, but the paperwork was fudged as to not reveal the less legal side of things, like the fact the men were tricked into doing so.

Antonia’s most recent acquisition was Thomas, a fit twenty-something from SoCal. Antonia was also good at slaving because she connected with her marks, or so they thought. She learned very quickly that making actual connections was bad.

She had ensnared him by the time of this walk, as evidenced by their thoughts added to this case photo:

Thomas was solely thinking about her body, and so his mind was quite malleable. Antonia wore a loose fitting tank top that made sure to accentuate her breasts to seal the deal. Later that night, Thomas was drugged and shipped to Calle 69 for processing.

Antonia was called into the leader’s office soon after Thomas arrived.

“¡Hola! ¿Tu quieres hablar en ingles?”


“Well, Antonia, you’re not in trouble or anything. I actually wanted to congratulate you. Thomas was your 500th man brought to Calle 69. Me and the higher-ups want to offer you a place on our ‘board’, and one male slave of your choosing.”

“We have a deal. So, what’s my job on the board?”

“You’re President of Acquisitions, honey. You’ll still go out, but there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that needs to be worked on.”

“And my pay will increase?”

“Of course. I have to go, Antonia. We have our weekly meeting with the police.”

“James and/or Cynthia are ready.”

“That’s why you were promoted,” he said, as he went off to deal with the pesky police problem.

This post is brought to you by Himbo Powder Industries. This is a paid advertisement. This will be transcribed as our spokesperson said it, so if you would not like to read an inordinate amount of “likes”, please continue scrolling.

Hi! My name’s, like, Dak, and I’m here, like, to tell you, like, about Himbo Powder! I started it like two years ago, like, on a dare, and I, like, love it! I’m, like, legally required to tell you, like, it’s addicting, but, like, look at me! I’m, like super fit, and like, super horny, and there’s, like, nothing wrong with that!

Before Himbo Powder, I was like a scrawny nerd. Jocks, like, picked on me, and like, forced me to do their, like, homework. In my, like, senior year, the football coach, like, got some Himbo Powder, and like, gave it to his athletes. I had to, like, work extra hard, like, so when I was, like, given the opportunity to, like, take Himbo Powder, I, like, pounced at it!

Life has been, like, great since then. I am now, like, a football stud for, like Notre Dame. I play football, and like, they don’t, like, care if I fuck, like, strippers every night. Oh, I forgot to, like, mention, your cock gets, like, super big, like, larger than a beer can, like! And your l-i-b-i-d-o is like, through the roof! If I wasn’t, like, playing football, like, I could have, like, sex all day!

This has been a paid advertisement for Himbo Powder. The views expressed in this are not indicative of CinaedeFuri’s views on this topic.

Beach Bimbos

Rafael and his friends were enjoying a Sunday during the summer at the beach. Jorge, Carlos and Jésus were all grade A studs, and Raf was no slouch either. However, he was the only bisexual one. He leaned more towards guys, but he participated in quite a few gangbangs, and could still pick up girls if he had to.

The only problem was that Rafael had fallen in love with a gay man who insisted that Raf only had gay friends. This would have been a deal breaker, but Luis was perfect, and he had a literal footlong cock. He had tried to get the guys to experiment before, but all three failed miserably. So, he turned to something a bit more permanent: himbo powder. In addition to making them dumb, it would make them gay as well.

That Sunday, Rafael slipped some powder into their drinks. It dissolved quickly, and if they happened to notice it, he could say it was the stuff from the rim. He handed the drinks out, picking his first. A few minutes later, the guys’ bro talk devolved into something much more dumb, and Carlos was pointing and looking at Jésus’ ripped stomach.

thought Raf. “Guys, come with me,” he said out loud. His friends followed, hoping he would lead them to a hole they could use. Himbo powder also made them quite horny, so Rafael used that to his advantage.

Raf and Luis had fun breaking in the men. They found out Jorge had a large hole, probably from some dildoes. After all three had been christened with their cum, Luis offered to grab them a couple beers. Raf agreed.

After drinking it, Rafael felt a little woozy. He normally stomached one beer no problem. “Is this a new brand?” he asked.

“No. It’s the one we normally get. But I added something a bit special. You just ingested some himbo powder. You didn’t think I just had it lying around, did you? No, I wanted some fucktoys, and I wanted four Latino studs, specifically. And by the time I’m done speaking, it will be too late to issue an antidote.”

“You’re like… so fucking hot! I could fuck you all day!”

“That’s nice,” thought Luis. He loved Latino men, but most gay and bi ones were just so cocky. Having four studs he could control would be the best. And thanks to the himbo powder, their sex drives would be monstrously high.

Forgetting at its Worst

Alex was a very smart college student. He was a straight A student, and the quarterback for the 12-1 football team this year. However, both of those faltered a bit when Keisha entered his life. He slacked off from training and studying, but the lack of studying showed up first.

He failed a test in his intro to geology class. The College was nice enough to let its athletes get an easy A each semester, but they still needed to make some effort. Alex pleaded with the professor to see what he could do.

“There is something you can do, Alex. Take these.” He handed Alex a bottle of pills. “They’re slightly more potent Viagra. I want you to film a jerk off video and send it to me at this secure address.” He jotted down an email. “Do this, and you’ll get an A+ for the semester.”

“Deal.” Alex would do anything to preserve his football career.

Alex set everything up. He had popped two pills thirty minutes ago, and it was starting to take effect. He looked down as the bulge in his compression pants kept increasing.

“Ok,” he thought. “Just pull them down and get it over with.” He then felt a bit odd, like he actually wanted to do this. He chalked that up to his extreme horniness, and started to drop his compression shorts.

He snaked them down to his ankles, and then grabbed his cock. Despite him feeling like he wanted to do it, he had never exposed himself publicly before, so he still had a nervous look on his face. A wave of pleasure washed over him. It was the other part of the drug kicking in. Alex had been given Viagara laced with himbo powder. And since he took a double dose, the effects were going to be severe.

His mind went first. It went on autopilot once it realised it was masturbating, and Alex grinded into his hand for a good fifteen minutes. His pecs and nipples got bigger, and more erogenous. He pinched his nips while jerking off, which he found made pre-cum leak out.

His ass and cock also increased in size. The increase in cock, and consequently ball, size caused an explosion of cum to occur. For the first time, Alex got it on his face. He suggestively licked it up, knowing full well he was still on camera. He clicked the camera off. His brain then made a very astute observation, especially in his new state: he was lucky to have a single.

The next day, Alex walked into the classroom in booty shorts and a crop top.

“I send the email, Professor. I hope you lik it.”

“Oh, I will, Alex,” he replied, slyly. He forwarded the message to the dean, and his plan to keep one of the school’s best quarterbacks for a bit longer.