Roscoe was out and about again with his next victim, Scott Gatarz. Scouting him was much easier, as to maintain a body like that, he needed to go to the gym quite often. It was quite easy for Roscoe to figure out his schedule, and then camp out on the least busy day of the week, and hypnotize the other people away. It was just him and the staff. Scott was a bit puzzled why no one was there, but he enjoyed the free time spent on the machines.

Roscoe then appeared. “Hi, I’m Roscoe. It seems like it’s just the two of us today.”

“I wonder what happened, man! Today’s usually not a busy day, but at least some other people usually show up.”

“Look at me,” Roscoe then commanded.

“What the fuck?” asked Scott, who did look up, and saw Roscoe’s eyes staring back at him in a colorful array of, well, colors. 

“I am your Master.”

“You are my Master.”

“You will do whatever I tell you to.”

“I will do whatever I tell you to.”

“Strip naked for me, Scott.”

“Yes, Master.” Scott did so and revealed chiseled abs and a cock that was not to scoff at. 

“Good. Now put this on,” Roscoe commanded. He took out a bright pink thong, which Scott promptly put on. “Now come with me. I’m going to show you to your new home.”

“Yes, Master.” Scott followed his new master out the back entrance and into Roscoe’s car. The two then drove to the warehouse complex where Scott was to live for the rest of his life. 

“Let’s get you situated,” Roscoe said, and he escorted the brain-dead hunk to his room, right next to Marc’s. What Roscoe had declined to mention was that the rooms were separated by glass walls, even the bathroom walls for the men down that area of the warehouse. It was specially made glass that could withstand a nuclear explosion, so Roscoe knew that if their hypnosis was to stop for whatever reason, they would be stuck there. 

He then got to planning the first porno with the two. He had a very long master list of pornos to go through, and he would just go through them chronologically. First up would be a muscle worship/fuck session, with Scott playing the role of the muscle hunk, of course. Once everything was ready, he called the two into the closest shooting warehouse, and then zapped them with a device Trevor’s scientists cooked up in their lab. It transmitted the entire plot of the porno to them, and what they needed to say and do, and also got rid of the rainbow eyes for the duration, in a purely cosmetic setting. 

Scott was working out in a small gym close to his house. He was wearing a sleeveless tank and long white sweatpants. Today was arm day, and so was focusing on the machines that worked those out, as well as some weights. A little ways in to his session, Marc entered the gym. There was a stark difference between the two body styles of these individuals, with Marc being much more lanky and lean than the well-muscled Scott. Marc watched the hunk of a man work out. 

He cautiously made his way over to Scott. “Do you want to feel these muscles?” asked Scott, once Marc was close enough.

“Yes,” said Marc, with a puppy-dog face. Scott immediately went into double-biceps mode as Marc caressed the large muscles of the fitness models. Scott then took his shirt off, revealing a toned chest, with a visible eight pack and pecs just jutting out from his body. Marc turned his attention to those, cupping the meaty, yet solid, pecs in hands, and tracing the lines of Scott’s abs with his fingers. He also played around with the muscle hunk’s nipples as well, causing him to get a bit horny himself. 

Marc then took the initiative, and pulled down Scott’s sweatpants to reveal some muscular legs and a jockstrap underneath that. Marc then snaked that down Scott’s legs, slowly revealing the ample sized cock the dude was packing. 

“Wow, that’s big,” exclaimed Marc, with a look of awe on his face.

“Then why don’t you suck it,” said Scott, pushing the weaker man’s head down on to his cock. He was straight, but had quite a few guys do this to him before. They paid him, and he got his rocks off. It was a win-win. Marc clearly knew what he was doing, using his tongue to reach every part of Scott’s cock, and even used his hands to play around with his balls, a secret fetish of his. Both also fetishized the rank smell Scott was giving off from working out heavily, especially in the arms. Marc just enjoyed breathing it in, while Scott moaned in pleasure whenever a whiff of it reached his nostrils.

“Fuck, man, you’re so fucking good at this. My girlfriends never suck me off this good.”

Marc nodded in approval, with his cock still in Scott’s mouth. Unfortunately, this led to an incident where Marc’s teeth sunk into the skin on Scott’s dick. 

“Fuck, you little piece of shit!” Scott pushed the young man off his cock, and forcefully grabbed him and turned him around. He ripped his pants to expose Marc’s asshole, and them rammed his cock inside.

“FUCK!” Marc screamed, who had never taken such a big cock before.

“Oh, shut the fuck up, you bitch!” Scott grabbed his dirty jock that he had took off and stuffed in Marc’s mouth. He couldn’t lodge it in there with tape or something, but Marc got the message when Scott spanked his ass when he was able to push it out. While Scott enjoyed the initial thrust, he quickly found out this man’s ass was not too open at all. Cracks were started to appear around his asshole, and he didn’t want blood splattered all over his cock as well, so he reluctantly kept himself inside.

He didn’t hold back, however. He quickly found Marc’s prostrate, and rammed it to the best of his ability. His musk turned him on still, and had a more tangible effect now that he was the top. Marc was just a skinny bitch, and he was a macho alpha fucker.

“Who’s the bitch now, boy? Oh, you are!” laughed Scott as he continued to thrust. Marc could only reply in muffled terms, lest he get spanked again. The taste of Scott’s sweaty jock was slowly seeping into his mouth, and it was not as hot as he thought it was going to be. It actually tasted disgusting, but he had to keep it in there. Finally, Scott was ready to cum. He didn’t announce, but pulled out, and coated the weak man’s back in streams of his thick, milky cum.

“FUCK!” announced Scott, as his body convulsed in pleasure with each spurt. Once he was done, he ripped his jock out of Marc’s mouth and used his finger to lick up some of his sperm and shove it into Marc’s mouth. “Eat it, you fucking perv!” Marc swallowed it, fearing what would happen if he didn’t. Unlike his jock, Scott’s cum tasted delectable, and he lapped it all up quickly. Scott rinsed and repeated until no more cum from Marc’s back was left. “Now get the fuck out my gym, you perv!”

Marc quickly got dressed and exited the gym, still reeking of cum. Scott was getting ready to go home as well. He only had the one jock, so he was going commando today. The ladies and men would love that!

Roscoe was quite excited for his first hit. Since his hypnotic targets were normal, everyday people, he had to do some undercover work to find the best time to hypnotize them. That was where his PI background came in handy. This mark was fittingly named Marc, and he followed him around for a week, trying to find a place he frequented the most often. Marc was easy, as he visited the same bar every night. 

It was easy for Roscoe to enter the busy bar and hypnotize the manager into letting him stay in the restroom. He had put on a nice suit, and he was told to reply to any questions about him that he was the new bathroom assistant. The plan worked, as most of the drunk bastards who stumbled in didn’t bat an eye at the well-dressed gent just loitering around. He patiently waited until Marc entered, and approached him. 

“Hello, Marc. Would you come with me?”

“Um, I guess.” One unfortunate side effect of the diluted hypno power was that Roscoe could not make long intricate commands. They could have drastic impacts on the person’s life, and ensnare them under his control, but they couldn’t be long. So, he escorted Marc to a side alleyway, away from the street.

“Marc, I am your master.”

“You are my Master.”

“Good. You will do whatever I tell you, with no questions asked.”

“I will do whatever you ask of me, Master.”

“You will have no memory whatsoever of your previous life.”

“I will have no memory whatsoever of my previous life, Master.”

“Good. I lock this in with the phrase ‘burnt baby powder’.” Using his compatriot’s lock words made it easier to remember, and since Roscoe’s victims were never fully lifted, they were always open. “Let’s see how well you can suck a cock, Marc. I haven’t had time to get my rocks off since I’ve been trailing you all fucking week.”

Roscoe then took out his cock. It was above the average of 5′ erect, topping out at a solid 10″. Marc got down onto his knees and began sucking him off. Unlike celebs, who were practically expected to dabble in same-sex experiences, random people were a hit and miss. Marc seemed to have some experience, at least, as he wasn’t biting or making any rookie mistakes. Even though they were tucked away far from the general public, the few who wandered down far enough to see them were quickly shooed away by Roscoe’s powers. 

After a few minutes, Roscoe was ready to burst. He had to have Marc swallow it, as public sex was still illegal, and cops were getting scarily good at finding sperm in this town. He watched as Marc swallowed all of his cum, seeing the thick globules of it go down his throat. Once he had finished, he zipped his pants up again and walked with Marc to his car. They drove to the warehouse district in town, which was abandoned no longer. Roscoe owned the entire complex, funded by Celebworld money. Most of the warehouse housed props and sets for the many pornos they were going to shoot, but a few were for living. Roscoe had one entire building to himself, and each new client had a small room to themselves, with their own bed, but a communal bathroom. Shooting was only fun with at least two people, so Roscoe decided to fall asleep.

Before he did, he shot an email to Trevor with Marc’s info. His name would then be fed into the Celebworld machine, slightly adjusted so that his disappearance wouldn’t matter at all to anyone that knew him.