On the Farm: A Celebworld Miniseries

The Rest of Them

Jesse and Jake made their way to yet another barn on the property. This one was not biometrically locked, though, and Jake could see why. Once he entered, he saw all different kinds of animals represented in here, with an animal rarely having more than one human. 

“Our biggest draw here is the pigs.” Jesse gesticulated to a group of muscular men painted pink with a pig tail rammed up their ass. “Sometimes, muscle men can’t be bulls, as there is something wrong internally. It could be a disease, or just their milk tastes horrible. So, they get sent here and put on a diet of whatever. We monitor the weight to make sure they are not 100% unhealthy, but there is a stark difference from their normal weight.”

“I can definitely see that. So, do the pigs contribute to the high amounts of income coming from this barn?”

“As a matter of fact, they very much do. Feeders, some sexual fetishists who get hard by watching others eat, love to feed our pigs. We have a stream of regulars that come in practically daily and feed them to their heart’s content. It’s a bit weird, but they pay handsomely.”

“And what about sex, for any animal in this barn?”

“Yes, but with some exceptions and stipulations. For our pigs, the option is still viable, but not too many partake. We know it’s because they’re fat, and most people in society are still fat-phobic. And the feeders are only concerned about their sexual desires, not the animals.”

“I see. So, what else do we have around here?”

“Let’s take a walk.” Jesse and Jake walked the length of the barn, again, peeking into the stables and seeing what animals lived there. There were a pair of cats, some bears, some otters, practically every animal term for a gay man, and most surprising of all, a fucking dolphin.

“What’s Sam’s deal?” Jake asked, referring to the Olympic gymnast. 

“He has an uncanny ability to breathe underwater for like fifteen minutes or so. He brings in most of the cash from here as well, after the pigs.”

“Oh, okay. So, Jesse, I’ve seen enough. Let’s get down to business.” 

“Certainly. Let’s go to my office in the main house. After you.”

“Why, thank you.” Jake only had a short time period to react before he felt a sharp pain in his back. “Hey! What the fu-” Jake never finished, as he collapsed to the floor, unconscious. 

“That fucking bitch thought I was going to sell my livelihood to him! I just needed a way to lure him here so I could add him to my collection.” Jesse then called in some guards to take Jake away and get him ready to live on the farm. 

Jake did wake up before living on the farm, but he didn’t realize it. He was strapped tightly to a dentist’s chair, and bombarded with spirals, binaural beats, and Jesse’s voice droning on about how good of a dog he would be, and to just give in to his canine desires. Eventually, Jake did so, with his constant screaming turning into barking. 

“Look, Mommy!” said a kid, during the time that all animals had their “natural coverings” on. “It’s a new dog! What’s his name?”

She referred to the list just outside the kennels. “That’s Jake, dear. He’s a Siberian Husky. Do you want to pet him?”

“Yes, Mommy, I do!” Jake then got his first taste of living life as a dog, and he was quite literally none the wiser. Jesse smirked as he watched the security cam footage. 

On the Farm: A Celebworld Miniseries

The Dogs

Jesse and Jake walked over to the kennels, with the doghouses and a wide open field, much like the horses. The dogs were quite similar, but they had pup masks on, in a variety of different breeds. All of them were also insanely hairy.

“What’s up with that?” asked Jake.

“They’re genetically engineered to have the same fur or hair as their breed.” 

“So, if I feel the hair on your Shih Tzu, for example, it would feel just like my own dog’s fur?”

“More likely than not, yes!” Jake also noticed the various tails the dogs had, mirroring their real life breeds as well. 

“So, are these dogs trained in commands?”

“Yes, and they are much more complex than the horses. Here, Taylor!” Jesse screamed. Mr. Lautner, in full pup regalia, bounded over to Jesse. “Sit.” Taylor did so, tongue panting. “All of them are trained in simple commands, and a handy guide at the kennels tells you which of them know more complex commands, like a high five, for example.”

“Noted. And what breed is our friend Taylor supposed to be?”

“He’s a dachshund. They only have a thin coating of fur, so Taylor’s not the best example to show it off.”

“And what about sexual stuff with the dogs? I assume the tails are still firmly lodged in, like with the horses?”

“Yes, but since these dogs are not caged as well, and have much more flexible legs than the horses do, they can fuck you as well.”

“I want to see how that works!”

“Okay. Justin, here!” The newly married pop star ran over to Jesse, and patiently waited for his next command. “Suck,” Jake said, with his cock out and ready to do so. Justin literally bounded onto the cock, and started to suck Jake off. He could pull in and out as well, so Jake had a lot of fun letting Justin caress his cock and pulling out when he needed a short break. It was weirdly erotic to see a human dressed up like a dog fuck him, and not being able to speak in English at all. The grunts and moans transcended animals, but all the barking and yipping was Justin’s way of communicating with Jake. He once again shot a monster load, this time covering Justin’s face mask with his milky sperm. 

“Fuck,” he then commanded, getting on the ground, with his ass ready. Justin had to use the mounting method only, as his hands and feet were in paws as well, and he couldn’t hold on to something. Jake had been fucked before, but never by a person in pup play. It was weird hearing dog noises coming from behind him, but much like before, it was strangely turning him on. Justin was doing a fine job fucking him, as he pulled out and rammed himself back inside Jake’s meaty ass just like a regular human would. After a few minutes of having a dog fuck him, that same one came in his ass. Since Justin couldn’t vocalize he was about to cum, Jake was not expecting that. 

Once Justin was done, he pulled out and then bounded away, cum still leaking from his cock. Jake, on the other hand, still had cum leaking out of his asshole as he pulled his pants up.

“Golden Retriever, right?”


“And I noticed all the dogs have collars on them? Can they be leashed?”

“Yeah, you can rent a dog for the day. They’ll follow you around, and they can even engage in sex with other animals.”

“That sentence would put both of us in jail if it wasn’t referring to humans!” joked Jake.

“Very true. And now for the final group of animals, which is a bit of a hodgepodge of a lot of different animals, with quite a few one-offs. This group is the second most valuable to the farm, however.”

“Lead the way!”

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Guest Request 37John was back at Celebworld with yet another wild request, but after this one, he would be taking a break and allowing some other guests to shine. This was one of the most complex and multifaceted requests yet, and Trevor was excited to see just how it would turn out.Jake was walking his dog to obedience school. His dog was named Sam Hunt, and that was not a cute pop-culture name. It was actually Sam Hunt, decked out in a puppy mask and tail that wagged while he walked. His dick was coated in a special sheath that made it appear more pink than it normally was, and he had paw booties on. They arrived at the school, where the head trainer, Chris Evans, greeted them.“Hello, Mr. Dalton. How has Sam’s training been going?”“Pretty good. He responds to my basic commands, but still doesn’t tell me when he needs to go to the bathroom.”“We’ll work on that today, then.”“And who else will be here today?”“Steve Cook and Chris Mazdzer, Mr. Dalton. Sam has hung out with these dogs before.”“Noted. Thank you, Chris.” With that, the men exchanged the leash, and Jake walked away. Chris walked Sam in to the big play and training room, and let him go. Steve and Chris M. were already there, and were playing when Sam walked in. They did a butt sniff circle before going off to play for a bit, while Chris E. got some business done. Once he got all that squared away, he walked back into the room and blew his whistle. It was a normal one, as these were still humans, but it was a jarring sound that sent the three front and center. “Sit.” All three sat, knees down and palms on the ground. Chris went through a litany of commands to test where they were at. Sam was just slightly behind the other two, but the ones he missed were more complex ones that both that both other dogs needed to work on. Chris focused on Sam, first, to bring him up to speed. “Play dead,” he commanded, while pushing Sam’s body in to the correct position. After a few more rounds of that, he stopped helping Sam, and was rewarded with a treat every time he did it without being prodded. Unfortunately, once he had successfully passed, in Chris’ opinion, he pissed all over the floor, without any warning. It was thankfully just dirt, but that meant a punishment was in Sam’s future.Chris M. and Steve bounded over as Chris put Sam over his knee. While doing this to a real dog would be reprehensible, Chris found corporal punishment worked well in human-dog hybrids. Pissing inside equated to ten spanks on each cheek, and Sam yelped in pain as Chris’ hand swatted his ass repeatedly. “Bad boy,” he noted. “No going to the bathroom inside.” The pain and the words hopefully helped to sear the message in, and it had worked on some of his previous clients. After his punishment was over, Sam continued his catch-up training, learning how to run after a thrown ball or stick, and return it as well. There were no more incidents until lunch, which was mostly for the humans. Since these were human-dog hybrids, table scraps were suitable, and so that part of their biology was fulfilled. After lunch was finished, specialized training occurred that wouldn’t happen in a regular obedience school, for a variety of many reasons. It was teaching these pups how to fuck their masters. All still had their human cocks, and all three owners had expressed interest in doing so. “Okay, pups. Can you point to your penis for me?” All three did so correctly. “Good!” announced Chris, throwing treats to all. “I’m going to teach you how to fuck your owner. Who wants to go first?” All three dogs were quite excited, but Chris decided to pick Steve.“Ok, you will eventually learn how to mount your owner, but for now, he will assist you.” Chris flipped himself over and lifted his legs. He then motioned for Steve to come over, and positioned his cock right above his asshole. “This is how sex works. Your penis goes into this hole in my butt, okay? Steve, can you do that for me?”“BARK, BARK!” he responded as he rammed his cock into Chris’ hole. “FUCK!” Chris screamed, who wasn’t expecting such an intense thrust. “Good, Steve, but slow it down a bit.”“Ruff,” Steve replied.“Okay, and now repeat what you just did, but much slower.” Chris watched as Steve fucked him, in a full-on pup play get-up. It was hot in a weird and twisted way, but he didn’t realize Steve’s frenzied barking meant he was cumming, until he felt the liquidy cum slosh around his ass. “Okay, and now walk away, slowly, remembering that your cock needs to come out of the ass.” Steve surprisingly understood all of that, and had Chris M. and Sam undergo the same training. All three successfully did so, and as a reward, they got outside play time. This gave time for Chris to clean up and get some more work done before the end of the day, and pick-up. Jake was here first to pick up Sam.“How’d it go today, Mr. Evans?”“Good. Sam successfully learned the next tasks on your list, and remember to practice at home. We also started what we four discussed in the owners’ meeting.”“Ooh! What did they do today?”  “They practiced basic fucking. Sam seemed to get the hang of it, so I would recommend practicing it at home.”“Will do!” said Jake with a huge smile on his face, as the leash exchanged hands back. “Have a good day, Chris.”“You too, Jake.”Requests are open. | Patreon

Guest Fantasy #1

Trevor had made a slight miscalculation, so Chris Hemsworth and Zac were processed jointly, which meant Celebworld could finally be open to the public. The five men there got to work fulfilling as many fantasies as possible. An anonymous guest requested Luke and Zac in pup play.

“Ungh,” said Zac as he got out of bed that morning. He went to the bathroom to piss, then walked downstairs to walk his dog. Luke Evans wasn’t an actual dog, though. He was a human. Zac let him out of his cage, and Luke took that time to run around while Zac got his leash on. Once it was on, the two walked outside, where Luke did his business. Luke’s mind was so broken that shitting in public didn’t faze him whatsoever.

Zac then brought his dog back inside to feed him. While Luke ate mostly dog food, Zac mixed in some people food, to help maintain nutrient levels. Zac took that time to get dressed and ready for work. That actually required him to take off his jockstrap. Zac was a camboy, and a lucrative one at that. His fetish was bestiality. However, this was done with Luke, a human who truly believed he was a dog.

Zac got set up after Luke had finished eating. “Suck,” Zac commanded. Luke trotted over in full pup gear and began sucking Zac off. People were always shocked by this, especially since most pup hoods weren’t suited for that. Zac had Luke’s specially made. He moved the camera around, showcasing the fact Luke was still in full pup regalia. That meant Zac had to put in a bit more work making sure Luke could suck it, but it was worth it.

“Fuck me,” Zac then commanded. He assumed the position, and Luke climbed up on top of him, and inserted his dick into Zac’s ass. New viewers were once again shocked by the reveal of Luke’s cock, a surgically grafted dog cock. This turned many people away, but those who remained paid big bucks for this action. Zac was used to the peculiar sensation by now, but played it up for the new viewers. Luke then came in Zac’s ass.

“Fuck,” Zac ordered. In a normal session, Zac would go suck Luke off now. However, his vet told him a human mouth would react poorly to Luke’s cock, especially in his situation, so they went straight to fucking. Zac was a top this time, and he was a brutal one. He held nothing back, and Luke repeatedly yelped in pain. Zac knew when it truly started to hurt, and he pulled back once he heard a shift in Luke’s voice. He came quickly as well, and then signed off after saying goodbye.

He looked at his tip jar. He had made $3,000 in tips. The percentage of that that would be taken away would be offset by his salary that he was paid to only cam on this one site. Zac then took Luke out for a walk. The neighbors were used to it by now, and Zac made sure Luke was wearing a g-string, just so children weren’t exposed to something horrible. Today, he met an out-of-towner who was walking around the neighborhood.

“Um, is that a human?”

“Technically, yes, but Luke’s a dog. He can’t even speak English anymore.”

“And he willingly decided to be a dog?”

“Yes. It’s actually a big fetish for many people.”

“So then what’s the underwear for?”

“Public decency, my dear sir. Children should not be exposed to genitalia, even on a dog.”

“That is true. Well, I must get going. Another 20 miles to go!” Zac was a bit shocked at the distance, but he just went on his merry way. Luke was trained to not go to the bathroom during a walk, if he could help it. If he did so, Zac screamed out, “Cauliflower!”, so the neighbors knew not to look out their front windows for a minute or so.

After the walk, Zac let him go potty in the backyard, then loaded him in the van to take him to his veterinary internist, who specialized in adults in pup play. Luke had to go because he had testicular abundance, the medical term for big balls. This was because the testosterone and the dog hormones mixed together. So, every two weeks, he went for a milking session.

Zac pulled up and walked Luke inside. He checked in, and then was told to wait. He was always amazed by the people engaged in pup play: fathers with son handlers, businessmen with their wife as their handler, and there was a twin combination today.

“Zac and Luke Efron?” said the nurse. The two walked inside to the milking room. The room itself was not high-tech. They had repurposed a fucking machine as an automated fleshlight. They did this both for health and practical reasons. Luke was escorted into place by the nurses and Zac, and the machine was fired up. Luke’s doctor took this time to discuss with Zac how he was these past two weeks. Since the doctor was also a licensed internist, she could also check on Zac’s issues as well.

After about an hour or so, Luke’s milking was stopped.

“Impressive quantity today, Luke.”

“RUFF!” Luke actually didn’t understand what she was saying, but she was beaming at him.

“Thank you, doc.” Zac and Luke left the office and then went home. Zac made supper for both of them, and they enjoyed watching a porno together. All Luke could do was get hard, though. After it was over, Zac put Luke in his cage. While Luke was very well-behaved, his dog-like nature could kick in at an inopportune time. Zac then went to bed, planning on what special thing to do tomorrow.

This story was just one of many requests by an individual who requests to remain anonymous. Please feel free to send in your fantasy requests, either by an Ask or a PM.

Pup Play, Forever

Jorge Jr. and his wife, Carmilla, were visiting one of Jorge’s close family friends. Jorge hadn’t seen John in a while, so the guys would catch up while the girls did some shopping. The couple arrived at John’s house, and some introductions later, the two groups split up. Jorge and John were talking for a while, when John brought up his new dog’s name, Gorebyss. Jorge’s eyes immediately glazed over, and his face changed to one resembling a puppy dog. John was lucky Jorge never heard the obscure Pokémon’s name before, so his trigger worked. He unfortunately didn’t have a leash or collar, but his tie would do for now.

“Who’s a good boy?” John asked.

“Ruff-ruff!” Jorge responded. He didn’t have that strained look in his eyes that people unwillingly following commands sometimes had. He truly considered himself a pup.

Meanwhile, at the mall, Carmilla and Luann, John’s wife, were shopping. They got quite a few doggy items, as Luann told Carmilla about their new dog. She also divulged that John was a bit submissive, and so they went to the Adult Store, and bought a chastity cage and a buttplug. Carmilla had no idea this was all for her husband. Luann then got a text stating he was ready. The two females left.

As they were unloading the carriage, Luann slipped on some earplugs she had stowed away in the trunk. She then asked Carmilla if she could play her favorite album for the ride home. Carmilla agreed. While it was technically a Matchbox Twenty album, it was laced with subliminal messages geared specifically towards spouses of the men John turned into pups. By the time the two arrived back at Luann’s house, Carmilla didn’t even know any person named Jorge. She then drove home, while Luann walked inside.

Jorge then lived his life out as a dog. The rest of the family was already conditioned, as Jorge Sr. had John over quite a bit, including to some family gatherings. Carmilla eventually remarried another Jorge, not knowing why she was so attracted to that name.

Another Scandal

Cody Christian was at the Bello photoshoot, enjoying himself. This was his first shoot after he had wrapped on Teen Wolf, and so could afford to be a little more risqué. He had quite a few shirtless shots, including those in a comfortable fluffy jacket.

After the lunch break, a new photographer was behind the camera. Cody thought that was a little odd, but since this was for a magazine and not a one on one shoot, he didn’t think too much about it. What he didn’t know was that they switched because the new photographer drugged the old one, and replaced the lens with something hypnotic. This meant by an hour in, Cody had completely fallen under the photographer’s control.

“What are you?” asked the photographer.

Cody responded.

“Good boy. You will finish this shoot, and then come to this address.” He then rattled off an address.

“Yes sir.” The photographer removed the hypno lens, and finished shooting.

Once Cody hopped in his car, he had a sudden urge to go to Tyler Posey’s house. He didn’t know why, but he drove over there. That was the address the photographer mentioned.

He rang the doorbell. “Oh, hello, Cody. What a surprise. I’d like you to meet someone.” Tyler sidestepped to reveal the photographer.

“Cody, Tyler is your master and you will do whatever he says.”

“Tyler is my master, and I will do whatever he says.”


“Thank you, Lucca,” said Tyler. “My agent will be sending the money tonight.”

“Perfect.” With that, Lucca left. Tyler then talked to Cody.

“It was because of you that I had my nudes released. So, I retaliated and released yours. And then you found another one I sent you. I needed revenge, Cody, but I’ve been busy shooting. So, I thought, why don’t I ambush him when he’s least expecting it? And so I did. And my revenge is going to be sweet.”

Tyler told Cody to undress himself while he got his supplies ready. He put a dog mask on him, making sure his face was visible enough, a collar, a chastity cage, and a tail.

“Cody, you are now a dog until I say so.” Tyler filmed as Cody barked and ruffed his way around Tyler’s house, as if he was exploring it for the first time. Once he had enough footage, he told Cody to stop, and then got him dressed again.

“Cody, when I snap my fingers, you will wake up, but I still control you.” SNAP!

“Oh, hi, Tyler. Did we have plans today?”

“We did, but I have to reschedule. Jane the Virgin stuff.”

“Oh, okay. Bye!”

“Bye!” Cody didn’t see it, but Tyler had a smirk on his face.

Cody woke up the next morning to find his phone blowing up. He scrolled, and what he saw was shocking. He clicked on TMZ’s video link, and saw him acting like a dog, dressed up like one. Most of the headlines consisted of Cody Loves Pup Play or something similar. He realised, after watching it a few times, it was at Tyler Posey’s house. He rushed over to have him explain this.

“Tyler! Open your fucking door! I need to talk!”

“What is it?” he asked. “It’s eight in the morning.”

“Explain this!” SNAP!

“Oh, you’ll explain it, live on camera. And then nobody will want to cast you, and you’ll come crawling back to me, like the pathetic fuck you are.”

“I will explain it on camera.”

Tyler’s plan worked perfectly. Cody made a public confession, which caused him to be blackballed. He went back to Tyler, who offered him a role in Jane, as one of his ex boyfriends who was into pup play. Cody, desperate for a job, took it, while Tyler gloated still.

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